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Drudge Sends the Biggest Secret Viral: “America Has Been Arming ISIS”

Many have been saying this all along and are not surprised that the full truth has finally been exposed. Those who have refused to even think about such a treasonous act by the WH, will continue to deny it.


The biggest open secret in the world has just been tweeted by the world’s biggest news aggregator.

Matt Drudge drives so much web traffic that he basically has his own gravity, and now the often-reclusive figure has sent out a message that should be a wake-up call for those who have been broadcasting news about the threat that ISIS poses.

Following their mass murder spree in Paris, the terrorist group is supposedly planning attacking inside America, all while taking supposedly also taking on the biggest military powers in the world during their protracted struggle for an Islamic State caliphate inside Syria and Iraq.

What would the world do if it realized the truth – that ISIS is the creation of Western forces, and that the United States has in fact been arming and suppo…

Will Donald Trump ,Make it to be Our Next US President or will something Happen...?

Interesting take on Trump By Bill Bennett:


Wasn't it Will Rogers that said something to the effect,"Is this the best Government MONEY can buy"....well is it? Did you find yourself this morning while going through you bank statements you were not only RICH beyond measure , but the FEDERAL GESTAPO deposited a few EXTRA GRAND in you account?....I don't think so.....not in this lifetime & not from the CIRCUS MASTERS we allow to Control us..

I'm sorry But I can't thing of one thing that's better today then it was 30 years ago other than Technology....and that SADLY is being USED against us....Ask yourself this; do the benefits outweigh the negatives.?...I'm not so sure....It seems funny to me that ALL of the Self-Righteous Hippocrates that want to TAKE everything I own.... Past, Present & Future are either EVIL Billionaires, Like George Soros, Brain-Dead, Brainwashed Stooges or the Parasites that are FEEDING off of OUR hard work....Pardon Ez Moi....first Charity is my Gift t…

Again Mainstream Media Is Not reporting the News about Obama !

If this truth was actually reported by Mainstream Media, Obama would be facing impeachment proceedings next week...

Oregon Rancher Fears for His Life after Feds Threaten Him Through His Attorney :

Time to circle the wagons and come to the aid of a fellow American patriot...

The Democratic Party and there Communist candidates for President

New Video Proves Bernie Sanders is a Communist 

Is America on Its Way to Fascism?

In his 1954 book entitled Today's Isms: Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Capitalism, Dr. William Ebenstein cogently describes the various "isms" that continue to convulse the world.

As personal liberty is eroded in this country and Americans are uninformed about the "violence and terror of totalitarian communism and fascism," a reflection of Ebenstein's ideas is very much warranted.

When countering whether fascism is a threat to democratic nations, Ebenstein maintains that "the danger in a democracy like the United States is not outright fascism ... but the insidious and unnoticed corroding of democratic habits[.]" Consider the burgeoning growth of intolerance against dissenting ideas that permeates so many American universities.


Former Obama Girl Burns Obama T-Shirt And Calls Him “The Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated On American People” 

(by Susannah Cole, BIN) -- Former Obama Girl, Carrie Wedler, has no problem telling the world how she feels about Obama now!

“Mr. Obama, you are the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the American people. So I think it’s about time….to burn your shirt.”

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by Robby Bowling

I get sick & tired of the LIBERALS as well as the RINO'S around the World  that POINT At the LEADERSHIP & PROBLEMS OF THE countries and SPIN it like they have been GIFTED by GOD the all the Answers....Let me say this & get it Off of My Chest .... The Narcissistic, Sociopathatic,Delusional PRICKS, ASSES or FAUX MESSIAHS of this Land are not one bit Smarter, Brighter or Illuminating as those in RUSSIA, KENYA, FRANCE, IRAN, IRAQ or Germany as well as any Third World Dictatorship.....

The fact just might be our ball-less Leaders are at Minimum the EQUAL or LEADER in this WORLD'S CORRUPTION, DELUSIONS, NO-SOLUTIONS, FOOLS,ADDICTIONS, LIES, LIARS & CHICANERY.....How Proud we should be that we are SERVED, SCREWED & ABUSED by the WORST but Best Dressed Counterfeits this WORLD has ever seen.....

Could it be that in the near future, because of COMMON CORE Standards, we will have CROOKS of the Year Awards, LIARS of the Year Awards, FAILURES of the Yea…

Russian Airstrikes Hit Turkish Convoy Delivering WeaponsTo ISIS

Apparently there is way more going on with the Russo/Turkish conflict than we are being made aware of. To many, the Turkish shoot down of the Russian fighter made no sense. The following article sheds some light on the issue
Excerpt From Following Article:“The shooting down of a Russian aircraft near the Syrian border was in line with Ankara’s struggle to establish itself as a dominant” power,” retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely was quoted as saying by Iran’s Press TV on Thursday.

Gen. Vallely warned the United States and other NATO member nations that Turkey must be removed from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization because “it poses a big and important issue in many ways for other members.”

by Jim Kouri

The incident involving the shooting down of a Russian warplane by the Turkish military may have had to do with Turkey’s cooperation with the radical Islamic fighters in Syria and Russia’s decision to help the Arab dictator Bashar al-Assad fight both the Islamists and the secula…


by Robby Bowling

It is a fact that every species of animal , insect, parasites or micro-organism has a Natural Enemy....Some of these species have enemies from within that present far more danger then lets say sitting in a Snake Pit....At least you knew the SNAKES were venomous....

This so-called human life form with the mythical ability to think (not-so-rationally) is on top of the list.....Let me get this out of the way, I don't care about what kind of Government or Society you lived in Socialist/Communist/ Democracy or a Republic you never could get away from the "CAST SYSTEM" ...the haves & the have-nots....there is & was always envy, jealousy & hate....Let's also throw into the mix the ISSUES of Nationality.....English/French/Spanish ,German & all the others... That further divides this so-called intelligent species....And then allow me to introduce you RELIGION (major ones)....of lack thereof .....Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist , Muslim &…

The Muslim Brotherhood

by William LaSalle
The Ottoman Empire lost World War 1.
That is why the evil Ottoman Empire that gave us World War 1, the Barbary Pirates, the Slave Trade, and the Dark Ages was broken up by the Treaty that ended World War 1

The Muslim Brotherhood are Terrorists, they worked with Adolf Hitler during World War 2, they have not changed.

The Hamas are the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.

The Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers in the United States are Terrorists inside the United States.

CAIR was set up and financed by the Hamas from Palestine and has worked with Terrorists.

The United States should not work with, support, or finance the nations with Islamic Law or Terrorists, even when our President is a Muslim.

I do not make up things to embarrass Barack Obama and his Administration.

Barack Obama and his Administration do things that should embarrass every citizen of the United States and piss off everyone in the world who loves children, women, human life, Human Rights and Freedom.

Not one …

Atom Bomb of Global Feminism : Updated 11/29/15

And The French Women Take the Lead 
I have maintained time and time again...As my late mother had foretold many years before...Women are truly the front leaders in fighting radical Islam...And here is the proof..The naturally embedded courage which women are endowed with is truly staggering..I know of no man who would have even a fraction of such strength and bravery to disrupt such an event..Not one.... in light of the recent horrific and truly tragic monstrosity and act of evil by ISIS criminals in Paris and also the heroic act of the French woman as depicted in the image above...I am compelled to share with everyone once again the truly wise and even ingenious words of my late dear mother and officially recognized American hero, expert on Iranian and Middle Eastern history and culture who had lived in the Middle eastern region since she was no more the 17 years of age, Linda Kay Mckim/Radmanesh...As she had once stated....there is only but one decisive solution in combating and thus…

Islam, And The Law of The Land

Janet Mackley
Found this today and thought it was worth sharing with everyone...
Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration...

The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by "force, violence, or other unconstitutional means." This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is being ignored by the White House.

The laws prohibits entry of "Aliens who the consular officer or the Attorney General knows or has reason to believe seek to enter…


OH BOY, a DEMO-RAT pundit on the News talking about Barry's Legacy & his final days in WASHINGTON.....Said Her Majesty has a whole TEAM (MUSLIMS) of people working on the issues he wants to deal with & shove up our arse....

Do they all have Gas-Cans in their hands with Torches lit?....are they turning TERMITES loose on what's left of the Fabric of American life?.....Are they writing more Hate Scripts for FAUX Protests?.....

Pardon Ez Moi, I don't believe there are more than TEN (10) People in WASHINGTON who give a RATZ-ASS about anything but their NARCISSISTIC Selves .....
I will be SURPRISED at BARRY'S parting Ceremony he doesn't have Flower Girls throwing ,"Lotus Blossoms" on the trail for the Empress to walk on....What a Pathetic BAD JOKE this Sorry excuse for a HUMANOID is.....This Country has SUNK into the Deepest Darkest Abyss mankind has seen since the CAVEMEN came out of the Caverns they lived in.....Crap and we thought we were ac…

Football Coach Nails Obama and the Democrat's

PLEASE read this. Lou Holtz explains this situation we are in brilliantly. He ‘hits the nail on the head’. See if you don’t agree.

Lou Holtz Nails It !!


Imagine for just a moment
The grandeur of it all
As majestic as any mountain From any hollowed hall We hear the sounds & the fury And we've know passion & pain Will we rise up to the moment And take hold of the reigns

Once a land of plenty Finds the harvest now parched From the seeds of envy Our pastures were torched Once a land of beauty Is now one full of hate The disciples of Satan Now carry the weight,,,
We should remember the courage That it took to build And to turn a dream & a vision Into one of free will There were those before us Who paved our way And shinned the light on God's glory And our promised New day
Have we lost that vision Do we no longer believe That where there is truth & kindness God will hear our pleas We need to return to the dream Yet understand there's a task If we're seeking Salvation God will make this one last
So today as I give thanks For my family and friends And that love's lasting endurance Wasn't wasted in the end As I give thinks f…


For many of us,especially perhaps the "BABY BOOMER GENERATION" as we approach the Holidays it becomes a perspective or if you will a trip down MEMORY LANE.....First it starts with FAMILY, our FAITH & our FRIENDS that we cherish and love....And we also spend time Reminiscing about those few Special souls that have departed this "Material Plane" for the "Spiritual Plane." We loved them, we miss them & they will Never be forgotten....

As I look at today's world & as I remember the World that I was born into....I find comfort in the old world & I find none in today's...And as far as "Thanksgiving" goes I must admit I thank God for the Privilege that I was Granted or Gifted that TIME to be Born & to live.....I hate to admit at times I'm an Old Man, but those were in fact Better Days....

Think about it, in that now by-gone era a simple "Hand Shake " actually meant something....Your promises & y…

Would a vote for Hillary in reality be a vote for Huma?

Much has been written regarding the close relationship between Hillary and Huma, most of which will not be addressed here. However, there is one aspect of their relationship which is becoming more obvious--that of Huma's role as Hillary's current protector.

In an email obtained by Judicial Watch , Huma states that "she's often confused". The entire thread is here and shows Huma's concern for Hillary.

Have Hillary's cognitive functions been compromised by her fall, concussion, or whatever her injury was? 

Erick Erickson raised that very question recently:
Does Hillary Clinton Have Permanent Brain Damage?

I know that after her fall and head injury Hillary Clinton got a clean bill of health. But now it turns out that Clinton approved Human Abedin’s status at the State Department where Anthony Weiner’s wife could work for both the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.
I bring up the head injury and possible lasting damage because just last month Hillary Cl…

Trump On American Corporations :

American Corporations Will Continue to Outsource American jobs Until Donald Trump Intervenes Them


I have finely come to terms that I am not only out of TOUCH with this world , I apparently don't fit in, don't belong & I no longer understand.....
I don't believe in Communism....America seems to now
I don't believe that ISLAM is a religion of Peace.....Americans seems to now
I don't believe Children are born with uni-sexual .....Americans seems to now
I don't believe homosexuality is normal or preferred..... Americans seems to now
I don't believe in sexual confusion (Transsexuals) ....Americans seems to now
I believe in Christianity & kindness......Americans no longer seems to now
I believe in leading by example.....Americans no longer seems to now
I believe in courage & strength......Americans no longer seems to now
I believe in truth & that people can handle it.... Americans no longer seems to now
I believe you work to become your better self.....Americans no longer seems to now
I do believe in knowledge & a higher power....Americans…

The Dynamic Duo: AKA The Bill & Hillary Crime Machine

The wheeling and dealing of the Clintons has been suspected and, in many cases, well known from their days in Arkansas. Despite the many scandals in both of their personal lives, which will not be discussed here, they have weathered many storms and achieved immense wealth and power throughout their political careers.

The following article courtesy of Flopping Aces is an excellent compendium of their checkered past. Many of us already "know" they are corrupt, but may not know the full extent of heir outright criminal dealings rife with conflict of interest.

The Clinton Crime Continuum

Ah, it’s good to be a Clinton. They have leveraged their political positions to raise $3 billion over the last 40 years:

LITTLE ROCK — Over four decades of public life, Bill and Hillary Clinton have built an unrivaled global network of donors while pioneering fundraising techniques that have transformed modern politics and paved the way for them to potentially become the first husband an…


by Robby Bowling:

Where else in the so called WORLD does Citizenship seem so meaningless.. This Communist Dictatorship complete with its QUEEN is handing it out like its candy for kids....

What No One in the FAUX MEDIA will tell you bringing in Refugees from SYRIA & Illegals from Mexico will do is RIG the Political System Permanently for the COMMUNIST REGIME in Power....

It will also be the Last Chapter for CHRISTIANITY in AMERICA....

Let Face the UGLY REALITY....So long as the COMMUNISTS NEED the PARASITES to keep their High & Mighty Thrones they will allow anything to happen....Chaos or Anarchy , they will allow murders, rapes, child molestation while giving them the FREE but earned benefits of this society... like Food Stamps, Housing, Insurance much less the right to live a lifestyle as they see fit... By that I mean no ASSIMILATION whatsoever....The Working Class pay the Bill & all they have to do is VOTE as many times as the can for the Communist Party....

I am as many …


OK you can call me a "Doubting Thomas" or for that matter if you want to just say I DON'T BELIEVE a word this Pathetic Governments says...I'm good with that...That also includes the LIARS, The PARROTS, the TALKING BOBBLE-HEADS of the MEDIA....They are just Kissing Cousins anyway....literally ....But I want to remind people that somewhere you have to PROVE your case ....Has anyone else besides me EVER been "Audited" by the ,Internal Revenue Service? Was it FUN? Was it just a walk down memory lane? Did they buy you Lunch? Did they make you feel Loved & Appreciated ? Or did they make you FEEL like a Criminal, a Liar, a Thief or a Con?. After 30 minutes with them I felt like I had been ,"Water-Boarded" & needed a Lawyer to Grunt....And no they don't tell you your RIGHTS either....So you can FORGET the PERRY MASON myth... . In short I had to PROVE every action, every purchase & every need that I did was related to Business....T…

The Road Toward The Destruction Of Western Civilization

I happen to agree with the author of this essay that threats emerge from without as well as from within. I personally would go a bit further and posit that the planned decay from within makes a nation ripe for intended destruction from without. I would also say that Islam is about more than just forced conversion. It is about establishing a Caliphate which, in reality, is the aim of the globalist elites who are using it to establish a one world government. An oppressed and fearful populace is far easier to manage than one in which the exchange of ideas and the questioning of authority is the norm.

Radical Islamic fundamentalism governs every aspect of the society and the lives of all the individuals over which it rules. There is no better totalitarian system that can serve the purpose of the elitist political class.

How Western Civilization Can Be Destroyedby Herbert LondonThe historian Arnold Toynbee once wrote – in what has become a cliché – that “Civilizations die as a result of suic…

Hillary Clinton Can't take A Joke :

Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her 

In what appears to be a first for a serious presidential contender, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going after five comedians who made fun of the former Secretary of State in stand up skits at a popular Hollywood comedy club.


Leading Irregular Warfare Expert:

We are at war with incarnate Evil 

Transcript excerpt by Sarah Angelopoulos on facebook:
“ISIS is the only insurgency in human history to hold territories in multiple nations and multiple continents. They hold territory in Iraq and in Syria larger than the territory of the United Kingdom. And after Boko Haram was accepted into their fold, all Boko Haram territory in Nigeria falls under the caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS. This is a threat the likes of which we have never before seen and is much, much, more dangerous than Al Qaeda ever was. We have an administration that for seven years has censored our analysis. You can’t talk about Jihad in federal training. You can’t talk about the actual religious motivation of suicide bombers of Jihadi terrorists. How can you defeat an enemy you can’t describe? It’s like deploying to the beaches of Normandy in 1944, but telling our brave servicemen, “Hang on, guys, don’t use the word Nazi, cause y…