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by Robby Bowling I like many of you here am a 'Baby Boomer"....We were born after "World War II" & it was at a time of Prosperity & Peace....Those were simple days & days when most Families were still Together & United....We were also Tired & weary of Wars....And while I was too Young for the most part to understand the reality of such things I saw what WARS did to Family members that served....Unlike today's Generation or today's version of AMERICANS we were not Ashamed of our History...And I mean Past or Present....We beat HITLER & all the rest because it was about our very SURVIVAL....The Term "Political Correctness" at least the way it is used today , had NEVER been heard of....We killed our Enemies before they had a Chance to kill us....Did we make Mistakes along the way, absolutely...who doesn't.....We did what we had to do & moved on or we thought we had...

I don't know how many o…

OUTRAGE! German Streets Descend Into Lawlessness, Police, Citizens Imperiled

Apparently, Angela is to Germany as Barack is to the United States. Both are appear to be intent upon destroying their nation's culture as well as imperiling their own citizens. Clearly, Neither is supporting their respective Constitutions nor protecting their nation from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Merkel  cannot be simply stupid or insane. When things do not make sense, some pertinent facts are missing.

Her actions are deliberate. Perhaps her goal is to weaken Germany, the most powerful Western European nation to the point where the globalists will meet no resistance. They will step in and using the siren call of peace, safety, and prosperity and eventually, the end results will be anything but. 

The EU is on shaky ground. Will it last? Even if it implodes, the globalists, will merely step back, regroup, and try again when the time is right.

"We are losing control of the streets."

by Soeren Kern

During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, a…

A most dangerous enemy within supports Hillary

Call for Muslim Revolution Across America
by S. Noble • October 30, 2016

Khalilah Sabra is an American Muslim who has aligned herself with the Black Lives Matter movement to push for a revolution – a jihad in the United States. She is preaching sedition.

She describes herself on Disqus as the Executive Director of Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center.

Sabra is an Accredited Representative, assisting aliens in immigration proceedings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s immigration courts and Board of Immigration Appeals (Board), or before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) according to Wikipedia.

We can be sure she is getting us the best candidates for radicalization so how does a woman like this get a job like that? It’s because the Democrats have an unholy alliance with radical Islamists like her.

Listen to Sabra a former Bernie supporter, currently a Hillary supporter, equate the election to Muhammad killing non-Muslims. She wants sharia as an Ame…


FALSE MESSIAHS & A FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM  by Robby Bowling What kind of world is this that we live in....Why have we STOOPED so low as to allow Small Minded Sociopaths with a Messianic Vision to TELL us how to live....What made them so-qualified for that position? What was it that gave them the Knowledge,the insight or wisdom? Did Obama or George Soros have that "Joan Of Arc" vision from GOD? I hardly think so....Is it a MADNESS, absolutely....But it is also a MADNESS that we ALLOW them to do this....These People should be Locked away in a Insane Asylum....but No, No, No we seem to Hail them as HEROES....Of what if I may ask the question....Surviving Child Birth doesn't cut it....

And on the opposite end of the Spectrum, when did we become so Weak, Tepid, Listless,Apathetic so Cowardly we don't want to "Take a chance on anything"....My Grand Mother & Grand Father came to TEXAS from Missouri in "Horse Drawn Covered Wagons" to STAR…

D.C. and MSM have gone Orwellian regarding threats both foreign and domestic

America is changing to the point where it it may no longer be recognizable in 30 years or less. Unbridled refugee resettlement in various smaller communities scattered throughout this nation have quickly spread courtesy of a UN directive and a colluding Washington D.C. The "refugees" refuse to assimilate and like an advanced malignancy, proceed to engulf and destroy the culture and environment in order to meet the specifications of Sharia. Hijrah pure and simple!

The Orwellian leadership and press also ignore the threats of terrorism  on American soil as well as  the rise of domestic militant groups. The bizarre demands of such groups cannot possibly be met thus, will lead to a well planned culture clash resulting in chaos, anarchy, and the internal collapse of the American ethos. The globalist endgame will have been achieved.

Excerpts from the following posts, with links provided to the original articles, highlight these issues

Note that initial news regarding the secretive re…

Many Democrats Disgusted With The Democrat Party

Perhaps the fractured GOP is not the only party that needs a makeover. Democrat corruption, unlawful election year activities, and abandonment of the very people they allegedly serve are angering many Democrats.

They see their beloved party for the common man is no longer, which explains the rise of Bernie Sanders. His policies are suspect to say the least but he connected with many Democrat voters who felt abandoned by the drift of the party toward what was widely viewed as power and corruption.

The party apparatchiks would have none of it,  and in collusion with CNN, the DNC sabotaged Sanders. Thanks to Wikileaks, there is a plethora of information available which is more damning that the average voter thought.

Another jaw dropper occurred when an illegal alien and her daughter were displayed at the Democrat convention in Philadelphia to gin up the Hispanic vote. But these immigrants broke American law. The DNC also broke the law! It’s a felony to illegally harbor two illegal alie…


WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP THIS IS  by Robby Bowling We live in a world now where Boys apparently want to be girls.. Where Girls want to be boys Some want to be both sexes simultaneously Corrupt Politicians are Hailed as Role Models & Heroes MUSLIMS get to do almost anything they want... We are Physically & Morally BANKRUPT... Education is anything but.... Truth is actually a lie People in Prisons are being Given Voting Rites Perverts in PRISONS are being give FREE Sex-Change Operations Non-Citizens are voting in our Elections Debt is nothing but a Prison in Disguise UTOPIA is nothing more than "Paradise Lost (HELL) Where People you've entrusted you life to, are Criminals Where TRUTH is implied but NEVER EVER Proven .... FACTS are only distortions... Where to have a real VISION might land you in a Psycho Ward To have an OPINION of you own in Against The Law Where we Support our ENEMIES better than the Elderly & Poor Living on Welfare is a Lofty Goal (I wonder …

ISIS Publishes Techniques To Maximize Effectiveness Of Knife Attacks

We have violent jihad and soft, stealth jihad.
The following is an excerpt  from an article discussing an aspect of Stealth Jihad----the gradual implementation Sharia Law.
It is certainly possible to apply Shariah in the North American society only if three conditions are fulfilled:
One, when an environment is developed, provisioned with preventative measures, that is conductive to a just and productive lifestyle, which is often not compatible with a consumer lifestyle.Two, if the Shariah laws are implemented gradually, accompanied by continuous public education and training on the importance of justice, freedom, and one’s purpose on this earth, the way it was revealed and practiced, as a strategy of pre-crime social reform, over a period of twenty three years at the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the first generation of Muslims.Three, if the punishments in the Shariah are given their due place, only to be used as a last resort, and not to be practiced in isolation fr…


by Robby Bowling
Whether you like it or not , we really have very little say, sway or control about how we live ....And going Forward into this Chasm or Abyss we will have less & less & less...As we dive into this Darkness & before they Terminate us One by One, shouldn't we all acknowledge the Part we all played in this mess....History is most always written by those who were Victorious....And we all know full well what History will say about OBAMA & his successor Puppet HILLARY ; nothing negative whatsoever....So I think I'll start the FLASHBACK early & maybe It will have finished before they Knock on the Door & haul my CARCASS away...dead or alive....

As Chairwoman HILLARY ascends into her Position of Power, Executioner, Warden , Empress & Dictator...She will also assume the part of a Satanic Minister administering our "Last Rights" & "Our Last Will & Testament" ....Maybe be…


 by Robby Bowling Why do people, particularly "AMERICAN'S" believe in  Governments good will or honesty ? And if they don't believe that why do we continually see the same Jerks, Dick-Heads & Con Artists "ruling" over us...Other than "Behavior Modification" or "Brain-Washing" why is this so? To use a "Country Boy" term did we all "Fall off of the Turnip Truck & hurt our Heads?" When you see a Refugee or an Illegal Immigrant getting more "Benefits" like food, health & housing than #1 our own People (citizens) living in poverty or #2 our Veterans who fought for our Freedoms....Shouldn't we be asking WHY that's been Prioritized that way? When you see members of Congress as well as the President ,"Jet Set" around the world, Hob Nod with Royalty, have lavish Lifestyles, cars, homes & hidden Wealth, shouldn't we re-examine & ask for "SOME" fa…

Public Opinion And Propaganda On The "Refugee" question

Official propaganda, er, news has been a government weapon since the beginning of human history. Whenever any questionable so called democratic governmental action is to be employed, consent of the masses is necessary. 

For an in depth discussion of propaganda and how it is used, go here

The most well know master of such is Joseph Goebbels. However, many nations have continued to produce such in various degrees and for various reasons, which, of course, is always for the good of the populace to which it is directed. Public trust and or ignorance is essential for such "news speak" to be accepted.  Ann Corcoran  brings to light the very troubling efforts of one Brian Reich who is the Goebbels of "persuasion" regarding refugee resettlement.

"Truly I’m creeped-out when I read about the small group of social engineers hired by the United Nations, to create a narrative, to solve what they call the “most pressing issue” of our time—the “refugee crisis.”


Americans Terrorizing Muslims Who Refuse To Assimilate?

So, the citizens of a host nation should remake itself in the image of Islam to appease the "persecuted" who refuse to assimilate and threaten the nation itself? Really?

 Sarsour: Muslims Can’t Assimilate, So Americans Are Terrorizing Us

Apparently, Americans are committing terrorist attacks against innocent Muslim communities, according to Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour.  On MSNBC, she told Melissa Harris-Perry that Americans are “engaging in terrorism against the innocent community that has nothing to do with” the terror attacks.

To steal a quote from the movie Princess Bride, “I do not think this word means what you think it means” Linda Sarsour.  Americans are not walking into Muslim communities with suicide vests, IEDs, or automatic weapons and massacring anyone.  To suggest that there is any similarity to feeling harassed by someone for one’s religion versus being annihilated is reckless, as well as deceptive.
Linda Sarsour, makes the leap that one-th…


by Robby Bowling As I look around the Country & listen to what people are saying...I actually wonder how AMERICA ill survive or evolve into Going Forward....While Most of our SO-CALLED Elected Pathogens in Washington are MASTER Thieves, Cons, Liars & Perverts they honesty couldn't FIGHT their way out of a WET PAPER SACK when it come to Old Time American Values.....They will fight for more Corruption, Control, Power & Money....but values forget it...

But what kind of Idiocy is it that see's this Corruption & Does nothing whatsoever...But what kind of IGNORANCE is it that CAN'T or WON'T see the CORRUPTION....Has AMERICA just become a Land of Semi-Functional  MORONS? If one even tries attempt to make an Honest assessment of the Condescending Arrogant Narcissist Messianic JERKS that Claim GOD-LIKE Powers over our lives...You'd have to say they were "Crazy As Hell"

The day is coming at the "Speed O…


by Robby Bowling
I guess with the advent of "Talking Head Television" & "Social Media" we've fallen deeper into the abyss of trying to "Talk, Talk , Talk Everything To Death" ....The only thing we've done is NUMBED our Feeble Minds ....We did the trenches deeper & deeper & we Scream to get our Message out....alas with NO REAL SUCCESS....

The Democrats AKA the Liberals AKA the Communists & the Republicans (most  are Democrats in Disguise) all get on their high horse self-righteous Podiums & talk, talk, talk about VOTER FRAUD & VOTER SUPPRESSION.....Both Phony, Faux ,Fake Political Parties play the Blame Game & they both say the other wins by cheating....AKA Voter Fraud....Let's be honest here, Both the Communists & the Republican have Rigged the Voting Results....But the Democrats AKA the Communists have made an "ART FORM" of it....But the TRUTH is that type of …