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Proof! MSM either complicit in or covering up for ANTIFA's increasingly injurious mayhem

The following post and the very watchable 11 minute video speak for themselves. AntiFa is seditious and becoming increasingly murderous. 
Even when having the truth dumped on them like a bucket of cold water, two MSM reporters move away. Guess they are just following orders. Crowder asks the obvious question at the end.

Steven Crowder infiltrates Antifa in AWESOME undercover sting video
September 29, 2017 | Frieda Powers | Print Article
Comedian and conservative commentator Steven Crowder released a video documenting an undercover operation into the leftist Antifa movement.
What happens when two guys infiltrate Antifa, live amongst them for weeks, and take part in their deeply rooted tactics of disruption and violence?” reads the caption for the more than 11-minute video.
The team of reporters has been “infiltrating this organization for a long time, hard,” Crowder explained in the introduction to the video, offering up a primer on the violence-embracing “anti-fascist” group that…

Reality check, is the alt left manipulating the NFL players into serving in the war on masculinity?

The successfully created culture of victimization has produced the intended supply of useful idiots. No matter what the issue du jour may be, a group of victims will emerge to hype the issue into out right lunacy.
Appealing to raw emotions is quite easy especially on a larger scale. The enemies of America know all too well how to manipulate the general populace.
The formula is simple, take an issue that was relevant in the past, inflate it into Biblical proportions beyond today's reality, and voila! We have protests, riots and any other form of disruption possible that will rip our nation apart.
The relentless memes of White Privilege, Toxic Masculinity, War On Women, and Racism are the most dependable catalysts for fueling the fires of culture wars and planned chaos/anarchy.
Toxic  masculinity is but one arrow in the quiver of anti-Americanism and the perpetrators who engineered the NFL protests may well have just shot it. 
The following post hits the nail on the head:


Daily Bits...Check out your Reps:This Month York County,Pa 10/01/17

Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Summer Of 2017
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A French Mayor gets it, and a million Christians to pray on the Polish border for the salvation of their nation!

The war between Christianity and Islam has been long and often bloody. It has never really ended. Islamist aggression takes many forms, overt invasion, stealth jihad, and hijrah.
Below are two very interesting articles showing European resistance. Although many citizens oppose the resettlement of so-called refugees, their politicians follow the directives of the globalist masters and continue the asphyxiation of Western Civilization.
Can Europe be saved? Can the world survive while wrapped in a veil of ignorance as to the true nature of Islamism?
Beginning of first article:
Dateline Paris, France – 2017: In France, a land with over 2,000 years of history, and a nation with 1,000 years of continuous national history, there appear to be clear lines of separation between “foreigner” and “native,” “Muslim” and “Frenchman.” Thankfully, the symbolism of identity and the meaning of heritage have not been completely obliterated in the psyche of the real French people. The article below reveals…

Ole' George has reaped many enemies with his meddling. What path will his son choose?

Should Ole' George be arrested and his assets frozen?  Many Americans as well as Europeans are calling for just that. However, the treachery may not end with him. His liberal son Alex has been a very active donor to liberal/leftist groups and may well continue his fathers work.
The first article exemplifies the anger that Orban and other European PMs have toward George's attempts to undermine their democracies, and it contains many informative links.
The second entry is a for warning  of what could well continue to be a most nefarious family trait--the undermining of freedom and the imposition of totalitarianism.
Hungarian Prime Minister: George Soros is a "Public Enemy"
by Tim Brown — September 22, 2017
Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has named billionaire George Soros as "public enemy" of the people.Orban's comments come as his country campaign's to investigate what Soros has been doing through his various funded organization…

On the backs of the working class: a life of excess while both in and out of office.

While he was in office, the former president and his family lived a third world dictator life style of luxury funded by the "lumpen proletariat" which could ill afford to support it. Eight years of Obama vacations cost $85 million
Here is just one example of their continued financial abuse of their former "subjects".
The post below simply regards travel expenses while he was in office. It also refers to some of Trumps' as well.

Obama Travel Total Now Tops $105 Million
BY: Elizabeth Harrington
September 15, 2017 11:56 am
The taxpayer tab for former President Barack Obama's travel during two terms in office keeps climbing, according to new records obtained by Judicial Watch.
The conservative foundation announced Thursday that the total for security, airfare, hotels, and motorcades for the Obamas’ trips stands at $105,662,975.27.
Judicial Watch received additional documentation of costs from Freedom of Information Act lawsuits the group filed against the D…

In case you missed this: ANTIFA planning an overturn of the government on 11/04/17

The 2016 election demonstrated what has long been been bubbling beneath the surface and finally erupted like Mt. Etna--the present two party elite dominated system has failed the American electorate. The emergence of the TEA party movement was the beginning of the overt anger that many felt against the GOP establishment and continues its rebellion to this day.
On the Democrat side, mainstream Dems are beginning to fully realize that the left wing of their party is not on their side. Many are issuing wake up calls to the leadership, but the left seems to be in control, for now.
AntiFa is not just a leftist Democrat reaction to Trump's victory. It is  has been around for a long time, and remains dormant until a perceived  opportunity for action presents itself.
AntiFa is violent, communist, nation wide, well funded, and its foot soldiers are masked to remain anonymous. Will they be able to start a Civil War and destroy the existing governmental frame work?
Even though public opi…

Is Europe being brought to its knees in a most successful stealth attack?.

Is Western Civilization being successfully brought to its knees via hijrah? The post below cites a paper on the subject and the author of the post expresses some varying viewpoints. However, one thing is certain, Europe is changing and not for the better
The article is information packed and well worth the read:

Europe: The Great White Death?
by Drieu Godefridi
September 24, 2017 at 5:00 am

It will take only 30 to 40 years for the Muslim population to become the majority in Europe. — Charles Gave, French financier, website of the Institut des Libert├ęs.What is of concern, is that there is a sub-group of the European population which is in the process of very efficiently wiping itself out of existence.That uttering this truth causes such mayhem and furious condemnations in the media reveals that in Europe, not only is the "native" population dying, but free speech as well.  A riveting -- thanks to its subject -- paper was posted the September 4, 2017 on the website of "I…

PC and the Secret Service

Political correctness doing its job?
Former agent reveals who 'ruined' the Secret Service
The Secret Service has a clear mission that’s “as pure as the driven snow,” according to Bongino. They must keep the president, or whoever they are assigned to protect, alive no matter what. If bullets start flying, Secret Service agents are to die first. They are not to care about the president’s party affiliation or whether they agree with his policies.
But politicians and bureaucrats have jeopardized that mission, partly through political correctness. As Bongino details in his book, upper-level management has not always promoted the most capable agents to the elite Presidential Protective Division. Instead, they have been preoccupied with making sure the PPD is diverse by promoting women, racial minorities and LGBT people, even when those agents are not the most qualified.
What’s wrong with the Secret Service, how did it get this way and what can be done to fix it? Find out i…

Big Brother vs. The Law

Everyone "knows" that our media communications are being monitored and censored. What about actual surveillance in other areas ? Other than criminals and terrorists who else? It would appear that much has come out in the wash since Trump complained about being "wire tapped".
The following three cases are outstanding examples of what is known, What is frightening is what we do not know.

Two Fem Nazis get a taste of Islamic intolerance

Will leftist women EVER wake up as to what they are supporting? Well the two ladies above found out the hard way.

Two feminazis crash a Muslim conference with predictable results
by Thomas Madison
September 21, 2017
islam Islam is predictable. We all know that. Feminazis are not very smart. We all know that. So, what happens when the two cultures clash? The feminazis get the crap beaten out of them. They may have even been raped if they weren’t so repulsive.
So these two topless feminists walk into a Muslim conference, kids Steven Crowder. Bartender says, “What is this a joke?” Then he kicks the crap out of them. Oh, Islam!
Seriously though, while traditional feminists fight for faux issues like the income gap that doesn’t exist, or for the right to be topless while simultaneously saying it’s sexist to look at their bewbs, there are some who wondered when they were going to criticize Islam…the religion that legally allows for the beating of women and affords them virtually no leg…

Former Prez just another two faced, hypocritical, self serving, greedy pol

Those who saw through the Golden One will not be surprised at all with his post presidential romance with the very fat cats he excoriated while in office. However for those who truly believed in him and still do, this development will be devastating. There are those who will remain in denial and illogically scream racism at his critics. But others will feel angry and betrayed. They literally put their faith in this poseur and worked to the bone for him.
There are new liberal reptiles, er, icons forthcoming, Bernie, Elizabeth, and Kamal to name a few. Will Democrats and leftists fall for them only to be betrayed again.
They simply must understand that there is no political Messiah as pure as the driven snow who will ascend to the Oval Office and save them, or whatever.
There is no perfect world, never has been and never will be. The Leftist cannot accept that, thus they desperately continue to seek a deliverer who will champion and create their dream world.
For all of his faults, on…

Chilling and Eye Opening: Five Common Threads Between China's Red Guard and Antifa

Useful Idiots can be and most often are surpassingly dangerous. Most of antifa's collection of protestors/rioters are clueless as to why they are creating havoc, and the invectives they scream at their opponents seem to be limited to "You efing Fascist" with no further explanation or commentary. To call most members of antifa anarchists or even Communists might well be giving them far more intellectual credit than most of them deserve. They riot not for a cause, but are simply mindlessly following directives. It is the people behind them that must be taken seriously. They are the drivers behind the entire dynamic toward forcing a second American Civil War.  Make no mistake, these Soros funded bots are serving their traitorous masters well.
The post below shows similarities between the RED Guard that destroyed the Chinese nation and antifa, It is detailed and most informative.

Five Common Threads Between China's Red Guard and Antifa
By Jeff Sanders September 14, …

Foiled Virginia Attack Brings Total of U.S. Terror Plots to 97 Since 9/11

Lionel Williams, 27, of Suffolk, Virginia, just pleaded guilty in federal court to plotting with ISIS to launch terror attacks in Syria, Iraq and America.
In court, prosecutors said Williams, a year ago, was trying to conduct a lone-wolf attack in the United States, on behalf of ISIS. Luckily, FBI agents were able to uncover the plot and put a halt to the attack.
But it’s not the only terror plot FBI agents have thwarted in recent times.
In fact, since the devastating terror attacks that hit America’s soil in September 11, 2001, the feds have uncovered nearly 100 more Islamic-tied terror plots against U.S. spots.

Elites manipulating leftist violence to provoke Conservative violence in order to force Martial Law?

Many have believed and have come to believe that the following is the precise elitist strategy. Ultimately, the manipulated lefties will be thrown to the wolves when the desired level of chaos has been reached.  Martial law will be enacted. 
The general populace will welcome the restored stability. The restoration of law and order under such conditions will eventually lead to a dictatorship morphing into submission to the elitist UN, a totalitarian  cover. 
The successful down fall of America, the last brick in the wall of freedom and enlightenment, will pave the way  for the New World Order---an unpleasant reality. Whether or not America can arise and defeat the ultimate elitist agenda remains to be seen.
The following post addresses this issue in detail:

Globalist Strategy: Use Crazy Leftists And Provocateurs To Enrage/Demonize Conservatives
by Brandon Smith
The false left/right paradigm is an often misunderstood concept. Many people who are aware of it sometimes wrongly assume that …

The real reason why Susan Rice was spying on Trump officials

Getting to the truth takes time. Unfortunately, time is often an enemy in the war of words. By the time the entire scope or true agenda behind any action is unveiled, the the public and scurrilous MSM have moved on and the issue is considered to be  "old news".
Here is an critical excerpt which nails the failure of Conservatives to effectively present their case regarding egregious misconduct on the part of their opponents:
Conservatives excel at zeroing in on abuses like Hillary’s email account, the Rice unmasking and the Benghazi cover-up, but falter when it comes to exposing the motives behind them. And so the investigation of the abuses quickly vanishes into a thorny thicket of alibis, technical legalities, cover-ups and licenses. And a baffled public reads about hearings that delve into acts rather than motives.
It is vital that we understand not only what Rice did, but why she did it. It is important that we expose the pattern of misconduct, not just the individual …

Weather modification technology no longer just a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory.

Yes, the technology does exist and has for quite a while. The question is, how far advanced is weather modification science and how will it be utilized. As with any such advanced developments, there exists two sides--benign and malignant.
Weaponizing the ability to influence the enemy's weather could be far more devastating than a nuclear attack---without the deadly fallout which would endanger the entire world.
As usual, humanity will undoubtedly use both sides of this technology.
Incidentally the MSM, while giving minor attention to this issue,  has been studiously avoiding trumpeting it from the roof tops. Wonder why.
The following post is quite enlightening.

“We’re Firing Trillion Watt Lasers into the Sky”: Top Scientist Admits to Weather Modification on CBS
Posted on September 13, 2017 by Jay Syrmopoulos
In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Jose brewing in the Atlantic, many people are looking for answers as to …

No matter WHO commits them, all criminal acts/cover-ups must be punished!

When will justice be served and the two pictured above be brought to trial? They are responsible for enacting one of the most egregious and treacherous cover-ups ever to occur in the history of this nation. Historical chronicles will not treat them kindly.
It would appear as though, in order to protect their questionable activities, they abandoned American citizens in their most desperate hour of need, thereby effectively throwing them to the wolves. What other conclusion could possibly be reached.
Traitors, seditionists and those who fund them, no matter who they are,  must face due process and receive the appropriate punishment if they are convicted of their charged crimes. NO ONE should be above the law. Period!
The post below confirms what many have already concluded.

Clinton State Department silenced them on Benghazi security lapses, contractors say
By Catherine Herridg…

Knowledge is power, know your enemy, Leftist Democrats have a Marxist Plan for America

Most who are aware, are already knowledgeable of the close relationship between Leftist Democrats and the Communist Party USA.
Marxists know exactly how to destroy a culture by infiltrating its social institutions.
The sociological divisions are discussed in the link In shorthand form, or as concepts, these five basic institutions are called the family, government, economy, education and religion.
We have been witnessing the erosion of these cultural foundations since the prior president's occupation of the oval office. One can be used against the others, i. e. education undermining the family, government undermining religion, etc.
(Incidentally, Karl Marx, the Cloward Piven husband/wife team, and Saul Alinsky were all sociologists)
The following post discusses this process. By the understanding of how it works as a whole, the better it can be fought.
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the ene…

More on the treacherous Deep State plot to stop Trump's inauguration

A prior post, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist alleges spy chiefs behind the Russian collusion meme,  discussed the origin of the entire Russia issue at length.  
We now have some additional details as to just how desperate the Deep State establishment was and to what lengths it would go in order to stop Trump before his inauguration.
If one enjoys spy thrillers and and coup plots, read on. I doubt that any thriller has been written to match the level of both the pre and post Trump inauguration perfidy of his enemies.
What does that tell us?

SOURCES: Clapper Discussed Using Supreme Court Justice To Block Trump’s Inauguration
by Patrick Howley
Obama administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper held a meeting in his last days in office to discuss the idea of going to a Supreme Court justice to block President Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to a high-level member of the intelligence community who spoke with a Big League Politics source.

The latest post from the United States Illegal Alien Crime Report

You may have already heard about this one. This site contains a treasure trove of crimes committed by illegals. Do we really think they have the right to remain in the U.S.

Indian National Recruits His Parents To Assault His ‘Disobedient’ Wife
September 8, 2017 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL (Fox News) – Florida police rescued an Indian woman Saturday who was beaten by her husband and his parents who traveled from India to help assist him with the assault.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said Silky Gaind, 33, called her parents in India to tell them of the abuse. They then called the authorities.
Police said Gaind was being held in the Riverview home by her husband Devbir Kalsi, 33, and his parents Jasbir, 67, and Bhupinder Kalsi, 61, who traveled from India to help their son “counsel and discipline his wife for being disobedient” after he asked for their assistance, according to Fox 13.

Did Out-of-State Voters Changed the Outcome of the New Hampshire U.S. Senate Race

The lack of integrity in the electoral process is disgusting. Fraud, threats, bribery, manipulation of the count, and many other forms of chicanery soil the system. The good guys only win in a landslide, but such is rare. Typically, the votes are close enough that they can be "rearranged" toward a desired outcome.
The post below discusses what probably happened in the New Hampshire Senate Race as one example of a serious scourge on the system.
Just how much has not been exposed and never will be because local politicians fight cleaning up their registrations and requiring legitimate I.Ds.
Really? Obviously, they are in collusion with a guaranteed stratagem for achieving an advantageous win.

Exclusive – Kobach: It Appears That Out-of-State Voters Changed the Outcome of the New Hampshire U.S. Senate Race
For years, the mainstream media has ignored the problem of voter fraud and belittled those of us who are trying to do something about it. And when secretaries of state like me…

For the sake of our collective sanity, let's take a levity break!

Yes, this piece does hawk these T shirts, but it also reflects the inane straw grasping leftist and MSM attempts to marginalize anything positive done by either Trump or Melania.
As usual, their attempts backfired and, as this post shows, brought on a new industry for the expression of contempt and satirization.

Melania's Shoes:

This image first appeared on another thread, Melania Trump denounced by Vogue fashion editor. Due to an overwhelming positive response on social media, we have set up T-shirts with this design for online purchase. Customers have the ability to change shirt styles and colors, but please choose the lighter ones because the grays in the picture may not work well against darker backgrounds.

Click on any of these stores.


Q: Why three online stores?

A: Our designs are often being censored and removed by corporate SJWs, so the more stores we have, the bigger the fighting chance for some of these designs to survive the SJW purges.

Corruption Gem of the day: Leading Dem Senators took money from corrupt colleague

Yes, D.C. is a swamp and, the more it is drained, the sheer amount of revealed underlying slime becomes breath taking. Just how much more that could well come to light might give the reader fantasies as to exactly how this miasma of feculence could be decontaminated.
And Congress continues to ruthlessly hammer on anything and everything that they can fabricate on Trump, which eventually falls apart...egad!
Golly Gee, we "knew" the Dems had plenty of slime under their Congressional seats, but new sources seem to keep bubbling up. They continue trying to merrily lead the thinking public down the path of D.C. ineptitude and/or sleaze disguised as protecting the public from continual Trump/GOP beat downs of the helpless, poverty stricken, and the many victims of discrimination, etc.
There is one slight problem, much of the public no longer buys into the Dem narrative promoted by their shills, the MSM.
How much publicity will be given to the Menendez trial?  Hmm  excuse the tri…

The Enemy Within Exposed but Remains Highly Dangerous-America Must Remain Alert

The following article reflects the views that many sane people had from the beginning regarding Antifa as well as other so-called protesters who resort to violence.
The world as a whole has been slow to see behind their masks largely due to the fake news regarding  who they really are, paid and often clueless recruits led by hard core seditionists and financed by ole George.
Charlottesville was supposed to be the nail in the conservative/pro-Trump coffin. In the immediate moment, it worked; however, the ever lurking internal enemy of many movements, over reach, inserted itself in Berklely.
Non-violent Conservatives cancelled their demonstration because they knew that Antifa would violently disrupt it. Only a handful of the brave, showed up, and the nation saw them chased, beaten and threatened. Reporters were also threatened for filming the violence, and the police were  attacked with bags of urine and feces.
To most Americans,  that little spectacle was the nail in the coffin of A…

Mexican Cocaine Ring Busted In North Carolina

DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WITN) – A kilo and a half of suspected power cocaine was found in a drug bust involving deputies from three Eastern Carolina counties.
The raid happened at a home on Maysville School Road in the Beautancus area of Duplin County for what deputies called an intensive drug trafficking organization.
Found inside three axles of a tractor trailer parked near the rear of the double wide mobile home, as well as inside the home, was a kilo and a half of what appeared to be cocaine. Deputies also seized a large amount of cash.

Dhimmitude On Steroids? What was this judge thinking?

Things like this cannot be made up. By the time one finishes this article, the temptation will be to either laugh hysterically or to tear one's hair out.
Hillary's iconic phrase, "What difference does it make?" definitely applies in this case. The overwhelming concern for an attempted murderer's feelings, because in jail he is teased while praying and cannot get Halal food, trumps his savage attack. The man is  dangerous. Sentence him without prejudice! He took a machete to his ex girlfriend and tried to kill her! DUH...
When they say "You can't fix stupid" "they" ain't kiddin'!
Unfortunately, this mindset is all too common  among the clueless and/or colluders.

Australia: Judge waits to jail Muslim “refugee” who tried to kill ex-girlfriend with MACHETE – after concerns he won’t be able to observe Ramadan
Look at this. “The Somalian refugee, then 52, drove his car head-on into his 45-year-old ex-partner’s vehicle near a train sta…

Daily Bits...Check out your Reps:This Month York County,Pa 9/01/17

Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Summer Of 2017
Thank you for visiting my online office. Please fill out the form below to contact me on any state-related issue. Or, if you prefer, refer to my office information below to call or visit me. My staff and I are happy to help.