Chilling and Eye Opening: Five Common Threads Between China's Red Guard and Antifa

Well costumed Antifa Protestor at Oregon in August, 2017
Useful Idiots can be and most often are surpassingly dangerous. Most of antifa's collection of protestors/rioters are clueless as to why they are creating havoc, and the invectives they scream at their opponents seem to be limited to "You efing Fascist" with no further explanation or commentary.
To call most members of antifa anarchists or even Communists might well be giving them far more intellectual credit than most of them deserve. They riot not for a cause, but are simply mindlessly following directives. It is the people behind them that must be taken seriously. They are the drivers behind the entire dynamic toward forcing a second American Civil War.  Make no mistake, these Soros funded bots are serving their traitorous masters well.
The post below shows similarities between the RED Guard that destroyed the Chinese nation and antifa, It is detailed and most informative.

Five Common Threads Between China's Red Guard and Antifa
By Jeff Sanders September 14, 2017

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