Monday, May 30, 2016

Liberal Lawyer says “Black Lives Matter Is Endangering The Fairness Of Our Legal System”

Politically motivated prosecutorial abuse is not new. Tawana Brawley, The Duke Rape Case and the trial of Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson and are but three of the more famous cases that come to mind. The basis of the accusations against the accused were questionable and they were found innocent at trial. However, their lives were inevitably destroyed as an aura of tawdriness always seemed to linger over their heads.

In the following article, Liberal Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz discusses the matter with Megyn Kelly regarding the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore and the dangers of this trend regarding cases involving the police and a black victim. 

In many instances, it would appear as though facts do not matter, and for political reasons, prosecutors seek to give the masses  a conviction and possibly an execution to draw blood in order to assuage their anger.

Written by Onan Coca


Popular liberal law professor and pundit Alan Dershowitz appeared on Fox News’ the Kelly File earlier this week with Megyn Kelly and said something that you might have expected to hear from a conservative pundit… but not from a left-leaner like Dershowitz.

Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of our legal system. Because they’re rooting for outcomes based on race. Started a long time ago. Started with the O.J. Simpson case… African-Americans wanted an acquittal without regard to the evidence. Now, many want convictions without regard to the evidence. We cannot allow our justice system to be turned into a kind of racial categorization where people root for outcome. 

Again, Wow.

Desrshowitz was speaking in particular of the acquittal of the police officers surrounding the Freddie Gray case, but also in general of the culture of injustice that we’ve been breeding in America over the last 20+ years. Watch the whole exchange below.

Text from the video:

Megyn Kelly: You say this is serious misconduct by this young woman, by this prosecutor, why?

Alan Dershowitz: Overcharging. She charged one officer with murder to base on deprave, depraved heart. These are officers who, you know, may have made a mistake but they are not guilty of criminal conduct.

What she tried to do is stop the mob. I understand that, but you don’t use the criminal justice system to solve racial problems. And she’s a symptom of a larger problem.

Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of our legal system. Because they’re rooting for outcomes based on race. Started a long time ago. Started with the O.J. Simpson case…

African-Americans wanted an acquittal without regard to the evidence. Now, many want convictions without regard to the evidence. We cannot allow our justice system to be turned into a kind of racial categorization where people root for outcome.



The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 4, Volume 4:John Huss providentially receives Wycliffe’s writings.





Sunday, May 29, 2016


As I sit here and watch the clock beat and watch what is going on around me, I have to wonder why is is that so many "Land Dwellers" whatever they really are don't see what I THINK should be SELF EVIDENT that this country we call home, the land of the free, the home of the brave and AMERICA is quite frankly standing at the threshold of the END....But the paradox is this, why do so few people SEE it for what it is.?...Why is it so few people QUESTION ? And if they do, why do they ALLOW this Phony,Fake, Faux Facade to continue....And I understand the answer is really not simplistic but it should be....The Human Mind for those few people who still use it can be complicated....IT can be tricked, fooled into believing what is not TRUTH as TRUTH....We've all seen a movie, a circus act as well as a cheap Parlor Types of Magic you see in a LAS VEGAS act....and said WOW , that looked REAL, How in the world did thy do that.?...And if I may remind you that was LONG before HOLLYWOOD and Computer Generated Graphics.....Some of you know in a Former life I was  Musician so let me use a QUOTE from one of the Smarter (Never on Drugs) ones...FRANK ZAPPA..."The Mind Is Like A Parachute. It Won't Work If It Is NOT Open".....Allow me to use another line, "GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT" or this one, "You Don't Know Where Your Going, If You Don't Know Where You've been...

Oh course this is my opinion but it took far more than a few million fools to put this country into the hands of a MUSLIM HOMOSEXUAL that HATES America, it took deception of the highest order & a PLAN with the right EVIL People to pull off the WORLDS greatest "Coup d' etat"....Decades   of planing , along with the infiltration of our Government at EVERY level with Pure Unmitigated EVIL People...It also took the TOTAL  infiltration of our now nearly Extinct Educational System....It's not Teaching anymore, it's PROGRAMING.....But ask yourself this how did they pull off the 'Slight Of Hand Trick" ("Three Card Monte" ) without even a SHOT being FIRED? Any Ideas?

I am what they call a "Baby Boomer" and while I was a young child I do have a reasonably good memory about EVENTS that seemed to Shape the World in those days ...This was after WWII so many people STILL Understood (much to the "CHAGRIN" of today's LIBERAL COMMUNIST Class) the REASONS we FOUGHT the WAR.....Dropped the Bomb & Kicked ass....all the while Sacrificing our own ....for a WAR we DID NOT START....But in the 50's we had what some will remember as "COMMUNIST SCARE" (McCarty & The Red Scare)....That is we were being infiltrated by those who believed in the Communist Dogma, Propaganda & Communist lifestyle.....Many in HOLLYWOOD were amongst those rounded up by the FBI.....BUT that was NOT the END of it......the SMART ONES were the ones already in COLLEGE, they knew to keep their MOUTH Shut....and when they Graduated they became COLLEGE Professors....they went into what we call ACLU....yes Lawyers and yes all the other BIG UNIONS....that's where the Masses were & where they could have the most SWAY...So lets just be HONEST here McCarty & his boys only caught the STUPID ONES.....And BTW that is the ERA that Brought us (drum roll please) OUR MUSLIM QUEEN BARRY....look at his families is a FACT....
So here we are many decades later, after decades of slow subtle change....Communist Professors teaching students propaganda about how Socialism, Communism, Marxism & Even Dictatorships are the ANSWERS for all how WRONGS in this Wretched Wicked Worthless World ....Which was caused by Capitalism, Republics & Democracies ....which caused ALL THE GREED IN THE WORLD....So let me allow this thought , if your TAUGHT to be STUPID you will be...If your taught to be a Pervert , a Pedophile you will be...If your taught to be a Victim , you will be....If your Taught to be a Girl in a Boys Body or vice versa..well you get the drift.....

So how do we change this Deadly Spiral? I'm not sure....but number one QUIT Listening to the LIES....Turn off the DAMN Television....Boycott all of the Companies, Corporations & FAT CATS that BUY their influence....Quit living in FEAR....that's all this Government & its Ministry Of Propaganda has to sell anyway...that is other than HATE....They have no Answers...they CREATED every problem we the last 50 odd years have they fixed "One Damn Thing?" Hell no.....But they took all of your dreams, hopes, prayers,possessions and all you LOVED and Squandered it for what...THEIR OWN EGO, POWER, GREED & NARCISSISM....Because "THE SILENCE OF THE SHEEP " tells them you don't care enough to stop them....

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The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 3, Volume 4:Banning the Bible to the public.





Saturday, May 28, 2016



There were those long before us

             They were the ones who forged the path 
   They didn't always ask or question
             They understood the meaning of the task

       Some nights were filled with thunder 
     And many days were filled with pain
        Yet they planted their fields with crops
      And then Knelled and prayed for rain

   Such was the life of the Every man
And so it was with his family too
   They made the world into a garden
            And like a cobbler they made their shoes

  Many traveled across the universe 
To foreign and distant lands        
     And they found there was a kinship 
  Amongst the foundation of a man 

    A man's world is the one he travels 
    But he never really leaves his home
    It's more than pride or possessions 
It's his kingdom, it's his throne   

    He will fight to preserve its essence 
It's his family, it's his shrine        
It's far more than just a memory 
   It's perhaps the calling of our time  
They sacrificed without question   
For they knew what they believed 
                   There will always be a righteous path to follow  
If you open your eyes to see         

 And so for all of those who traveled
And still sacrificed and fought        
     I can only offer you my gracious hand 
                And to remind you, you're still in our thoughts 

I pray you found the blissful nights 
      As you stood and felt the ocean breeze  
So today I will stand and salute you 
Under your old oak tree                  


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150,000 Polish Nationalists march against muslim immigration

Poland Rising: A bit of history reviewed, and a lot of patriotic backbone being displayed. When it comes to Jihadis on the move, the Polish people "get it".
Europe has apparently forgotten its history. Islam has not changed in hundreds of years, only the zeitgeist of Europeans (mostly neo-Marxists/Socialists) towards it. Please recall The Battle of Vienna, September 11, 1683.

“More than 300 years ago, Europe lived in fear of the great Islamic Caliphate, the invincible Ottoman Empire, that ruled a vast portion of the world, and constantly threatened the heartland of Europe with attack, domination, and destruction.

In 1683, in March of that year, yet another huge Islamic army advanced upon the west, 140,000 strong, led by the Turk Grand Vizier Kara Mustapha. The path he chose took him toward the great fortress of Vienna, which he reached on July 14 and promptly laid siege to. Vienna was well prepared to withstand a siege, but by September, after nearly two months of isolation, during which time Turkish bombs shattered some of its walls and led to a partial capture of the city by Mustapha’s troops, the situation there had grown dire.

Vienna’s capture in the immediate future was a near-certainty and beyond Vienna, the soft belly of Europe lay wide open…
“..But, something had changed. A new man had arrived. A man Europe called “The Warrior-King.” – His name was Jan Sobieski. And he came with an Army of 30,000 Polish soldiers at his back…”

The last effort that Islam made to destroy Christendom failed during the last years of the seventeenth century, just over two hundred years ago. Vienna was almost taken and it was only saved by the Christian army, under the command of the King of Poland, on a date that ought to be among the most infamous in history: September 11, 1683.

The following video is astounding. It is 51 minutes long showing citizens marching and there were still many more after the video terminated. 

EU meddling and cuts destroy Greek health service: Infant deaths doubled!

The EU has not been able to deliver the the dream world of a strong and united Europe that it was touted as being able to do. The European Union was supposed to become an economic powerhouse with open borders between its states , a common currency, and an EU "Constitution".

The entire concept is falling apart and it is no wonder. The European nations are too culturally and economically diverse to be able to function as one united happy body. The less wealthy states suffered and the wealthier ones found themselves supporting the weaker ones.

Harsh policies have been devastating to many member nations. The reality is that The EU is a project deliberately designed to hollow out democracy; it is post-democratic. It is but the first step toward a NWO to be dominated by the elites

The following article portrays events in Greece which is not alone in the sinking boat of financial disaster.

Britain is also considering and exit from the EU and others many follow.

 Beware, should the EU survive, the next step toward a global government will be to weld the Americas into one body. We will then suffer the same fate as Europe. It will be a polyglot union of nations with cultural and economic conditions too disparate to overcome. 

Millions without care and baby deaths DOUBLED: EU meddling and cuts destroy health service

 By Nick Gutteridge
PUBLISHED: 14:08, Wed, May 25, 2016 | UPDATED: 15:30, Wed, May 25, 2016

THE shocking state of Greece's health service can be laid bare today in a major blow to the Remain campaign. 

Many Europhiles claim our membership of the EU is beneficial to the NHS but the latest damning report flies in the face of that assertion with Brussels enforced cuts on the broken state having a devastating impact on health.

Infant mortality rates have doubled in three years whilst some 2.5 million Greek citizens now have to go without any medical provision at all due to swingeing budget cuts imposed on their country by Europe's elite.
The parlous state of what was once one of the finest healthcare systems in the world can be revealed as the Brexit debate around the NHS rages on, with Leave campaigners warning our own national treasure is under serious threat from Brussels meddling and the hated TTIP trade deal.

Those wondering what becomes of a public service shackled by Brussels and its big business chums need look no further than Greece, where the situation has become so bad one MEP recently warned the country is facing a "medical Grexit".

Greek leader Alexis Tsipras has been forced to make swingeing budget cuts to his health service

Earlier this month doctors protested against cuts by wearing handcuffs to symbolise EU oppression

Critics have warned the country's health system has "collapsed" since the EU imposed its infamous 'memorandum' in the summer of 2013, which required Greece to "ration healthcare provision" in order to secure future bailouts.

Since then Brussels has taken a vice-like grip on how Athens funds its health service, backing a serious of measures which it says are designed to "enhance the cost-efficiency" of the Greek NHS.

Eurosceptics here in Britain fear the controversial TTIP deal could spell the end of our own NHS by opening up the health service to big American businesses, who they claim would be able to sue the Government if it refused to grant them contracts to run hospitals and GP surgeries.

Both Government ministers and the EU insist the NHS will be exempt from the terms of TTIP, but Tory backbenchers were worried enough to table an amendment to this month's Queen's Speech demanding Parliament formally recognise the risk it poses.

The EU has forced many Greeks into living in third world conditions

Brexit campaigners recently forced Mr Cameron to concede the TTIP deal could affect the NHS

And, now, the shocking state of Greece's healthcare system has been laid bare in a series of questions posed to the European Commission by worried MEPs.

Belgian representative Claude Rolin said: "In Greece 2.5 million citizens no longer have access to healthcare and infant mortality has doubled in three years.

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 2, Volume 4:Oldcastle from John Wycliffe





Friday, May 27, 2016


As we try to slip away quietly into a weekend of "Remembrance Of Days From Our Past" we must keep focused on the FACT that the Battle against "Good & Evil" is ongoing & perpetual...that is to say it is in fact NEVER-ENDING ....As I look Ito the past at all of the MEN & WOMEN that had the Courage, the Stamina & the Vision that they Believed in...:"The American Spirit & Dream"..I feel Honored... Unbeknownst to all the LIBERAL Pathogens that have run Rough-shod over our lives & Run America into the Ground there were actually Men & Women that BELIEVED in the American Way....They have for the most part Passed into the Night & History and are now gone....

The types of Men & Women it took to Build a Country are Extinct now.....We no longer have the "true to form BUILDERS"..... But we do have those who are "Destroyers"....their only purpose in life it would seem is to Reek Havoc & cause all of the CHAOS & ANARCHY they can in the shortest amount of time they can ....There are those of us (be they few in number now) who look at Jefferson, Franklin, Adams as True to their cause men...they had vision & they also had the Knowledge & Foresight to UNDERSTAND that POWER in the hands of FOOLS will destroy not only us but the WORLD....Thus the old saying."Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"....Many of the WRITERS like Mark Twain, Orwell, Huxley & Ann Rand knew it to & reflected it via their observations ..or quotes....Those are the Type of PEOPLE I look up to as well as those who Fought & died for us in battle ....

My observation about all of this goes this way....I see all of those people (Jefferson etc)  as HEROES, the LIBERALS see then as the ENEMY....They understood & stood up for TRUTH.....The LIBERALS can't handle the TRUTH...They gave us AMERICA, our Freedom & a Vision....The LIBERALS hate everything the Old AMERICA stood for....They hate Freedom & they hate those who can still think for themselves....Hell IMO they hate themselves.....That's in part why they go out of there way to Beat Their now Breasted Chests now & say ....Look at me....look at what I did....look at what I destroyed.....I made everyone JUST AS MISERABLE as I am....

With the LEADERSHIP I see today I see "The End" not "The Beginning" at least as a future goes....or maybe it's"The Beginning Of The End"....This is not going to be a HOLLYWOOD "Happy Trails Ending" It took Courage to Build this AMERICA, what may I ask did it take to destroy AMERICA....the answer ; Fools, Sociopaths & Village IDIOTS (Millions of STUPID VOTERS) ....The liberals cling to their HEROES like SAUL ALINSKY...with SOROS it's HITLER.....What does that tell you....ALINSKY for those who don't know essentially "Plagiarized"  Lenin's "Communist Manifesto" with his "Rules For Radicals" (The Liberal Playbook).....FYI the MUSLIM FAIRY BARRY loves the guy...And HILLARY wrote ESSAYS about the Communist Idiot.....

Ask yourself this, Would AMERICA ever have been founded with leaders like OBAMA, CLINTON'S, BUSH'S or any other of the Self Serving, Self Righteous  PARASITES we call LEADERS (Choke) not even....We would look just like CUBA or VENEZUELA.....Just What is it have we become? What do we believe in anymore? Is there anything REAL or TRUTHFUL left in this MUSLIM EXCREMENT HOLE? Well go on ahead & try to enjoy the days of out past....OUR MEMORIAL DAY.....but this is not a MEMORIAL GOVERNMENT, we have today I'd like to forget this NIGHTMARE ever happened ....

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Europe Changing Minds on Failed ‘Multiculturalism’

In Europe, there is a flood of Muslim immigrants that are not integrating well into European society, and now many countries within Europe are rethinking the massive immigration and multiculturalism that is going on throughout the Europe and North America.

Swiss voters this month voted in favor of new immigration curbs which requires the government to set an upper limit for foreigners. Switzerland a conservative nation, and one of Europe’s most successful nations has opined against massive immigration. It should be noted Switzerland is not part of the European Union.

Inspired by Switzerland’s immigration vote, one of Norway’s ruling parties is calling for the country to hold its own referendum on limiting immigration from the EU and Norway. Norway’s populist Progress Party (fremskrittspartiet) urges tighter limits on immigration too.

Now the United Kingdom could also cut immigration by one-third and limited to 75,000 people a year under proposals set out by the Home Office, according to a leaked UK government reports. Now under the new proposed measures introduced just last Tuesday, new migrants would not be eligible for unemployment benefits during their first three months in the country, and unemployment payments would be stopped after six months unless claimants proved they had a “genuine chance of finding a job”.

In Italy it is sending immigrants to other EU countries like Germany as they don’t want to deal with them anymore, Italy is also paying them €700.00 to leave.

The Dutch government has also said on the past that it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants create a parallel society within the Netherlands.

FRANCE IRAQ HOSTAGES  Many of the once safe cities of Europe have seen increased rates in crimes, rapes, and links to Islamic terrorism. The government have been allowing this massive immigration for a long time, mostly against the will of the citizens of the countries, including the United States.

Forced cultural integration is a key part of the leftist plan. All part of destroying traditional cultures, eliminating any organized threat to global control. The rest of Europe would do the same and vote agaist multiculturalism if they got the chance to vote on it, But the leftist traitors won’t allow that.

Due to immigration, Crime has been increasing in Geneva Switzerland over the past ten years. Everyone is upset. Everyone has been through something.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Uproar as Muslim countries block LGBT groups from attending UN Aids conference

Still waiting on the domestic uproar
The very fact that Western nations are astounded by this occurrence unmasks their pathetic ignorance regarding Islam. If the West cannot come to grips with the Muslim stance on gays, how can it possibly grasp the fact that the big picture is a drive toward total world conquest and submission of everyone to Islamic ideology. Convert, die, or if they are lucky, pay a hefty tax (jizya) and become deprived of all legal rights, are the ultimate choices all non Muslims will be given by their Islamist overlords. 
Will the Western leaders ever awaken, or are they ignorantly complicit in thinking that a totalitarian Islam would be the perfect governing tool for an elitist dominated NWO.  
Uproar is ensuing among major Western countries after the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) managed to block 11 organisations – linked to gay, lesbian and transgender rights groups – from attending the United Nations conference on Aids in New York next month.. The letter, dated 26 April from Egyptian authorities, was submitted on behalf of the 51 OIC member countries.

No reasons were given for the request to block the attendance of these groups but non-governmental organisations say that the OIC is trying to ban are from Egypt, Estonia, Guyana, Jamaica, Kenya, Peru, Thailand, Ukraine, Africa and even the US from attending. All of the countries facing potential bans are all believed to focus on LGBT rights.

 The request however has not gone done well with a number of Western countries. The US has written to the General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft, asking that these groups be allowed to attend the conference. US Ambassador Samantha Power, in a 13 May letter to Lykketoft, said that the groups singled out “appeared to be chosen for their involvement with gay and transgender issues”.


OK now, I have a question ;how man of you really think this country will ever RECOVER from the COMMUNIST MUSLIM MAGGOT that George Soros owns and instilled as QUEEN BLOW-JOB BARRY ?If so, I want to know what your either Drinking, Smoking or what kind of Medication someone has put you on....Because you apparently don't have enough of your "Brain Function" left to Change your own Diapers ....And now your just going to sit back & do nothing but spread innuendos & hate as the LESBO QUEEN HILLARY & her arsenal of Deadly DILDOS take over as the Prison Colony Warden ....Gee ain't it GREAT when we are having SO-MUCH Fun....Pass the Crack-Pipe Jack... I cant  believe we've fallen so far down we can't even SMELL or HEAR DEATH Knocking on our door....How certifiably Pathetically STUPID  this actually is.... You know they say "God Helps Those Who Helps Themselves" but must I remind you there isn't one mention, one word or implied thought about Assisting our ENEMIES in a LEMMING SUICIDE Attempt....PARDON, I didn't mean to insult the Community of LEMMINGS here....they were here long before us & will apparently be hear LONG after our imminent EXIT....

Do you honestly think that Communism, Socialism,Marxism or Fascism is Superior to being a Republic or Democratic type of Government? Do you Really think that GIVING all the POOR PARASITES their SHARE of what you've worked your ass off for is the answer to Poverty? Do you Really think that you can teach FAUX Religions that HATE not too with a SERMON from the Bully Pulpit in WASHINGTON.?....Do you Really think that Making little boys wear dresses & Little Girls wear pants is REALLY Sensitivity training for the new Popular in every network, HIP to be TRANSGENDER DELUSION.? Do you really think that the Cure for Child Molesters is making it acceptable behavior to be a PEDOPHILE? Do you really think that the cure for STUPIDITY is making everyone EQUALLY DUMB via EDUCATION ? Do you really think your Purpose in life was to SERVE those who Control & Master all of us....EVEN if the MASTERS are the Cruel Satanic Self-Proclaimed Messianic figures in GOVERNMENT?.... 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you've got EXCREMENT for Brains....And you're either a LIBERAL or a PARASITE that FEEDS off of what's left of this Species ....Human you aren't.....And for those who more or less agree with me but will do NOTHING but Bitch a little...You are part of the PROBLEM...go sell your HATE somewhere else.....I ain't buying it....You want AMERICA back, control of your life back & control of your hopes , dream & prayers back....well PARDON EZ MOI, you're going to have to get up off your ass & TAKE IT BACK....This EVIL GOVERNMENT isn't just going to wake up tomorrow morning & Repent of all their PAST SINS & give it back....THEY DON'T CARE, they will never care all they want is their DAILY FIX of POWER....
Let me just say this then , put up or SHUT UP....ONE ELECTION WILL NOT STOP THIS SINKING SHIP.....It just might "MAYBE, JUST MAYBE" by a little time....But if you don't care enough about your KIDS, GRAND-KIDS & LOVED ONES left behind then you might as well go get a gun & blow your Empty Brains out....I have had it with this stupidity.....And as far as "THE WASHINGTON STENCH" goes, it's apparently here to stay....because that will be what your ACTIONS or lack thereof just said....

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Have we finally evolved or regressed actually to the point that this Wretched Evil Vile Pathogen we call GOVERNMENT tells (trains) us what to eat, when to eat, when to use the head, when to shower, who to hate, what SEX you are, who to look up to, who or what to call a "Roll Model," because they have TRAINED us to NOT THINK but to REACT.....They Teach Behavior & enforce it with Rules, Laws & Penalties....And with that being the case,"WHAT IS THE POINT IN LIVING?" Are we only here to SERVE THEM, our so-called MASTERS? It would seem so, at least to me...Yea I know I'm a Cynical Sarcastic Relic of the Past....much to the CHAGRIN of this Wasted Time & Effort Useless as TITS on a BULL COMMUNIST Government that own our ass totally, whether you admit that to yourself or not...

I was not BORN to serve the Parasites Of Satan ....Personally I Believe in GOD....I do not believe in GOVERNMENT....all the money they spent to PROGRAM me was WASTED....It didn't work.....This Government DOES NOT WORK either....It is a Self Feeding Feasting Demon Pathological Lying PARASITE from HELL...Again I will remind those who refuse to listen there are 537 of those elected (not really) Leaches in WASHINGTON DC....other than MAYBE 4 or 5 (and I can't name any of them) they are ALL OUR ENEMIES...I will say it again, they are ALL OUR ENEMIES.... And we allow it , we just shrug our shoulders, roll our eyes & tell ourselves that its JUST the Way it Goes....Why?

Have we been beat into submission, have we given into the RELENTLESS 24/7 Fear Mongering that we not only hear from our now LORDS & SAVIORS ? Or have we just GIVEN UP? This FAUX, FAKE PHONY EVIL Government has by design CREATED most of the WORLDS Problems & has spent or wasted BILLIONS of DOLLARS to come up with the Worlds Greatest PONZI SCHEME (con) to say they are FIXING THEM....yea....follow the money....its all in their SLUSH FUNDS & Foreign Bank Accounts...
Don't you think it's WAY PAST TIME to quit crying about the CRUZ , TRUMP Factions....and focus on the REALITY that HILLARY CLINTON will be the next NAZI LESBIAN PUPPIT POTUS because that's the way the Rothschild/Soros New World Order Boys WANT IT.....They play by their own rules...the GAME is RIGGED....And all of this FIGHTING & HATING Guarantees it....You Fell for the TRAP, again, again & again.....Crap you don't have control over anything anymore....not even a "Bowel Movement"

And I believe it was SHAKESPEARE who said,"The whole world was a stage" & the audience is filled with "SEMI-FUNCTIONAL IDIOTS" (I said that, prove me wrong)...Where do we go from here? Lobotomies,more drug induced false Illusions of a life of FREEDOM ....There is next to no FREEDOM left in this (all of us) sat on our ASS & did nothing while the Parasites took all the PLUNDER....Is this SUICIDE via Government ? It would seem so....You can't ever FIX a problem if you don't recognize & Identify it CORRECTLY.....WASHINGTON DC is the ENEMY , not Russia, China, Iran or MUSLIM PIGS....its a diversion ...WAKE UP OR DIE... WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE WHEN WE DON'T HOLD ANYONE ACCOUNTABLE?

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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 1, Volume 4: My Personal Testimony.




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History, The Protestant Reformation Series 1, Volume 4
The Old Farm House one

 My Personal Testimony. 

The first thing I remember of my childhood is being in the kitchen where my mother was building the fire in the old cook stove. I was whining and crying although I can't remember why. I do remember my mother gently scolding me. “Pearlie! You are four years old today! You are a big girl now. You are much too big to cry!” I remember asking if I can please go to school now with Jimmy and Mary and Anna, my older brother and sisters. I was so jealous watching them leave every morning. 

One time I even tried to make them believe I went to another school while they went to their school. Of course, they only laughed but my younger siblings were easy to convince. I would hide for a while and then tell them I had been to school. At that time my oldest sister Lorraine was married and moved away and my oldest brother Paul had a shop where he worked on cars above the kitchen on the second floor with his own steps and entrance.

We were never allowed to go in there. I had 10 brothers and sisters and we all lived in the big Farm House and had access to the big dairy farm where my dad worked for the owner, Mr. Davis. We all worked at home and on the farm but we laughed and had fun while we were working. The house must have been a hotel at one time. There were two kitchens and two parlors and 3 stairways leading to 7 bedrooms with a big upstairs hallway I was the exact middle of eleven children. 

My dad always bragged about how many kids he had. He joked about trying for a dozen but they had to settle for one less. My parents knew children are an heritage of the Lord as the Bible says. I was born in Harford County, Maryland, in and old farm house in Minefield Hollow near a little town named “Street.” I was married at the young age of 16 to my 18 year old husband, James Sturgis Sr., for 51 years until he died of cancer in July of 2008.

We have 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 8 grandbabies at this time (May 2016). My Grandma and my mother wrote poems and stories. Most of my siblings write and sing and play instruments.. but I only write and mostly poems. My favorite Bible Scripture text is Proverbs 3:5 and 6 “Trust is in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” Now I would love to share my testimony of how I learned of the Protestant Reformation. I was 53 years old with no knowledge of it whatsoever when I was attending this modern church that had almost a dozen different versions of the Holy Bible. When the pastor was reading, it was not like my mother's Authorized king James version of 1611., so I kept asking questions.

I've been told I can get on people's nerves by asking questions but Jesus said ask and it shall be given. Eventually I was told to use only the new Bibles and I would understand. When I refused and insisted I would use my mother's Bible I was called a “heretic.” and accused of limiting God's Word. 

Well, I never heard of the word “heretic.” When I was “excommunicated” I had never heard of that word either but I soon learned it meant get out and don't come back. At home I looked up the word “heretic” in the preface of the old Bible printed by Jackson 1875. 

To my surprise I saw a list of Biographies of the Biblical translators who were known as heretics and arrested for heresy against the Church of England for translating the Word of God into English, publishing and distributing the Bible to the hands of the average common people!

You can't imagine how shocked I was to have been called a “heretic” and a few hours later read about heroic Protestant Reformers who were tortured, ridiculed, fined and imprisoned for reasons where no reason could justifiably serve. But just wait--- It gets even more bazaar.

To my surprise I saw a list of Biographies of the Biblical translators who were known as heretics and arrested for heresy against the Church of England for translating the Word of God into English, publishing and distributing the Bible to the hands of the average common people! You can't imagine how shocked I was to have been called a “heretic” and a few hours later read about heroic Protestant Reformers who were tortured, ridiculed, fined and imprisoned for reasons where no reason could justifiably serve.

I learned from this old Bible, which I found in the attic of an old farm house, about the Protestant Reformation and how the Pilgrims fled from London to Amsterdam because of religious persecution from the tyrants of that era. At that time, Holland was the only country in the world that had religious freedom. All of Eastern Hemisphere was under tyranny rule of either the Pope or the King or Queen and Church Council. Books had to be printed in Holland and smuggled through Europe.

In London the printing presses were raided at night and all religious books were burned and the people who owned them were arrested and drug through the streets to shame them for defying the leaders. At that time, only those appointed to leadership were allowed a copy of the Scriptures.

They called it “Divine Rights.” The first Biography was that of John Oldcastle in 1412 at the Church Council meeting Oldcastle was named a “heretic” and ordered to renounce his protestant faith. When he denied the order he was confined to the towers (prison). He mysteriously escaped for four years but was caught and seriously wounded.

When he refused to renounce his faith the second time at the 1417 Council meeting he was hanged and his body was burned while hanging. (unquote Jackson's preface in the 1875 AKJV Bible)

PL Sturgis: You can imagine how my emotions were running wild to learn this 500 years later that I was similarly called a “heretic” and accused of heresy against the church for the same reason, which was –-my Protestant views. This is the very day I went home after being excommunicated that I learned about the Protestant Reformation….. But just wait--- It gets even more bazaar.
(to be continued)
      Oldcastle from John Wycliffe.
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