The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 4, Volume 4:John Huss providentially receives Wycliffe’s writings.





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History, The Protestant Reformation Series 4, Volume 4
AKJV Preface Jackson 1875 
Biblical Translator John Huss 1373-1415:

A student named Jerome in Prague, Czechoslovakia carried Wycliffe’s writings to John Huss in the southern corner of Bohemia. In 1396 Huss was made Master of Arts and in 1400 he was appointed a preacher in the chapel at Bethlehem. This was a Bohemian Church bought by two wealthy Bohemians for the purpose of translating the Bible in the Bohemian tongue and for preaching the gospel. This was a commanding position for an honest man inspired to preach the gospel. 

Huss was well liked by the people but was the enemy of the archbishop who had Huss “excommunicated” and sent back to his native village. Huss then dedicated his time in the study of Wycliffe’s writings given to him by his co student from the University. The good seed brought forth fruit as it fell into the honest heart of John Huss and led him to the undertaking of certain books of the Old and New Testament.

Upon the death of the Archbishop, his enemy, Huss was allowed to return to the university and began again his attacks on the abuses of the church authorities. Huss was an earnest speaker. Here is a quote from one of his sermons: “NOT WILLING THAT THE BLOOD OF SOULS SHOULD BE REQUIRED AT MY HAND, I TRACED AS I WAS ABLE, IN THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, THE FUTURE DANGERS IMPENDING OVER THE SOULS OF MEN!” The people supported Huss and the entire kingdom was filled with his doctrine till soon great disturbances arose.
(to be continued)
  Council of Constance condemns John Huss.  
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