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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Another skeleton from the previous administration falls out of the closet.

Since the chosen one has been out of office, more things are coming to light. Many just knew that there was much chicanery going on but probably not to the true extent. Now the public is seeing more than it could ever imagine.
The following article discusses another exposed iniquity.

Barack Hussein spent over $36 million of our money on lawsuits in 2016 keeping federal records secret and away from the eyes of We the People
by Thomas Madison
March 17, 2018

Try not to laugh until you reach the end of the 22-second video below, just to see if you can do it.

Remember when Barack Hussein declared that his administration was the most transparent in American history? Wasn’t that a hoot?

Fake birth certificate, sealed academic records, bogus Social Security number, fake draft registration, the most lawless, corrupt, secret administration since America’s founding. And, with an almost straight face, Hussein proclaimed that his was “the most transparent administration in history?” Not kidding!

Would it surprise you to know that Barack Hussein spent $36 million in 2016 alone on lawsuits fighting the release of federal records that should have been released routinely per FOIA requests?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. You know Hussein too well after eight years of the most egregious criminal corruption that we are just beginning to uncover. Check out his evil smile at the end of the video as he pronounces, “This is the most transparent administration in history.”

Friday, March 16, 2018

Recently surfaced photo exposes prior President's hate group connecton

A great deal about Obama was suppressed or, when exposed, minimized by the Soros dominated MSM. The following is but one issue. 
The article below by Daniel Greenfield contains several links and is an excellent discussion regarding the lies and cover-up regarding Obama's association with Farrakhan that occurred prior to the Obama campaign in 2006.

An Obama Photo Worth a Thousand Lies
Posted by Daniel Greenfield

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Latest Finds Resulting From The Mueller Permanent Employment Act.

Did initial assurances from Comey, et al that Trump himself was not under investigation ring true with the general public. The terms "fishing expedition" and "witch hunt" have been tossed around and have more or less proven to be accurate in the minds of many.
The following article discusses the latest updates in this wild goose chase, er, investigation.

Sam Nunberg's wild week, a mysterious Seychelles meeting, and a critical new witness — here's the latest in the Russia investigation 
Brennan Weiss and Michal Kranz

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hillary again demonstrates that she is completely divorced from reality

Any sane person in Hillary's shoes would put on a game face, wear a mantle of decorum, dignity and graciousness, retire from public view, and briefly emerge only when supporting charitable causes.
Unfortunately, her sanity must be questioned. Why does she continue to publicly humiliate herself by attacking those who did not vote for her. Her vitriol does not enhance her so-called case.
Bluntly speaking, her demeanor is downright horrid. She comes off as a bitter old witch who at times cannot even physically stand on her own.
The following article covers her trip to India .

Hillary appeared at a forum in India. And she trashed flyover country. Big League.
“I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward,” blames racists, press, FBI and white married women pressured by husbands for her loss." (My comment_How insulting!) 

"There’s all that red in the middle, where Trump won. Now, I win the coasts, I win Illinois, Minnesota, places like that. But what the map doesn’t show you is that I won the places that represent two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product. So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward, and his whole campaign, Make America Great Again, was looking backwards. “You don’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women getting jobs, you don’t want to see that Indian-American succeeding more than you are, whatever your problem is, I’m going to solve it.” [Transcript via Daily Wire]

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Deadly Endgame of Nefarious Group Pressure

Call it herd mentality, the hive mind, groupthink, mob rule or whatever--the truth is quite bitter. Large groups of people or subordinated individuals can be manipulated into doing things that they would never do were they not being pressured.

Such behavior is painfully obvious in the torrent of vitriol and venom spewing from the radical leftist hate groups. The people making up the body of such have been manipulated into personal victimhood and/or a misguided sense of social justice.

The poisonous weapon of choice is political correctness, which is increasingly being exerted like a battle axe in combat.

In order to set thing right, the only solution is to eliminate the offenders often by any means necessary. Actions often begin by by benign protests, then elevate into riots, and eventually bodily harm or death to opponents of the narrative. The end result, a dystopian society of submissive individuals all too willing to eliminate any dissident voices that may arise.

The following article discusses the issue of social compliance.

Experiment Demonstrates the Deadly Power of Social Compliance
Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times
In his 1974 book, Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View, Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram discusses in detail the findings of his now famous experiment. Milgram demonstrated just how easy it is to convince an ordinary person to commit torture and murder under the instruction of an authority figure.

Intrigued by the role of Nazi military personnel in concentration camps during WWII, Milgram wanted to know how much coercion people needed in order to willingly inflict harm on another person.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Warning: The following post is not politically correct

Crosses represent white farmers killed in a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Be sure to see Katie Hopkins reports from South Africa at The Rebel:
The following article discusses a genocide that has received scarce, if any, attention from the Western Press. There have been some mutterings in the alternative media, but no element of the MSM seems to have picked this up.
The brutal truth: No matter how horrendous any act or situation might be, if it does not fit the leftist narrative, then it is either ignored or buried. And yes, there is a war on white people.
White South Africans petition Trump to allow them to migrate to US

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 4, 2018
Increasingly news is coming out of South Africa that white farmers are being murdered in ever greater numbers and the government there has made the first moves toward confiscating their prime agricultural lands. (emphasis mine)

How did this racism get so far along before you heard about it?

Monday, March 5, 2018

Western women in denial, wake up regarding the plight of your oppressed sisters.

Airheaded bubble-brained Sarsour fans and pink hat wearing women should visit Iran where they will enjoy most rigorous prison accommodations. The amenities include starvation, beatings and rape fests.
They persist in and wallow in their alleged victimization thereby adding to the elitist-engineered political divisiveness. Obviously, they are too uninformed and/or intellectually challenged to realize that they are simply being used. This is not to deny that sexual harassment does exist, but in the Western world it is illegal.  In the West, harassment can be dealt with; however, in societies where beatings, rape, honor killings, etc are sanctioned, such is the law  
Incidentally, many in the LGBT, etc. community, as well as minorities, share the same affliction of victimization. Again not to deny that discrimination does exist, but it is illegal.
Extreme leftism requires tunnel vision. One must tread the accepted path or be excoriated, labeled a Fascist, and thus shunned.
One certainly need not waste energy thinking, analyzing, or doing any research for verification of the pablum they are being fed. Just follow the leader.
The article below discusses the harsh penalties the Iranian women face for challenging the forced wearing of the higab. Of course, the uninformed and clueless will either not read, deny, spin, or dismiss the following.

Women protesting against wearing the hijab in Iran will be charged with inciting PROSTITUTION and jailed for up to ten years

By Pamela Geller - on March 4, 2018
No cares if you wear the hijab. No one cares if you wear purple hair, for that matter. But in Iran and elsewhere in the Islamic world, women are forced to wear the hijab, beaten and/or arrested if they don’t. The punishment these courageous women in Iran are now facing is a stunning indictment of the hypocrisy of the evil left in the West, with its World Hijab Day and promotion of the hijab as a “choice.” The real “feminists” are fighting for a fraction, a sliver of the freedoms their Western “sisters” enjoy.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Government That Governs Least

Have you ever asked yourself why so many people "Feel" that they Need Government...And I'm not really talking about the "Impoverished, the Helpless & the Few with Real Needs!" I am  also not talking about a Government that's supposed to Protect us (Ha, Ha, Ha) from Foreign Threats....But I don't wish to go there because you/we or I could write a Novel on that topic & it could then Join all the other Novels on that Topic...But then again WHO READS anymore....In this day & time if you can't cover a Subject in "30-60 Second Sound bites" everyone's Following another "Little Red Bouncing Ball" that goes nowhere...Sorry I got off Subject there!

For the Most Part if your Telling me You Need a Government, then your Telling me that in the Long Hall you are Incapable of Making Intelligent Decisions about your Health, Wealth, Welfare, Protection or Education...If you Look at the STATE of the Governments Versions & Offerings about Health & the Dwindling Options & Increased Costs & your Trying to Sell me the IDEA that this is as "Good As It Gets" then your smoking or drinking something...And if your Trying to SELL me the same Crap about "Social Security" well your Delusional,,,,Yes they are "BETTER than NOTHING" but Good? Well not Hardly! 

If you want to TALK about "Protection or Lack Thereof" shouldn't you ASK YOURSELF what the Root Causes are For Crime are? There will ALWAYS be a "Deviancy" of some type or form...But let's look FIRST at TWO Types of Governments...First  (#1) there is "Capitalism" & that's "Supposedly" the one we are under  & Secondly (#2) is Socialism ....Let me say this & get it out of the WAY, if you don't Know the Difference then your are not only a Damn Idiot but you are Part of the Reason AMERICA has Fallen.....

Mankind has One Major Fault & that one Is GREED....It's too easy to say people Sell Drugs, Steal Money, Run Cons, Commit Fraud or Extort because  they can Find JOBS...And Before you go there Solving "Global Warming & a Little love Won't CURE OUR ILLS either ....Nor was it Education or Fear from Punishment....Whether the Form of government be "Capitalism, Socialism or Even a Dictatorship" Crime Still Exists...In Fact you can Make the Argument the "More Authoritarian the Government" the WORSE the CRIME Rate is! There is a "Twofold Reason" for that; #1 being some people are just Lazy & they want the Easy Way Out....Crime does that for them...The Heavy handed Governments use the CRIMES to "Sell the Protection  Racket" the same Way Governments Use Fear "Crime & War" become part of the CON....It's sort of like Buying a "Insurance Policy" that NEVER Pays when you the Consumer need it the Most, but Who is it that has the Money & who is it that's holding an "Empty Hand"

But lets take this "One Step Further" & let's use the Classic Quote; "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!" Now let Examine the Pathogens we Elect to Protect & Make Decisions that we're apparently "Too Damn Lazy To Make Ourselves!" Some of these are Spoiled Brat Narcissistic Pricks that come From Wealthy Families...They Never WORKED "One Damn Day In Their Useless Lives" ...Everything was Given to them including their EGOS...Some of the others were Lawyers who very quickly got Corrupted by Money & Influence Peddlers ... And I guess there are Still a Few (very Few) that mean well....

 Most of People we ELECT are Not the "Best or the Brightest" they are though the Most Cunning, Most Opportunistic, Most Selfish, Most Greedy, Most Addicted  Sociopaths MONEY CAN BUY....Many or Most have a Very Healthy "Messianic Complex" they think & Act Like they are GODS...Just Watch them, Listen to them, especially the High-Ranking Obama, Clinton, Warren, Sanders, it's all about 'What They Can Sell" to you as a Con, to keep them in Power....GET REAL People...These Bastards Will Not Even Close our Borders for any Reason & they're Going To PROTECT Us from the Russians,the Chinese, the North Koreans or Iran ....What kind of STUPID are you? Who the hell is Going to Protect Us From the Damn Government In Washington DC....

And to the Ignorant Idiot that said to me we Need Government, you are a FOOL if you think Washington DC is looking out for Your Best Interests...The SMALLER the Government the Better....Why in the Hell do you think LIBERALS want a WELFARE STATE to make Every Person, Dog or Cat Indebted & thereby Controlled by them (the State) ,,,So the Frankenstein Monster (Mobster) grows & the People have to FEED it More....As Far as I'm Concerned WASHINGTON DC is not one Damn bit better that the Governments we Fought in TWO WORLD WARS....

This Government has been GIVING Money to Governments that HATE us,what do we have or get in return? What did the Obama IRAN Deal do  or get for us? What did HILLARY'S Uranium Deal Do or Get?  It would seem we are Helping ARM our Enemies?  Don't you even have the Wherewithal to ASK , what's going on & why?  I'm sorry I don't TRUST ANYONE in Washington DC anymore....With a Government like that Who In The Hell Needs Enemies! They Steal & Waste everything & we do NOTHING...Is this a Suicide Mission?  Has the Self Loathing Propaganda worked that well....This is in No Way Shape Or Form The Good Life I Envisioned...

The Government That Governs Least, Governs Best.... If you are TOO WEAK to make your Own Decisions & Manage your Own Affairs, maybe you Need the NANNY STATE...I don't, I want them out of my Life , Completely

Friday, March 2, 2018

The treasonous enemies within exposed.

 If the following is true, and in my opinion it probably is, the perpetrators of the transaction referenced in the following article are definitely enemies within and should be arrested, charged with treason, tried, convicted and executed. Any other "ordinary" person committing such acts most certainly would be. 

Not only did Barack Hussein and the Clintons give Russia 20% of our uranium, but also the hypersonic missile technology to blow us up with it by Thomas Madison
In what appeared to be a bit of “mine is bigger than yours” campaign braggadocio, Vladamir Putin claimed yesterday that Russia now has in its possession nuclear-powered cruise missiles with unlimited range, an overt threat to the United States.

Today it appears that Russia acquired that technology from the US defense industry via the Barack Hussein administration’s complicity and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s treasonous and mercenary self-interest, the Clintons profiting from the technology transfer while Hussein’s entire administration gladly looked the other way as the transfer (it wasn’t theft, they were given the technology) of America’s missile secrets to Russia was underway in broad daylight.


We seem to be living in a World where there seems to be a "Endless Stream" of Manchurian Idiots that are fresh out of "Behavior Modification School!" How odd it seems while these "Pathogens" cant read  , write or let alone THINK for themselves they can Talk Incoherently, Bark like a Dog & Barf  or Spew Hatred as good any "Trained Monkey, Lab Rat or Pet Skunk (with spray glands still intact)...There is a Endless Churn to Burn but to never learn or discern anything other than "Bad Behavior from these Mindless Pet Opium laced Sexless Delusional Candidates of the Insane with No-Brain Asylum ....

These Two-Trick Ponies only have to do a few things to EARN their Rewards of "Perverted Sex & Drug or Booze" #! & most important VOTE Liberal Communist Democrat & Create all the Chaos, Anarchy & Hate they can on CUE!....It seems they all have a "Rectal Device Implant" for the Physical Cues....That Computer chip is being controlled somewhere on the George Soros Compound in Upstate New York...

The Question I have is that after "All This Is Said & Done"--America destroyed...Christianity Slaughtered...The Fictions Global Warming Controlled...The Population Getting Smaller...What will the Oligarchs like Soros, the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, all the members of the "Bilderberg Group" do? Will they keep enough of the Mindless Idiots for Servants, for Slaves, for Pleasure....I mean what is the Next Step?...Ruins Everywhere, the Stench  of Death still in the Air....As an old Musician I think of the old "Blind Lemon Jefferson Song" that asks & Says ""SEE THAT MY GRAVE IS KEPT CLEAN" Well we know that one "Ain't Happening"....Didn't "Alexander The Great"  Or was it "Napoleon" have thoughts about this...When you've Conquered & Destroyed everything ,what's left....

If you Build Houses you want to build another! If you Write Music you want to Compose a new Song, Sonata or Opera!If you are a Leader you Still want to Lead///But if you are a "Destroyer" & there's nothing left, what's next....There are People who "Get Mad" & there are "Mad People" the latter are SICK, they are Mentally Ill & sadly they are the one's who have RUINED This World for All Of Us....They Wanted IT ALL for themselves & Sharing was NOT an option....

It's one thing to want to Win every Game & most of us realize that is an Impossibility, but to a Sociopath, an Addict they WANT to WIN at Any Cost...The Ends Justify The Means...Ignorance & Apathy as well a Willing Ignorance or Denial helped put us in this Fix or Dilemma...Some got Fat & Lazy, while others became more Ignorant with every generation ...Necessity was once the Mother of Invention....Well it Doesn't WORK when you wait till it's too damn late...I find it TELLING that most people on today's World aren't even Curious...They Don't or Can't ASK Questions!....I'm sorry I find that Bazaar...Have they or we lost the "Instinct To Survive?"...Don't the Animals run from the Mountains when they feel the FIRST Rumblings of an Earthquake....Apparently the Evolved Sub-Human Species doesn't....They're to busy arguing What SEX they are or want to be to Run... I don't see the need to get into the Religion, Race Baiting Bull ...It runs the same way.... And by the way, that's a "Dead End Street!"

If your Good with your Knowledge of History, ALL Nations & Civilizations have their "Rise & Fall" there are no exceptions...Now don't get me wrong, no one said it had to "Be This Way" or shall we say "FATE" but you CAN'T Learn what you haven't been Taught...And That's IF we Learn then???....You can't Miss what you've NEVER Known....Well "MISSING IN ACTION" on that list is "Truth, Wisdom, Love, Kindness, Manners, Civility, Respect,Willingness, Resolve, Reason, Pride, Honesty, Humbleness &  a healthy balance of Desire & Peace....In what's left of AMERICA there is almost none of that left/....Families have been replaced by the State & Schools, Parenting suffered the same Fate....And if you Read ORWELLS Books he feared the Mind Control that the Media could Use Against Us! And It Has!

If you are familiar with "Brave New World" by A, Huxley his concern was with Corrupt Power that controlled the Masses via 'Behavior Modification" starting with Schools....The Truth is that Both Orwell & Huxley were correct....And yes it is that bad..."Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" says it all....It has Happened right before our eyes & for the most part, we didn't do a damn thing to stop it ....While we were to busy paying off our DEBTS we lost the WAR

As a Baby Boomer Truman was President when I was born...then came Eisenhower...Then there was Kennedy & his Assassination....Do I need to go into what a POS LBJ was? Nixon was an Alcoholic,Ford, the Idiot Carter, REAGAN (my Favorite) Bush (Papa) a NWO Puppet, Clinton full of Cocaine & Parties, Bush Jr...another Puppet & Idiot, OBAMA a Muslim & Communist to Trump.....Like Trump or not He is the ONLY Outsider other than Carter to get elected....But in TRUMPS Case the Election was supposed to be RIGGED for the Bitch HILLARY....

Hillary & Obama were BOTH Owned by George Soros...That is also the Same Evil Bastard that is Causing & Funding all the Chaos, Anarchy we see every day....He is also the MONEY MAN for the Communist NWO Party...who want & Plant to RULE this World until it's DEAD....What will be part of our "THE LAST WILL & TESTAMENT?" Cause of Death, was it Ignorance, Stupidity or Suicide? We we aren't going to die of old age....Orwell also said this:"The Best Way To Lose A War Is To Surrender"isn't that what we've done? 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Soros funded ANTIFA hits a new moral low

These anarchists are now actively recruiting the mentally and emotionally unstable in order to pull them into the net of sedition. Perhaps they are running out of useful idiots? Taking advantage of such vulnerable people is the lowest form of behavior.
The hardline ANTIFA corp will stop at nothing and their malicious actions have been well on display since the inception of their activities.
They have now proven that they are extremely dangerous parasites on the body politic and will stoop to any level to destroy the very host they are living on.
Are the "authorities" watching?
The following article discusses the issue.

Have Mental Illness? Antifa Wants to Sign You Up
According to a valuable resource known as Far Left Watch, an Antifa student group in Texas is attempting to recruit mentally ill college students who want to begin politicizing their psychiatric maladies. Now, to be fair, an Antifa member has some form of mental illness by definition, but this marks a new low for one of this countries most dangerous upstart radicals.