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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In Case You Missed This: Declassified 9/11 Pages Present Unnerving Scenario

The post following this commentary unearths some very unsettling facts.
Many had suspected Saudi complicity all along despite the fact that Bush continually bent over backwards to assure us that Islam was a religion of peace and that terrorists had hi-jacked it in order to justify their horrendous acts. To many, it was beginning to sound like the president "doth protest too much, methinks".

Add to that, early in Obama's administration comes the spectacle of his bowing to the Saudi King. That plus his Middle East apology tour were real attention getters.

The actions of both Presidents regarding Islam have left many Americans both confused and angry.

During the Bush administration there were suspicions that Washington DC was not completely on the side of the American people on this issue. Then Obama came along and ripped off the mask. He proved his duplicity over and over by his extolling of Islam as well as by the allowing of Muslim Brother Hood  influence and downright infiltration into the highest levels of our government.

The electorate has now fallen into two camps. One has become cynical and no longer trusts those who are supposed to have the welfare of the American nation state and it citizens as their priority. Many people know that something is terribly wrong. These cynical and disaffected citizens express their anger and distrust in various ways. 

The other camp remains unaware and/or completely blind as to what is truly happening. They continue to vote for the same criminals and traitors who put America at risk. 

Although there are some anarchists who support upheaval for various reasons, others simply do not understand what they are supporting--  so-called leaders who do not betray the nation out of stupidity but to pave the way for the elitist agenda.

5 Troubling Takeaways From The Declassified 9/11 Pages
by Benjamin Weingarten

The infamous 28 previously classified pages from Congress’ joint inquiry into intelligence activities surrounding 9/11 represent far more than a symbolic reckoning with a politically controversial history of apparent Saudi duplicity that the U.S. government felt it imperative to suppress.

As we continue to be struck by jihadists at home and abroad under an at best rudderless and at worst suicidal national security and foreign policy, the report’s substance is live, relevant and beckons critical questions that ought to be demanded by our representatives and the public at large. 

The document itself reads like a plot from Homeland, replete with a network of jihadist front groups, shell companies and mosques, and shady money transfers tracing back to the Saudi royal family including President George W. Bush’s friend Prince Bandar. It also includes numerous jihadi-linked Saudi officials (and nongovernment actors) including Osama bin Laden’s half-brother seemingly operating with impunity on American soil in spite of the intelligence community’s suspicions.

Why the federal government in general, and Bush and Obama administrations in particular, sought to keep such information from the public for 15 years is a worthy question, as is the question of why law enforcement did not move to arrest and prosecute or deport many of the individuals associated with the 9/11 attack that were under investigation.

Hindsight is 20/20, it is an open secret that diplomatic officials in foreign countries frequently are involved in pernicious activities like espionage and are provided with certain privileges and immunities if not legally than politically derived. Intelligence and law enforcement officials must use their discretion as to whether to move on suspects or continue monitoring them in the hopes of uncovering bigger networks and threats.

But the suspicious activities and associations of the individuals described in these 28 pages are well beyond the pale, as are many of the report’s other findings.

Here are five of the most consequential points from the 28 declassified pages, along with the critical questions we must be demanding of our government: 

Daily Bites of the Declaration of Independence #8 :Declaring Separation

The 240th anniversary of independence

This undated photo provided by Heritage Auctions shows a 1776 broadside printing of the Declaration of Independence. The broadside printing, to be auctioned April 5 in New York, was ordered on July 17, 1776, by the Massachusetts Bay Council and read by the Rev. Levi Frisbie to his congregation in Ipswich, north of Boston.

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History,The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5:Condemning the Just #23




Tuesday, August 23, 2016



Continuing on with my Pessimistic,Cynical , Sarcastic mood....Does anyones with a Brain (not to be confused with a Brain-Fart) really Believe that AMERICA is "STILL" the Greatest Place to Live ? If so, for how much longer? Liberalism ....the "New World Order " version introduced & funded by Soros, the Rothschild's & their Best Buddies, has Made EUROPE one Big "WELFARE STATE"....MUSLIMS who are only Maggots on two legs , give nothing to their new thank you's, just demands & demands & demands into infinity.....There is FAR More Violence in France, Belgium, Germany , England & all or the Netherlands then we've been told ....This Government & its Propaganda Ministries don't dare tell you the Truth, they don't even tell you a FRACTION of it....
Everything you Hear & Fear is Going on in EUROPE is already being Planned, Staged & Arranged to Happen Here, on a "Large Scale" if they need it to finish off the 'New World Order's" Quest for WORLD DOMINATION....Think about it, we were once like a "lighthouse Beacon" shinning through the Darkness, Stormy Heavy Seas , that gave Some hope that Land & Opportunity were in sight....While I admit this never was Paradise or Utopia.....It was never the HELL that Liberals like OBAMA , Hate Passionately......

Life should be Simplistic at least as we view it & set our Goals & Standards....Life should be a GARDEN where we Reap what we SOW......But what are we Sowing these days, all I see are SEEDS of Discontent , there are no seeds of Joy! ...The Trick is to find a Balance between your Highest Highs & your Lowest Lows....We don't do that to well do we? At least anymore......If life is a CANVAS that we Paint, why have our Visions become so Dark, Cloudy & Sad? Once upon a time when we needed some Perspective, Balance & Reassurance we sought counsel from our Elders & our Trusted Friends ....We no longer do that because for the most part the FAMILY UNIT doesn't exist....The Next extension of that was Religion, well most (not all) of the them "SOLD OUT" .....The Mega-Churches in particular.....So we turned to our Leaders.....well they "Sold Out" too....
I guess the Point I'm eluding to & my question is "WHO DO YOU TRUST?" Isn't it time, actually past the time for us to "TURN INWARD?"....Don't you still have the basic instincts left that gave you Guidance....You know the ones about , Right, Wrong, Good, Evil, Faith, Trust,Fear, Laughter,  Life & Death ?  When I was a Child , I wanted to believe that MAN in general could LIVE in PEACE.....That We could all Prosper , Grow, Nourish & Live & Let Live.....Well that "AIN'T SO"........If life was only as simple as "Planting a Garden".....And if only you had to WORRY about "You & Yours".....Instead of being in "Control of your own destiny" we gave the reins to those we NEVER EVER Should have......We learned or was taught to Doubt ourselves & while NONE of us got it Right even some of the time ( our decisions) when we Failed we learned, when we Succeeded we Celebrated.....But when others FAILED you, what is your recourse ? And when your COUNTRY (government) FAILS you time & time & time again , what will you do ? What is your Recourse or Redress ?

To continue this CHARADE is insanity, but that is exactly what we will do.....We don't Believe in ourselves enough anymore to apparently make a stand....FEAR & HATE is being sold with every breath we take..... How can you actually sell Fear, Hate & Hope in the same sequence ? You can't.....its either one or the other....Why can't we see beyond the Illusion, into the Shadows & Conquer Fears Grasp  & hold on us.....I can only ascertain & conclude we are actually no longer Prisoners, but we are in fact SLAVES.....WE must love it or we'd stop this MADNESS .....That being said I guess you'll LOVE the SADIST HILLARY....I quite honestly would rather be DEAD than be this Governments Servant any longer,,,,

Mark Twain once said, "Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man. The biography of the man himself cannot be written." Nevertheless, one must try - otherwise every historical figure would slip into obscurity
Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often. Mark Twain
All generalizations are false, including this one. Mark Twain
Let us endeavor so to live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. Mark Twain

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The Malfeasance Chronicles

There is a plethora of information available on corruption and collusion in our government body which is far too much for this post.

The excerpts from the following articles are but a small sample of the egregious undertakings of those who allegedly "serve the people". Corruption has always existed, but in the past decade it has been elevated into a highly visible art form.

And it has gone unchecked.

The perpetrators seem to get away with their dirt and their supporters seemingly do not care, even when faced with the facts. Denial is the most primitive defense mechanism employed, and it is definitely the tool of choice by the unaware, useful idiots, and bots.

Chances are the reader has heard of one or more of these scandals, but perhaps an unknown gem or two will appear.

SALT LAKE CITY — Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings confirmed "that he is investigating U.S. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid based on evidence he has come across in prosecuting former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

In a response to questions this week, Rawlings in a prepared statement said he's looking into Reid and others based on the overlap in facts and witnesses in the Shurtleff case. Shurtleff himself reported what he felt may be potential crimes, Rawlings said.

The direction of the evidence investigators have accumulated demands a thorough vetting by someone with authority do to it, he said, adding that Reid and Shurtleff are presumed innocent and may in fact be innocent.

"However, to simply ignore and run from what has been presented by multiple witnesses and sources, and the potential impact on the Mark L. Shurtleff case, would mean I am either intentionally blind or overly worried," Rawlings said."More

"Former President Bill Clinton received $5.6 million in fees from a Dubai-based firm that teaches Sharia law through a network of more than 100 schools worldwide.

Clinton served as the honorary chairman of the company GEMS Education from 2011 to 2014, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported this week, citing Clinton’s federal tax returns.

GEMS Education teaches Sharia law in over 100 schools around the world, including in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. One of the company’s schools, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, taught 1,600 students in 2013. Saudi Arabia is known for enforcing Wahhabism, a fundamentalist view of Islam that strictly adheres to Sharia law." More
It appears to be official: the FBI is investigating potential corruption in the Clinton Foundation. "And here’s what may be even more encouraging, given our recent disappointment in the willingness of the FBI to press charges where it appeared they were due. The investigation into the Clinton Foundation is being supported by various local U.S. attorneys’ offices — including a New York-based U.S. Attorney whose “prosecutorial aggressiveness has resulted in a large number of convictions of banks, hedge funds and Wall Street insiders.” The attorney is known for securing convictions of prominent political figures as well." More
NY Times Public Editor Calls Out The Paper Over Hillary Clinton Cover-Up "The New York Times is just one outlet, but this is going on across the media landscape. Hillary is getting away with murder while Donald Trump gets raked over the coals for stupid stuff like the Khan spat and jokes about Russian espionage. Credit where credit is due: It’s good that this even appeared in the Times, but shame on them for allegedly trying to bury it by not sharing it on their social accounts. It’s well worth a read and a share, even if the other (non-public) editors there don’t think so." More
CIA Chief Who Edited Benghazi Talking Points, Works for Hillary Adviser, Endorses Hillary "Former CIA director Michael Morell endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and blasted GOP rival Donald Trump, accusing him of becoming an unwitting agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin in an op-ed on Friday.

CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, who edited the talking points that were used by Susan Rice on Sept. 16, was told in a secure video call less than 72 hours after the attack by our people on the ground in Libya that they were ‘baffled, angry, and dismayed, with Washington’s singular focus on the video. They were upset with Morell because he seemed to dismiss their reporting — none of which suggested in any way that a video was the cause of the attack. That video conference call included CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, the CIA Chief of Station in Tripoli, survivors who had been evacuated to Germany, and Greg Hicks (Deputy to Ambassador Chris Stevens).

Monday, August 22, 2016

Southern Command Warns Sunni Extremists Infiltrating From South

A Mexican soldier patrols along the U.S.-Mexico border wall on the outskirts of Nogales, Mexico / AP
Any attempt to sound the clarion and take action on this issue will be labeled as racist, and we can take that one to the bank!

Any effort to safeguard the American populace from "soft" foreign aggression is racist.

Should the terrorist infiltrators manage to carry off a horrific attack on our soil, the apologists will pop up like dandelions in the spring with their long trusty lists of why "we deserved it".

Their rhetoric will be supported by the enemy within---the sycophant press, the useful idiots, the infiltrators, and the outright traitors in our government as well as the "socially just" agencies it supports. 

The American electorate has effectively been neutered either by brain washing, or by out right excoriation and censorship by the powers that be.

Can the American body politic possibly overcome the impending anathema to its very creation and being in order to turn itself around, or are the realists too outnumbered to be heard?

 Islamists freely cross U.S. border with help of S. American alien smugglers

BY: Bill Gertz August 22, 2016 

Sunni extremists are infiltrating the United States with the help of alien smugglers in South America and are crossing U.S. borders with ease, according to a U.S. South Command intelligence report.

The Command’s J-2 intelligence directorate reported recently in internal channels that “special interest aliens” are working with a known alien smuggling network in Latin America to reach the United States. The smuggling network was not identified.

Army Col. Lisa A. Garcia, a Southcom spokeswoman, did not address the intelligence report directly but said Sunni terrorist infiltration is a security concern.

“Networks that specialize in smuggling individuals from regions of terrorist concern, mainly from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, the Middle East, and East Africa, are indeed a concern for Southcom and other interagency security partners who support our country’s national security,” Garcia told the Washington Free Beacon.

“There are major hubs that serve as entry points into the region for migrants from those areas of concern attempting to enter the U.S. along our border with Mexico,” she said.

The infiltrators from terrorist states and unstable regions exploit vulnerabilities in commercial transportation systems and immigration enforcement agencies in some of the countries used for transit, Garcia said.

“In 2015, we saw a total of 331,000 migrants enter the southwestern border between the U.S. and Mexico, of that we estimate more than 30,000 of those were from countries of terrorist concern,” she said.

Another problem in dealing with migrants from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia is a lack of information among the governments of the countries used by potential terrorists for transit.

The exploitation of alien smuggling networks by terrorists until recently had been dismissed by both American security officials and private security experts as largely an urban myth.

However, the Southcom intelligence report revealed that the threat of Islamist terror infiltration is no longer theoretical. “This makes the case for Trump’s wall,” said one American security official of the Southcom report. “These guys are doing whatever they want to get in the country.”

Adm. Kurt Tidd, Southcom’s commander, said last week that the lack of information is hampering security efforts against alien smuggling.

“An element that has been long recognized is that our ability to track people moving through transportation systems is an area that we must continue to devote efforts on, and the ease with which human traffickers are able to use our transportation systems to move people through the networks relatively undetected should give us all concern,” Tidd said.

Special interest aliens are described by the U.S. government as aliens who pose a potential terrorism threat coming from 34 nations in the Middle East, Africa, Southwest Asia, Central Asia, and East Asia. The list of states of concern includes Afghanistan, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Eritrea, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Sunday, August 21, 2016



As we inch ever so slowly to what very well could be AMERICA'S FINAL COUNTDOWN, shouldn't try to think for a moment , clear our heads, step back and look at the World in Motion, the Prevailing Winds & just Try to Rationalize & Reason, the Events, the Staging, the Scripts & the Battle Plans as they are likely to unfold?....As preposterous  as it seems, we are apparently drawn, swayed & sometimes captivated by people, our Political Leaders who other than being "LAWYERS" couldn't hold down a Real Job that Required REAL actual Skills....I guess what I'm insinuating is they either Cannot or Will not make an "HONEST LIVING" ever......I'm sorry but I'm not so sure that the Profession we call "Attorney's" is one damn bit better than that of a "Whore" High-Class, Low-Class or No-Class....a Prostitute is charging for what others give away for FREE....In a Lawyers case its just an OPINION with a Price Tag on it...And the Little EXTRA'S well they ALWAYS cost more.....

And lets be honest here , by & large many of the "High-Fashioned Queens" in Washington DC weren't even Good LAWYERS, they're just hacks that took their Ability to "LIE LIKE THE DEVIL" to the Semi-Legal Organized Crime Family some call Government....I can't tell you what I call them without getting thrown in JAIL...What I don't understand , is it that we enjoy being played for the Fools,Blithering Idiots & Chumps?....Are we Gluttons for Punishment or MASOCHISTIC ? Have we reverted back to our Childhood enough to think ,"The Lone Ranger & Tonto" , Superman, Supergirl or in today's Twilight Zone World SUPER -TRANNY, is Going to come save us from Disaster.....Well Buddy you best take your "ROSE COLORED GLASSES" off & quit taking Pills....That ain't never going to happen....Or else you still believe in Fairy Tales...

I dare say the MAJORITY of the Inhabitants of this ELECTED (Selected actually) Government, Would & Should be in PRISON if we REALLY understood what they were really doing.... But alas that's the First part of problem ,the Brain-Less City Dwellers can't follow a TRAIN of thought long enough to figure it out.....And where do they get their TAINTED Information.....Crescendo pro favor, The Paid Liars, The Whores & their PIMPS the News Media.... And SECOND , these Whores have Packs of WOLVES with Parasites (Muslims, Black Lives Matters, etc) infecting the World with Hate, Chaos & Anarchy on a 24/7 Prime Time Schedule....Think about it, Every Damn Day there's one more Fire, one more Murder, one more Con, One more Scandal ,,,,But as "Stranger Than Pulp Fiction"   it's NEVER EVER THEIR FAULT......That was as I recall the O.J. Simpson defense....Pardon here I go again "Talking about Whores & Lawyers" again ....

I would have thought in this Day & time (I was wrong) that people understood what Narcissism , Pride, Vanity or BIG EGOS could do to anyone of us.....But after getting BURNT shouldn't we have learned ? But we've been BURNT Multiple times, we've lost Fingers, Toes & Hands, yet we do NOTHING , except swap one High-Fashioned Queen for just another High-Fashioned Queen......You know sooner or later like someone with LEPROSY we will no longer be able to FUNCTION, I'm sorry Slithering doesn't cut it....

I have a Brother-In-Law dying of Cancer, he still has his Pride & Dignity left , he'd like to retain it for as long as he can....What Happened to our PRIDE & DIGNITY did we sell that out too for a Faceless Hollow Empty Promise of UTOPIA.?.....Its one thing when you sell self yourself out , but you sold out your Family & Friends too.....We turned our lives, dreams, fortunes & Hopes or Prayers for Everyone's tomorrow to those who deserve to be Tried, Convicted & Taken to the Gallows....This Train has been Rolling down the TRACKS for DECADES, we should have seen it, or we did & never thought this Government would do this to us, to you....It did....

One needs to remember this, whatever AMERICA'S FINAL COUNTDOWN is or was caused by, it didn't have to be this way....Bigger is not Better, Cities are not just Large Dysfunctional Families, Lust is not Love nor is it Passion ... Accountability starts & ends within your Heart & Soul , you cannot lie to yourself...However that doesn't mean you care if you ever did....To Everything There Is A Season....

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, a time to reap that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

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Soros' “Islamophobia” Plot Against David Horowitz Revealed

Remember back in 2012 when Michelle Bachmann was excoriated for daring to express concern regarding Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in our government?
Last Thursday Republican leaders lined up to take their shots at Rep. Michele Bachmann after she asked several branches of the government to investigate whether “brotherhood operatives” had infiltrated the government (catch that? government investigating government) and what kind of security checks were being done before radical Muslims entered the U.S.

In her remarks she also made reference to an example situation revolving around a member of the Obama administrations cabinet, Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin, who has been a top aide and in all actuality considered the right hand to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — saying the Muslim Abedin, wife of former twitter porn sensation Anthony Weiner, has family ties to the radical Middle East terror group the Muslim Brotherhood. Given Abedin’s enormous exposure to state secrets and access to the inner workings of Congress, Rep. Bachmann was fully justified to use it as an example that such a conflict of interest could create a serious breach in national security and therefore needed to be investigated.

The way the GOP reacted, you’d think Bachmann had used the "N" word on someone.
She was eventually proven to be correct. Of course, in contrast the MSM did not report that at all whereas they shouted her initial concern and request for an investigation on the matter from every roof top and then some. Go here for an in depth discussion on her initial request and eventual vindication.

Well the MB lovers continue to ride high aided and abetted by Soros money, and plenty of it!

The following post details his efforts, knowledge of which, courtesy of a hacking group known as DCLeaks.

The DCLeaks document dump exposes the pro-Islamist Left’s sinister attempt to slime truth-tellers about Jihad.

by Matthew Vadum

Radical left-wing billionaire George Soros developed a strategy five years ago to publicly disparage, delegitimize, and marginalize conservatives like David Horowitz who go to great pains to warn Americans about the threat posed by political Islam and the ongoing Islamization of the U.S.

It is part of the Left’s push to create an alternate reality in which world temperatures claimed to be rising at an imperceptibly slow rate pose more of a threat to mankind than militants flying commercial jetliners into skyscrapers.

Soros is a foreign-born atheist who as a 14-year-old collaborated with the Nazis in occupied Hungary, describing that time as “probably the happiest year of my life” and “a very positive experience.” He has described himself as “some kind of god, the creator of everything,” and has said his “goal” was “to become the conscience of the world.”

He is an enabler of Islam which has been expanding by conquest and deception for 1,400 years. To put things in Islamic terms, Soros’s proposed mass importation of Muslims would expand the ummah, or community of Muslims, by means of what Muslims call hijrah, or jihad through emigration, from the Islamic world, the Dar al-Islam (house of peace), to the Dar al-Harb (house of war).

Soros’s affinity for Islam makes perfect sense. Nazi sympathizers and Islamists have much in common. It is fair to say that Islamic terrorists are the last of Adolf Hitler’s World War Two coalition partners that have yet to be vanquished.

The Islamic world aligned with the Third Reich, and this alliance “has largely been whitewashed from the pages of history,” Pamela Geller reminds us:

Many Muslims fought on the German side during World War II. The Wehrmacht had six legions with a Muslim majority and the SS had three Muslim divisions, a brigade and a Waffenbrigade. Each Muslim unit got a mullah as an adviser. In November 1944, an SS mullah school was established in Dresden, founded by Himmler.
The end goal for Soros, long the preeminent funder of the Left, is to weaken America by making the country safe for Islam, a fascistic, religion-like ideology founded by Muhammad in the seventh century after the birth of Christ. Soros urges the dissolution of borders and demands that the U.S. accept unlimited immigration, including from regions that produce people who hate America and its values and founding principles.

A constellation of well-heeled funders are part of a long-term campaign aimed at making the tenets of Islam acceptable in American society and glossing over the problems associated with importing terrorism-prone Muslims. The 86-year-old Soros, whose estimated net worth is now at a record $24.9 billion, is by far the wealthiest of these funders.

Secret internal documents from Soros’s primary philanthropic vehicle, Open Society Foundations (OSF), were hacked by DCLeaks and published on the group’s website this past weekend.

One memorandum dated Jan. 12, 2011, bears the subject line “U.S. Models for Combating Xenophobia and Intolerance.” It is included in the document bundle labeled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civic Discourse.”

The memo identifies a plan that calls upon the Center for American Progress (CAP), founded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, to combat a phantom the Left calls “Islamophobia.” This neologism is wielded as a cudgel against those who dislike Islam and those who are merely skeptical of it. Leftists are determined to stamp out criticism of Islam, and they have an army of nonprofit organizations, foundations, academics, media outlets, and name-calling activists to help them.

The 57-member state Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is onboard with attacking Islamophobia. It wants to outlaw all criticism of Islam in every country on planet Earth. Such criticism is not only blasphemous but also defamatory, according to Islamic thinking.

The memo states:

We need a clearer understanding of what by all indications is a well-orchestrated and well financed system by which right-wing think tanks, pundits, and politicians are able to introduce false narratives and flawed research into the media cycle and use their misinformation to manipulate public opinion and thwart progressive counterterrorism policies.
It describes the “Examining Anti-Muslim Bigotry Project” espoused by the Center for American Progress. The project would:
(1) study anti-Muslim bigotry in the public discourse and respond on a rapid response basis throughout the 10-month grant period using CAP’s state of the art communications platform; (2) conduct investigative research on the Islamophobia movement and issue a major report on its findings in the first quarter of 2011; and (3) convene in the first quarter of 2011 two dozen experts, including representatives of progressive organizations and the Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian-American (AMEMSA) community, to formulate strategies for combating anti-Muslim xenophobia.
It also indicates that CAP “will research and track the activities of the most prominent drivers of Islamophobia,” including “David Horowitz’s Freedom Center,” Stop Islamization of America led by Pamela Geller, Foundation for Defense of Democracies led by Cliff May, and Liz Cheney’s group Keep America Safe. CAP will also examine “the role played by right-wing media, the Tea Party movement, prominent politicians, pundits, and conservative donors in spreading anti-Muslim hysteria.”

CAP took Soros’s money and did his bidding. Even today CAP is working hard to convince Americans that this make-believe mental illness of Islamophobia is a threat to American democracy and pluralism. CAP claims a $57 million network “is fueling Islamophobia in the United States.” The group created a sophisticated, flashy website ( that identifies leading alleged Islamophobes. The site draws upon “Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America,” a 2011 CAP report, and “Fear, Inc. 2.0: The Islamophobia Network's Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America," a CAP report from 2015.

Friday, August 19, 2016



As you "try" to make your way through today & try as you may to get a Glimpse of What your tomorrows might look like, try to get a grip on What May Be Really Happening In the Land Of The Lost & Never To-Be Found Again....While this Government got everyone Mad & Upset over Homosexual & Transsexual Rights, Bathrooms, what they REALLY were up to was taking AWAY another FREEDOM, A Freedom of Your Choice to agree, not agree or even not to play this Stupid Game....

And while Jerks like Al Gore, Obama & the rest of the Liberal Goons, Loons, Buffoons & Baboons were selling all the GREEN ENERGY LIES , Hype, Hyperbole, Propaganda, Scams & that Global Warming was caused by Cow Flatulence, Traffic Jams, as well as Red Beans & Rice.....What was really Happening was the HITLER Reincarnated , Mr (Turd) George Soros wanted, desired, drooled & Lusted over the OIL Files in Syria .....That is By & large the Reason QADDAFI was taken out, however Barry The Fairy, the Immaculate MUSLIM MFORPHADITE who was born with no BALLS couldn't Close or Finish the deal....And most of you know about the Imaginary "RED LINE" & "BENGHAZI" .....That started the LOVERS SPAT between SOROS & OBAMA.....

As a side note Soros is a member of the ROTHSCHILD Family....Who's real Claim to Fame started with the Desire or the Wanting to OWN/ Control all the GOLD in the WORLD...Do I really need to SPELL out the GOLD & Oil being called BLACK GOLD , I shouldn't..

And While everyone is Spinning the IRAN Ransom, Bribe or Extortion....remember this RUSSIA via Putin already has made all the INROADS he needs in IRAN, regardless of how they SPIN it Barry & Kerry were a Day Late with the Lover Overtures with IRAN.....Russia will OWN those OIL FIELDS that SOROS covets & Lusts for.....But that is also why he (SOROS) is BACKING the Lesbian Diaper Wearing HILLARY, she will DO Anything for DOLLAR$, including starting "WORLD WAR III" if that's what the MASTER Wants ...


And let me add this, the MUSLIM REFUGEES are actually serving several purposes...#1 they are a distraction, they keep everyone fighting (Christians & the Muslims) but they like the Illegal's from Mexico they will keep the Democratic Communist Party in POWER till the END OF OUR TIME.....Crap the Faux , Fake , Phony RINO'S are just ANGRY they didn't come up with a Similar Plan.....STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.....

And while I'm Rambling a bit here, OBAMA-CARE is FAILING not that this inept Government Gives a Damn, they don't...BUT they will figure out a way to SCAM you & yours out of more MONEY all the while Making themselves RICHER by the GAMES , the ELITES play.....Come on I think at least SOME of you understand Socialized Healthcare has NOTHING to do whatsoever with QUALITY....It has to do with CONTROL....Do I need to SPELL OUT its actually Population Control....

What's really happening here is GOVERNMENTS (all of them) are actually Managing, Manipulating & Controlling everything we Do.....From BIRTH till our DEATH.....They get to DECIDE all things....You/ me or we get to decide what they LET us decide ....which is actually very know things like Bowel Movements they will leave to you...But if you are allowed to live, you will work for the Machine, you will Pay the Machine , you will OBEY the Machine & you will always Remember without the MACHINE, there would be no, no family, no nothing...the Machine is your GOD, get over it or Die....

I truly wish the World was as Simple as It used to be or for that matter Should be.....Shouldn't this life actually come down to just A Quality Life for You,Your Family & Your Friends?.....Just doing simple things like having Friends or Family over for Dinner, a Glass or wine (if you drink) the laughter, the chatter, the smiles, good music playing...even playing a guitar & everyone singing along with the refrain.....Hearing the kids out playing on the Swings or just making HOME-MADE ICE-CREAM....What ever happened to those days ? I still remember them....Going out with a bucket of oats to trick the "Old Mare" so I could put a Bridal on her & Ride through the Pasture singing old Hank Williams songs.....those days were worth Remembering, today's life is worth Nothing & its Forgettable.....

Evil men have STOLEN all our real they are not our toys, our playthings, our cars.....They WEALTH they stole was our Loves, our Friendships, our Kindness, our Charity & our TIME....none of that can be replaced.....So go on your Merry Way today , tomorrow , but you should realize & understand...pretend, deny all you want thing will never be the same again....We've come so far, but we've gone nowhere...We all turned a Blind Eye to the Reality & the Truth....An like a FIRE Burning out of control it may very well take all we were, are & could be.....Top to bottom this Government is no better than Hitler's Germany....We were in fact Destroyed from within.....but most don't even know or see what REALLY Happening....They are too busy doing nothing....

PS We could take our World back, but we won't FEAR Controls us....

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Hillary blames Colin Powell for her email scandal

Now we've heard everything! Who will Hillary blame next? Maybe the dog ate her ethics manual?

It is beginning to appear that everything that comes out of her mouth is a bald-faced lie, yet there are those who continue to support her.

What have we become?

Told FBI he advised her to use personal account – that was a fib, too

WASHINGTON – Why did she do it?

Why did Hillary Clinton use a personal email account with a private server in her home to traffic in state secrets and classified information?

That’s what the FBI wanted to know during its investigation.

Her story to the FBI, according to notes turned over the Congress this week, was that former Secretary of State Colin Powell advised her to do so.

But that, too, was a fib.

It seems another email from 2009 recovered by the FBI reveals she had already decided to use a private email account when she asked Powell about his own practices, the New York Times reports today.

Powell did not use a private, insecure email server during his tenure at the head of the State Department.