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Swedes are warned to prepare for war.

This warning raises the question against whom, the enemy within or a foreign invader.
Which one is more likely to happen in the very near future or is happening now?
The following post discusses the issue.

Sweden Warns Every Single Household to Prep for WAR
Posted by Daisy Luther

The government of Sweden has produced a 20-page pamphlet which they’ll be sending to each of the 4.8 million households in the country urging them to get prepared for…WAR.

Although they haven’t been at war for over 200 years, for some reason, right now, they want their citizens to get prepped – and fast. This goes along with an article I wrote in January of 2018 when the government urged their people to be ready to cope “without help” for at least a week.

Islamic Group Sabotages Canadian Beaches, Threatens Further Actions

The Revolutionary Islamic Force boobytrapped a number of beaches across Canada and threatened to continue their attacks if the Canadian government doesn't 'embrace' Islam.Islamic Group Sabotages Canadian Beaches, Threatens Further ActionsThey demand that Canada embrace Islam or attacks would continue



 To use an old Jim Morrison LINE:"People Are Strange" & lets be honest that "Doesn't Even come CLOSE to Covering it....There is another old Jerry Garcia line that goes, "What A Long STRANGE Trip This Has Been....This World is Getting SICKER & SICKER by the Second & to me at least the "Downward  Spiral" is getting almost "Out Of Control" & yet so many seem to "Refuse to QUESTION anything" & that's the part that's bewildering ....A VERY "Subtle Police State" is emerging from all of this "Staged, Scripted, Dramatized , Produced, Induced & Acted in this "Land of Ruins" that is not far from EXPLODING into a Full Scale Conflict...But it's Like No-One Really Cares...I know a Few do, but come we re being HERDED Like Cattle & we will Soon be Trapped in the "Tidy Corner or Bed" we made for ourselves....I once thought we were smarted than that, we…


In America are ALL supposed to Live by, Support or Adhere to the Same Laws, Same Rules, Same Morals & the Same Freedoms...But as I look at America today that is Simply Untrue, that is if it ever was...The Words that People Use do not match the Rhetorical Blathering we hear Night & Day, Day & Night....It would Seem today's world is centered around the Central Idea of "SELLING" an Idea or perhaps a better Term is CON! But to use an OLD IDEA if it's "Such a GREAT DEAL" why does it have to be Sold to us 24 hours a day on one of the Government CIA Run Propaganda Channels... It seems to me that the Anarchists have Taken over Everything...We seem to Define Change by the Quality Of Anarchist (MONEY) behind the Door, Building or Window with a Fire Bomb or Podium & McCarthyism Tactics...Wasn't this supposed to be a "Democratic Republic?" Weren't we supposed to either AGREE or DISAGREE on Change & Build a CONSENSUS of some kind (…


Do we now Live in a World full of "False Narratives" where nothing is Real, Substantive & or Real Value? And If this is but a Dream turned Nightmare who are the "Dream Weavers?" To use the Word's of the Late "Grateful Dead" Guitarist "Jerry Garcia" "What A Long Strange Trip This Has Been" & to that note have we CRASHED Yet....Is there a "Bad Trip  Tent" out there that doesn't have to Shared with the Brainless, Thoughtless & now Sexless "Snowflake Generation?" It's sad to say but I actually remember the Day when "Intelligent Conversation Flourished" & I might add, without the Use of Booze or Weed...It seems these Days All Conversations seem to be Focused on HATE, accept no Substitute...It's the Singular Central Theme played (Loop Replay) on Every Media outlet in the WORLD as we know it...

I remember as a Child being asked the Question: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up…

Broward County system's deadly misjudgment of the Parkland shooter

Officials Admit Parkland Shooter Took Part in Controversial Broward Discipline Program
More egg on the face of Broward officials.
by Mary Chastain 

Nikolas Cruz, who murdered 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, took part in a controversial Broward discipline program despite reassurances that he had “no connection” to it.

The PROMISE program allows students to attend an alternative school “to avoid getting involved with the criminal justice system” if they “commit certain misdemeanors.” The program has a list of 13 misdemeanors that qualify.

Hypocrisy Rules The Ignorant & Fools

Now that we seemingly have Narcissism Inbred, Taught, Sanctioned,Apprenticed  & soon to be Franchised EVERYWHERE in this Forsaken Land, who's going to Voluntarily get a Government Lobotomy & become a SLAVE for the Few Elite's,Perverts, Possessed Oligarchs & Messiahs...Surly there are only a FEW SELECT Opening that the Privileged will Ever Have OPEN at a Given Time...And all the Flunk-Out will become part of the "NEW WORLD ORDER'S ---"MEALS ON WHEELS" Program...They will Literally become "Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or for a Very Select Few Dessert!   I guess that's Gives a New Spin to the "American-Dream?" Getting your "Just Desserts" is not the same as becoming a "Desert!"  Sometimes I wonder if we haven't already gone through the "Apocalypse" & Garden Of Inequity because we Lost the Last Battle with "King George Soros" & his Army of Cannibals!! 

Have we arrived at …

The Dems just do not get how the economy works.

Perhaps a course in Economics 101 is in order for the misinformed and the manipulated.

Democrat Stupidity on Display in Midterm Elections
by  D Jolly
2018 is the most important midterm election of all time. The very economic, social and political future of America is on the line. If Republicans win, our nation will continue to grow stronger with an ever-improving economy, more Americans working than in many years and our military strength restored.  If Democrats win control of just one branch of Congress, all will be lost. President Trump’s agenda will be blocked. The economy will suffer and millions of Americans will once again be out of work and struggling to provide for their families.



Does America have the "A Thorn Up Its Ass Syndrome?"And now "Bitching, Moaning & Groaning" have become a "RAP (it's not really) Music Group & they are Apparently Hiring the "Mohammed  Satanic Dancing Choir" to Belch, Grown, Pass Stones & Gas , not only for the new CD but Every Live show in the Los Angeles area...The trick is this...Everyone gets a Tattooed Lyric on their Forehead & nobody is ALLOWED to do it in Tune, Key, Harmony or Parsley, Sage Rosemary or Thyme!  We now can Announce that America is FULL of Semi-Functional  TIDE-POD-CONDOM Sniffing & Eating IDIOTS that are AGAINST anything GEORGE SOROS pays them to Protest about...To his CREDIT he does HIRE the Disadvantaged Brainless Poopers & Scoopers that Crap all over themselves, but they've been Modified to do it on CUE! So much for Electrical Suppositories!!!

AMERICAN LIBERALISM  has become a Deadly Bad Joke, but the Question is; "What in the H…


America is in the process of Changing or Morphing before our very eyes , the Question or thought is,  what is it Morphing in to? ...The Country that Once Upon a Time had a Direction, had Morals & even some Inspiration has LOST all of those Attributes...Weren't we Somewhat founded with the Vision that we were in control of our own Destiny? If we had the Skill and or Desire we could be almost anything we wanted...We weren't Born, Raised & Taught that we  were "Wards Of The State" but that Seems to be the Direction we are Headed in , that is if we aren't already there.. ..

We once could control at least in part, some of our Destiny...We were Encouraged to Dream & Pray... We were taught that we needed  to Learn To  Earn our Goals...There was once a Reward System in Place for those WILLING to Pay The Price or Sacrifice....Being the BEST you could be was Generally Rewarded...It was not a Perfect System but It WORKED for the most part...Everything came down…


We apparently live in a Very Judgmental & Yes indeed, a world with Prejudices & Biases! If we are HONEST (that's an impossible Thought) we'd admit we all Have Them & TRY to work our way Through them...But SADLY in this Age of Enabling Everyone & Political Correctness, the Bigger the Cry-Baby, Whiner & All Around Bitch the more likely you are to WIN the Battle of "Infantile Temper Tantrums, that is if you are a LIBERAL....But "In My Opinion" doesn't it come down to WHO the "Judge & Jury Is?"...Sometimes it come down to  a Conclusion like one Mark Train used: "If You Tell The Truth You Don't Have To Remember Anything!" Conversely if you Tell a Lie or Live in a "False Reality" then you have to "Keep Lying , Fabricating & Making Excuses for your Miserable Pathetic Self!"
I won't argue the Point that some People are Bullied & some need Protections...I know that Men & …


Have you ever woke up from a Deep Sleep or Dream & felt totally disoriented, confused & bewildered about what's going on around you....You wonder maybe Where you are & What your Doing There...This is this THOUGHT though, do you Question your State of Mind or do you Question the World that Surrounds you? I've come to the Conclusion this World is being Run by Fruitcakes, Fairies, Sadists , Perverts & Sociopaths...And the Odds of Surviving & Escaping from these MADMEN are Lessening by the Moment....And NO Death does not count as Escape! I believe it was in a HUXLEY Book where the idea of "The Doors Of Perception" was mentioned...That's implying "What You See" is NOT Necessarily "What You'll Get!" Perhaps its like a "Magicians Bag Of Tricks"...The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye...Well that being Said is it the EYE or is it the MIND that's been Fooled or Tricked?

We have apparently entered the Realm or is it Roo…