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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Facts do not add up in the allegations against Moore by his initial accuser

Did the anti-Moore GOP establishment bet on the wrong horse? When will the smear merchants learn? In the present day of the Internet, the truth will eventually be uncovered. There exists legions of journalists and ordinary people who are always at the ready to search for the veracity of any claims of nefarious behavior on the part of a public figure. All too often the false charges are debunked.
The following article addresses the issue of Moore's alleged encounter with a 14 year old. It reveals heretofore unknown facts which question the timeline of her claims.

Court Documents Raise Significant Questions About Leigh Corfman’s Accusations Against Roy Moore
by Aaron Klein21 Nov 20175262
Court documents involving Leigh Corfman, who says that Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore tried to engage in a sexual encounter with her when she was 14, raise questions about the timeline and narrative of Corfman’s accusations against the politician.
Those accusations were first publicly disclosed in a Washington Post story citing Corfman and her mother, Nancy Wells, as saying that in early 1979, Roy Moore, then a 32-year-old assistant district attorney, allegedly asked Wells to watch her fourteen-year-old daughter while Wells went into a courtroom for a custody hearing.
Corfman claims that Moore asked the young Corfman for her number. “Days later, she says, he picked her up around the corner from her house in Gadsden,” the Post story states, referring to her mother’s home in Gadsden. Corfman’s parents were divorced.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

One more insidious side to the Las Vegas Shooting

Instead of becoming more clear with the passage of time, the  Las Vegas shooting is becoming. ever more muddied. It was obvious from the beginning that facts were being hidden beneath the stench of fouled waters.
The following article sheds some interesting light on the subject. 

Vegas Massacre Cover-Up: PR Firm Hired by Mandalay Bay Exposed Pushing Conspiracy Theories
By Jay Syrmopoulos
Las Vegas – In another strange twist to the largest mass-shooting in recent U.S. history, a damning report indicates that the parent company of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, MGM Resorts International, is paying crisis management firm Joele Frank to spread disinformation about the massacre online.
According to a bombshell report, published by Thomas Michael on Medium, the crisis management firm is deliberately spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories on social media in an attempt to discredit legitimate inquiry into the bizarre official narrative—and actively trying to muddy the water about events surrounding the mass-shooting.
The report details how MGM International hired Joele Frank to run damage control in the wake of the deadly attack that left 58 people dead on Oct. 1. Michael’s report subsequently exposes ties between the crisis management firm and numerous Twitter accounts posting clearly bogus conspiracy theories about the mass-shooting, claiming “the shooting was fake, there was no blood, no victims, crisis actors, the whole nine-yards.”

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ole George keeps tossing money to various "resistance " groups: joins with Pelosi in an unholy alliance

Like the energizer bunny, ole George keeps on keepin' on. His billions aid and abet deranged useful idiots, who have no life, into engaging in Leftist "resistance" movements.
Yes, the hard core is in charge, but they must recruit, and the majority of their foot soldiers are clueless as to what they are supporting. These losers simply want to "belong" and, by the way, collect a check. Neither they, their handlers, nor  ole George have a moral compass.
Here is but one tragic result of the sociopathic mob behavior of these sub-humans.
The following article gives more details regarding the agenda of seditious ole George and his lackeys.
Resistance Royalty: Pelosi, Soros Headline Left’s Biggest Dark Money Conference
Private memo gives inside look at Democracy Alliance's latest secret donor meeting
BY: Brent Scher and Joe Schoffstall
November 17, 2017 5:00 am
CARLSBAD, Calif.—A secretive three-day conference where big money liberal donors are plotting the next steps of the "resistance" will be headlined by Friday speeches by billionaire George Soros and Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, according to internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.
The Democracy Alliance, a donor club of deep-pocketed liberal donors that each pledge to direct hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to approved left-wing groups, descended on California's posh La Costa Resort on Wednesday morning for its fall donor summit. The group continued its tradition of secrecy, promising all members and guests of the summit their participation would "remain confidential."
The first page of the conference agenda, which was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon and can be viewed in its entirety below, lays out "participation guidelines," explaining that the Democracy Alliance is a "safe place" for donors and activists to meet. Guests are instructed not to share members' names with the press and not to post to any social media sites, to contact Democracy Alliance if "the media or a blogger" contacts them, and to "refrain from leaving sensitive materials out where others may find them."
This latter directive was ignored.
The agenda for the meeting, titled "Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Future," lays out three full days of events culminating in a Friday night dinner headlined by Pelosi.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The inside scoop on dirty Uncle Joe

In the photo on your left, that woman is NOT smiling. She’s terrified. And in the video of this event, Biden actually grabs her breasts.

"Affectionate" Uncle Joe loves the ladies and small children. He has been overly "demonstrative" toward  his targets from the get-go.
Why did no one in the Obama administration ever call him out on his grossly inappropriate actions and issue a decease and desist ultimatum? His abhorrent behavior was. at times, excruciating to watch.
Guess he is just another dirty old man protected by his power and does not hesitate to use it.
The following post is quite revealing and gives information not previously known regarding his sleazy behavior. Unfortunately, he has plenty of company in the putrid DC underground.

Secret Service Agent says Joe Biden is the Washington DC Weinstein
by Kevin Jackson | Nov 15, 2017
Have you seen Joe Biden around women? Dude is like a kid in the candy store.The man is an unabashed sexual harasser of all women. And his behavior with children suggests he’s an unapologetic pedophile, as well. The reward of power.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Exposed Podesta connection with refugee resettlement, which helps to drive Islamist indoctrination in public schools

By now, many are aware that "refugee" resettlement is a thinly disguised mechanism to change the demographics of the host nations. When Syrian refugees are outnumbered by young strong North African males who are seeking economic gains, it is obvious that something is amiss. Their behavior and values are dismissive of and threatening to the citizens of the host nations. There is much discussion  and many links regarding the rampant crimes and rapes committed by those who refuse Western values. Thus; we need not go into that here.
The increasing number of Muslims inevitably leads to demands that society grant them special accommodations and eventually bend to their will. Sharia Law and Islamism in the public schools are the norm in Muslim dominated areas. In the West, there are many enablers, both knowing and unknowing, of the defacto cultural destruction being wrought by the increasing numbers of migrants who have no intention of assimilating into their adopted country.
The first article below brings further attention to the Islamist indoctrination in our schools, which is the tried and true tactic of getting them while they are young and impressionable. The second brings to light a connection between the sordid Podesta group and the refugee resettlement scam, er program which is designed to upend Western values and tighten the elitist/globalist grip.

School Assignment: Write to Your Family Saying You’ve Converted to Islam
What would you do if your 12-year-old daughter had a homework assignment asking her to explain to you why she decided to convert to Islam?
This actually happened in a school in Sunderland in northern England, the Daily Mail reported.
Students at Kepier School were given this assignment:

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Communist psychological conquest of America is nearing completion

America has lost half of an entire generation to a totalitarian mindset. The propagandizing of our schools, private as well as public, has suceeded in usurping our educational institutions.
Consequently, the family, religious, political, and economic systems are also under stealth attack.  Eventually, the American ethos and psyche will be destroyed in favor of one happy system for all.
 There may be no reversing of this damnable course.
If one has no knowledge of history, the siren song of socialism/communism is irresistible. All will be cared for, suffering will end, and peace will reign.
Eventually, the Orwellian world will be challenged as its citizens suffer more and more. When conditions deteriorate, initial infatuation will evolve into despair which will become anger and, if the situation becomes intolerable, end up with a bloody revolution. Unfortunately, what replaces the failed system will not be much better. It will be too weak and eventually overthrown by more mlitant forces.
There will be unending Hell on Earth if the populace does not shake off its lethargy, face facts, and stand up for the freedom and dignity of humankind. There is still time, but the window is closing. Perhaps, the 2016 election was a start. Can it be maintained in the face of opposing totalitarian forces, both foreign and domestic.
Below, there are excerpts from three articles, with links to the entire post, that address the subject.
Poll: Half Of Millennials Would Rather Live Under Socialism Or Communism Than Capitalism
What’s worse is that young people appear to be growing more and more fond of the idea
of socialism in America, and shockingly, many of them even embrace communism. According to a study that was recently conducted by Victims of Communism Memorial Fund-YouGov, 44 percent of millennials would rather live in a socialist country rather than a capitalist country, and an additional seven percent say they prefer to live under communism. This means that an astonishing 51 percent of young people in America today would rather live under socialism or communism instead of free-market capitalism, which, for anyone who is economically literate, is not a good sign.
Millennials are increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism and even communism as a viable alternative,” explained Marion Smith, the executive director of Victims of Communism. “This troubling turn highlights widespread historical illiteracy in American society regarding socialism and the systemic failure of our education system to teach students about the genocide, destruction, and misery caused by communism since the Bolshevik Revolution one hundred years ago.” more
Trevor Loudon/ believes that these forces must be exposed and countered, as America’s continued role as a bastion of freedom is pivotal for the future of western civilization.Some of Trevor Loudon’s accomplishments:

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Wow! Pigs do fly....

Sure is a good thing we didn’t listen to Hillary who wanted 65.000 Syrians admitted to the US ASAP. Now will Mama Merkel move to send hers back?

For years, Ann Corcoran has been sounding the Clarion on the impact and hidden agenda behind the UN dictated de facto invasion by so-called refugees. The primary driver behind the host country's small communities' acceptance appears to be money and cheap labor. The UN agenda is to weaken the host nations' culture so as to soften it up for the ultimate globalist takeover.
Ann began to notice the upheaval in small communities both socially and financially. Crimes against American citizens were covered up and those who objected were charged with racism and Islamophobia. Americans became second class citizens and were subject to insults and outright physical attacks by migrants.
Islamism justifies the violence, beheadings, and rapings of infidels and non- believers. To characterize these atrocities as a culture clash is a cover-up bordering on delirium and/or outright collusion in the destruction of our culture.
The globalists agenda is to change the demographics of the accepting nations in order to, supply cheap labor, secure ready votes--legal or illegal, and to boost elitist power and influence.
Is the EU wising up? The following post may show a beam of light through the darkness.

EU officials: ISIS has been wiped out in Syria, time for refugees to go home
Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 11, 2017
One of the most maddening things about our UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is that it is permanent.
 When we take refugees they are here to stay and on track to citizenship even if their home country goes back to relative peace.
As we have watched Europe, particularly Germany ‘welcoming’ migrants, remember those flooding in to that country will have to seek asylum and wait for that legal process to work its will. Until their asylum claims are adjudicated they have no right to permanent resettlement—our refugees do!
This is why we should not fall for every UN/Leftwing scare tactic and jump to admit refugees who in a year or two could go home—like the Syrians.
Here is the news from Germany that is not being widely broadcast!

Friday, November 10, 2017

WikiLeaks dishing on the CIA

So far, WikiLeaks has been spot on. The following article gets a bit techy, but the overall concept is quite clear.

WikiLeaks Vault 8 Part 1: CIA Wrote Code To Impersonate Russian Anti-Virus Company Kaspersky
TOPICS: Aaron KeselCIAHackingRussiaVault 8WikiLeaks
November 9, 2017
By Aaron KeselWikiLeaks has released part 1 of its new Vault 8 series following its popular and widely distributed Vault 7 series which exposed CIA spyware and malware capabilities.
The new release “will enable investigative journalists, forensic experts, and the general public to better identify and understand covert CIA infrastructure components,” the international whistleblower coalition wrote.
The CIA’s master virus control system known as “Hive” was exposed previously last April by WikiLeaks.
“Described as a multi-platform malware suite, Hive provides “customisable implants” for Windows, Solaris, MikroTik (software used in Internet routers), Linux OS, and AVTech Network Video Recorders, used for CCTV recording.
A 2015 user guide for the malware suite reveals the initial release of Hive was in 2010. The guide goes on to describes the software as having two primary functions – a beacon and interactive shell. Both are designed to provide a starting point for CIA cyber agents to deploy other tools that have been included in the WikiLeaks Vault 7 series release.
The implants communicate via HTTPS with the web server using a cover domain. Each cover domain is connected to an IP address that is hooked into a Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider. This forwards all incoming traffic to a ‘Blot’ server.

The redirected traffic is then examined to see if it contains a valid beacon. If it does, it’s sent to a tool handler, called a “Honeycomb.”
The CIA can then choose to initiate other actions on the targeted computer.
The user guide further details the commands that are available, including uploading and deleting files and executing applications on the computer.
“Source code published in this series contains software designed to run on servers controlled by the CIA. Like WikiLeaks’ earlier Vault7 series,” WikiLeaks wrote in a press release for the new Vault 8 series.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


When you get past  the Optics, the Verbiage, the Hyperbole much less the Emotions we have an AMERICA going in TWO TOTALLY Different Directions! The "Old Schoolers" which I see as mostly Christian, Conservative or Libertarian preferred a system where you Learned,Earned , Paved & Deserved to reap the benefits of the seeds you sowed....We believed in Limited Government, we believed in a True Right or Wrong,Morals, Reason , Logic or Rational...

The other side of the coin we see now the Socialists, the Communists, the Neo-NAZI'S, Marxists, Progressive Liberals that have been reincarnated in the Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Hitler Traditions....It took them 100 plus years to pull of this "Coup d’état" but here we are...That side of the Political specter is SPLIT between the "Animal Trainers" the politicians, the media , the Oligarchs (the Real Power)& the Tools Fools, Idiots & Parasites the Eat up all the Obvious LIES & PROPAGANDA without ever questioning why....That Group of Parasites want FREE Food, Housing, Medical, Sex (Perverted Preferred)& no Christian Morals, Rights or Wrongs....They Openly Hate but Openly & Overtly accuse others of the same behavior...

Is the Clinton Cartel about to take a fall?

It’s finally underway. The unraveling of the Clintons.
With no James Comey to protect her, and a complicit crooked president to provide cover, Hillary Clinton finds herself naked and standing before the man.

“Spread your butt-cheeks,” yells her jailer, as he waters her down, and checks for a “keestered” weapon.
According to The Hill, the unraveling of the Clinton Cartel has begun:
The FBI has begun turning over to Senate investigators hundreds of pages of memos regarding the bureau’s probe into Hillary Clinton‘s private email server, sources told The Hill.
The sources said the Justice Department notified the Senate Judiciary Committee late Friday and the FBI began transmitting memos soon after to assist Congress in its review of former Director James Comey’s handling of the Clinton email case.
The memos detail how and when the bureau’s leadership declined to pursue criminal charges against Clinton for transmitting classified information on her private email server as secretary of State, an investigation that has remained controversial since the 2016 presidential campaigns.
FBI officials declined to comment. “We don’t have any information for you,” spokeswoman Carol Cratty told The Hill.
The Senate committee has been seeking the memos for some time as it investigates whether Comey chose to absolve Clinton of criminal liability before the election-year probe was complete and before she was even interviewed. Comey ultimately concluded that while Clinton’s handling of classified emails was careless, there was not enough evidence of intent to warrant criminal charges.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Pedophilia is not the only fetid indulgence practised in the putrid cesspools of Hollywood

Practicing pedophilia and occultism seems to be a sine qua non for membership into the most powerful and elitist circles everywhere. The depths of depravity among many with great leverage are now being exposed.
Such iniquities of the human genre are nothing new.
We can only take a stand against such practises and educate our children as to the dangers of such and how to avoid them and defend themselves against these satanic predators.
Those who are aware know full well that so-called celebrities have little if any knowledge of what they are promoting be it life style or politics.
They are but empty shells of humanity that have sold their souls for fame and fortune.

Occult Worship – Hollywood’s Other Dirty Secret that Everyone Knows Of but No One Talks About
November 3, 2017
Buck Rogers, Staff Writer Waking Times
The avalanche of revelations about the perverted and predatory sexual underbelly of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is long overdue. It has always been an open secret of sorts, but the whole house is coming down right now as more people are suddenly feeling empowered to speak out, and the media is finally ready to listen and take seriously to the stories of victims.
But what if pedophilia and the sexual harassment of women in entertainment is only a symptom and not actually the disease?
Just below the surface, hidden in plain sight in Hollywood is the overwhelming influence of the occult and the esoteric schools of ancient black magic. It has always been present in this industry because those who seek power in our world have long recognized that television, film and music are the most efficient and important roadways into the public psyche and the collective conscience.
Many have warned us about this for years, composing volumes of books and videos, gathering evidence of this bizarre conspiracy.