Saturday, October 31, 2015

Socialism in the Mainstream

An excellent commentary on Socialism as the new norm with its true character now unrecognizable and acceptable.

by Gary Hancock 

Thirty years ago, and before, the word “socialism” or “socialist” evoked a rather basal angst in the stomach of most Americans, socialism was then widely acknowledged as the archenemy and the antithesis of the American system. The American system based on individual sovereignty, free markets and limited government, was contrary to the socialist system which is based on widespread government control (even ownership of the means of production) and anti-individualism.

Socialism’s doctrines were hard fought against in years past. In World War II, it was a fight against the National Socialists of Germany. The Cold War pitted us against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts were fought at least in part to push back the spread of socialism (and its close relative communism).

Some might squabble that those instances only relate to the aggressive side of socialism. But socialism has no non-aggressive side – not pertaining to individualism. At its foundation it is a system that coercively controls the individual. Regardless of whether or not the control is through voluntary assent, that coercion is ubiquitous and is a form of aggression: aggression against individual initiative, individual sovereignty, and individual liberty. Socialism has as its enemy, the individual.

In the 1940s the realizations of World War II put a plain and ugly face on socialism. But, slowly, through the relentless power grabs of big-government elites, and through a generational turnover, that collectivist system, if not the word “socialism” itself, became less stigmatized.

Steadily the doctrines of socialism have become mainstream and are more and more overt. Have you noticed the whooping crowds at a Bernie Sanders rally? Sanders is an avowed (and proud of it) socialist seeking the candidacy for President of the U.S. on the Democratic Party ticket. His audiences, made up in great part of young persons, rally around his talking points – which are very akin to those of the socialists of the 1930s and ‘40s. And, have you paid attention to the socialist jabbering of Hillary Clinton, Elisabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Al Franken, Dick Durbin, and MANY others?

Karl Marx, co-author of The Communist Manifesto in 1948, argued the inevitable transition of capitalist-based systems to socialism on their way to all-out communism. We are well on our way to full socialism/communism as Karl Marx described unless we recognize what is happening and stop it now.

Obama saw his own election to the pinnacle of political power as a colossal step in the socialist conquest, to in his own words, “fundamentally transform America.” Fundamental transformation of America means changing the basisof the American system; that is, transforming our capitalist, limited-government system into a socialist, unlimited-government state.

But many still do not recognize this transition to socialism. In the past, there was a very active Socialist Party involved in U.S. elections, but look at what Norman Thomas, the Socialist Party of America candidate running for U.S. President, said in a 1944 speech: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

And recently, look at how the head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, responded to a question about socialism. In an interview by Chris Matthews, and then again a few days later by Chuck Todd, Ms. Schultz was asked the difference between socialism and the Democratic Party. She was noticeably flummoxed and tried to divert but simply could not answer that question, leading one to surmise there is very little difference.

In 2009, Newsweek magazine’s cover boldly declared: “We Are All Socialists Now.” Yes, arguably, we might well be there my friends, but it can, and must be reversed before all semblance of the individual is forever gone, hopelessly digested as an insignificant speck by the all-powerful leviathan state.

Gary Hancock: Arlington resident and author of the new book, Sustaining Liberty: And Reclaiming Limited Government in America

Source Opinion Arlington

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Knocking The Immoral Left Off Its High Horse

The Epitome Of Arrogance
Excellent read and analysis regarding the oxymoron of leftist morality.

By Christopher Green

Just what is it about leftists and their fellow liberal travellers that compels them to proselytize for Socialism? In their holier-than-thou condescending style, leftists and liberals love to dictate to people about what is and isn’t moral as if their ideology is the perfect truth which all should follow. Their default position is Socialist and liberal beliefs are more enlightened and therefore, they are automatically morally superior to everyone else. Socialists and Liberals will be shocked and offended should anyone dare to question their perfect truth and will become outraged, angry and even violent should dissenters refuse to be brow-beaten into believing Socialist dogma.

Filled with what can be described as a fantasy-driven misguided hubris at best, the left has no problem in demonizing anyone who dares to oppose them. Their nasty little tactic is to portray opponents as immoral. As haters. As intolerant bigots. As unbalanced individuals who are filled with prejudice and irrational fear: Homophobes, Xenophobes, and the quite frankly absurd Islamophobe. Socialists will also twist and distort reality by smearing opponents as “far right” Fascists or Nazis. And let’s not forget their favorite Orwellian hate crime of all, the modern day heresy of racism.


by Robby Bowling

As a relic from the past, I've seen my share of sunup's , sundowns, rains, droughts, highs & conversely lows....Yet here I am sitting. Watching, observing, listening with the RANCID Smell of DEATH all around me....We are witnessing our own Death or perhaps Execution...and add insult to injury we paid for it dearly.. With the Death of HUMAN Intelligence, the Family & all love...What is left when you have a Soulless Society? Is this REALLY where we wanted to go? I don't think so....Yet the RUINS are piling up one at a time....And if I may they aren't all VISIBLE ....They are and were our hearts & souls...Having said that , if you are reading this you are likely a choir & I'm just Rambling....However some day's I need to VENT & try to Comprehend how MILLIONS bought into this LIE, this Con, This Illusion, this NOW Nightmare...WHEN will we realize that this is a WAKE & our FUNERAL is imminent ...the COFFIN has been prepared...

Let me reflect for a moment about my observations as a child growing up in North Texas on a FARM.....We had at one time a small dairy & we raised & maintained a small Herd of Cattle.....and like children they have to be fed.....well my chore in the afternoon after school was to round them up & feed them & with the help of old Border Collie a old Chevy Pickup & its HORN...I'd go into the pasture every afternoon to DRIVE them back to the BARNS to eat....well we did this Routine everyday, rain or shine....cold or hot....The Horn & the old DOG actually did all the work .....Honk to get their attention & the old DOG would Cut & Herd them....And to my amazement because we repeated this process everyday at the same time I found out that after a while all I had to do to get them to come to feed was to HONK the HORN....They came in on their on accord & the old Dog would help with the Stragglers...

We TRAINED the Cattle the SAME way our GOVERNMENT has trained this Pathetically Stupid Dumbed Down Class of Cave Dwellers....with REWARDS of FOOD & SHELTER!!!!! We kept the Cattle Fenced in so they Knew their Boundaries....and other than a old Bull Chasing a Heifer or Cow in HEAT we rarely had STRAYS.....Just keeping them FED was the trick....Little did they know they were being FATTENED UP for Slaughter....That was the END GAME....The AMERICAN public has & is being used for the SAME Purpose....

Personally I don't believe I was born or gifted this life to be a Servant of this OR any other Government....I will serve my God, my Family & my Friends that I love FIRST.....This GOVERNMENT which is supposed to serve the PEOPLE only serves itself....We have become the entertainment , the Meal & the SLAVES for this unmitigated EVIL....And THE PRICE WE PAID , was TOO MUCH!

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Friday, October 30, 2015


Former secretary of state denied knowledge of secret arms deals to Libya

Rand Paul begins ‘filibuster’ to try to stop debt deal !!

Sen. Rand Paul is making good on his threat to try to filibuster the new budget deal, taking to the Senate floor Thursday afternoon to say he’ll delay the bill as long as he can to try to expose the agreement’s flaws.

All You Need to Know about the Cloward Piven Strategy !

Obama, GOP Want To Sell Off 40 Percent Of US Strategic Oil Reserves To Fund Gov’t Programs

Lawmakers are pushing legislation that could result in the selling off of 266 million barrels of oil from the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) over the next decade, mostly to fund more government spending.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

NOAA: Government Climate Change Data Is Confidential

Not True?
Really? Since when can such data be kept from Congressional and/or public scrutiny. Now we can only wonder exactly what are they hiding. 

One could deduce that the data does not support the narrative that global warming is indeed man made, and that we either eliminate fossil fuels or else. Otherwise, the results would be trumpeted from every rooftop. Thus obvious questions arise as to motives behind the "confidential data" characterization.

Skepticism abounds on the entire subject. The NOAA's refusal to release the data and its attending excuses only adds to the general disbelief of those who have looked deeply into the subject.

We have two issues, keeping the environment as clean as we reasonably can, and the earth's climatic cycles over which we have no control. If rational solutions to environmental issues or defenses regarding climate cycles are to be reached they must be separated and special interests must be eliminated.

Climate Wars: Gov’t Scientists Refuse To Hand Over Internal Records To Lawmakers

by Michael Bastasch

The global warming debate on Capitol Hill is heating up. Government scientists refused to comply with lawmakers’ demands they turn over internal documents regarding a study that eliminated the “hiatus” in global warming from the temperature record.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) officials argued such records are confidential and “essential to frank discourse among scientists.” The science agency said it has a history of protecting the “confidentiality of deliberative scientific discussions.”

NOAA’s decision not to comply with a subpoena from House science committee lawmakers has only angered Chairman Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican, who says Americans have a right to know what taxpayer-funded scientists were thinking when they altered the temperature record in June.

“It was inconvenient for this administration that climate data has clearly showed no warming for the past two decades,” Smith said in an emailed statement. “The American people have every right to be suspicious when NOAA alters data to get the politically correct results they want and then refuses to reveal how those decisions were made.”

IT'S THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW (Government Television)

As I watched the highlights from the Staged Fiasco GOP Debate on the Marxist Communist News Corporation last night all I could think is that this Government & its FAUX Media are using Stage-craft techniques dating back centuries....And again while falling on the sword & admitting I'm an Antique from the Past, I have to ask or remind you....How many of you REMEMBER the KID SHOWS from the 50's & 60's? How many of you remember what a MARIONETTE is?....In case you don't remember the TERM, they are PUPPETS on a STRING that have a PUPPET MASTER controlling them....There is an old Frank Zappa line or quote," The illusion of Freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the Illusion.At the point that the illusion is too expensive to maintain , they will just take down the scenery,they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables & chairs & you will see the brick wall at the back of the Theater" .... Frank also said this:" I am gross and perverted, I'm obsessed and deranged, I have existed for years, but very little has changed. I'm a tool of the Government and Industry too. I am destined to rule and regulate you. I'm the best you can get, have you guessed me yet? I'm the SLIME oozing out of your TV set!"
Isn't it WAY PAST time to call out this Communist Government & it's FAUX MEDIA for what it actually is? It's all Theater, it's all here to create Illusions, it's all here to distract us from the truth....

Shouldn't we be ASKING who the PUPPET MASTERS are? Shouldn't we be asking when will the "gauntlet will fall?" Shouldn't we be asking where we are GOING....This isn't a Sunday Afternoon Drive with the FAMILY to the Park where we all play , sing, tell jokes & eat our Picnic Lunches.....This is not the "Yellow Brick Road" either.....

This Government at least IMO hasn't served the Good of the People they supposedly represent for DECADES....They SERVE THEMSELVES ....They Serve their MASTERS ....whoever or whatever that is....MONEY, POWER, or Pure Unmitigated tell me? Regardless this is a Set-up or a Prelude tho the FINAL RECKONING....our demise....our Freedoms....ALL of them...

As for me I didn't or don't find any of this ENTERTAINING ....This isn't even as Entertaining, much less cerebral as,THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW...Captain Kangaroo, The Bugs Bunny Hour or much less the "Rocky & Bullwinkle Show....And if you remember those shows, who is the Boris And Natasha? NEVER MIND, the Goose is getting cooked, Guess who is the GOOSE?....

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Could you lose your gun rights as US refugee population grows?

Law professor Adam Winkler (left) wants you to know that as refugees and other immigrants pour into America you will be losing your gun rights. (Of course he is thrilled about it).

Posted by Ann Corcoran

Yes, gloats Adam Winkler at the Washington Post a few days ago. He says that the decline in the white American population that is happening before our very eyes will inevitably erode the numbers of those (mostly older, white, rural people he says) who strongly defend their second amendment rights. The growth in minority populations, he predicts, will be dooming the NRA’s chances of surviving for too much longer.

Law professor Adam Winkler wants you to know that as refugees and other immigrants pour into America you will be losing your gun rights. (Of course he is thrilled about it).

Obama is changing America by changing the people! That is a fact! Refugee resettlement is one of the myriad immigration programs designed to accomplish that. If Hillary follows him in office, the process will continue unimpeded.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Michael Savage On the GOP and Hillary:

Muslims Invading America, GOP in 'Cahoots' With Hillary


by Robby Bowling

How was it that we came to Elect (Select) or allow RIGGED ELECTIONS that gave this Country a Muslim Marxist Tyrant....He, She or It would have been a perfect fit as a Dictator in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or Some other "Third World Country,".....If you Listen to his Hateful Rhetorical Blathering you'd SWEAR he was the Supreme Leader of anyone of them....Haven't we HIT the bottom yet? This Homo-Commie-Muslim is no BETTER , nor SMARTER than the DONKEY Excrement Fools he PLAYS Footsie with.... I'm starting to believe that if the Mythical American Electorate had COTTON for Brains, there wouldn't be enough to make a Q-Tip

What will we do when we finally figure out (IF) we've been HAD....and we've gone beyond the point of "NO RETURN".....You know it doesn't a "Brain Scientist" to figure out...WE HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS HERE! ....Yet it seems all we do (at best) is talk about it....Is this going to HEAL or FIX itself.....I DON'T THINK SO!...

Let's be Honest here, HATE was the PATHOGEN used to DIVIDE & DESTROY the WORLD, let alone AMERICA....We allowed a FEW GREEDY Narcissistic Sociopath's to Bate us ALL with the divisive, demeaning, demonstrative, delusional Rhetorical Expertise they Spew out with every Breath & Belch (Flatulence) they make...

What bothers me the most is that until we Discovered a way to RENDER the BRAIN Function-less....We actually had the CAPACITY to Rise up above our Problems & With GOD at our SIDE , DESTROY the Evil or at least put it in a DARKENED CORNER of the Universe.... I guess that's been Bred & Brainwashed out of us....

In this DAY & AGE....FREE WILL is Doing what this Communist Muslim loving Government Tells us...To Do...

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The Eagle Deposed By Vulturite Supporters

Possibly Our Next President
The once great Land Of The Eagle shines no more. In truth, its glow began to slowly wane decades ago. Its enemies skillfully manipulated the populace, which had grown ever more complacent and lazy with visions of unicorns lovingly and protectively carrying them to and fro while fairies sprinkled glowing dust upon the land. 

In reality, the unicorns were subversive agents of destruction, and the fairy dust was an opiate eagerly accepted by the now intellectually blinded. Those who saw the truth had so declined in numbers that they were easily labeled enemies of the state and were dispatched with neither protest nor prejudice from the masses. 

Those who survived either formed clandestine groups and pretended to accept the rule of the vultures or found refuge in remote communities not easily accessible. However, those who chose the latter knew that their whereabouts could easily be found and when the authorities were ready, they too would be eliminated.

All of the enlightened knew exactly how the vultures had managed to take over and  watched in despair as The Eagle's cultural destruction proceeded by the weakening of its social institutions thereby destroying its national psyche. How could this group begin to counteract the narrative. Most knew that they could neither achieve victory within their lifetimes nor escape to another land. The Land Of Eagles was the last bastion of defense against the World Council of Barnacles, whose members are known as Barnaclites. 

Each nation was now ruled locally by a Vulturate comprised of members approved of and answerable to the World Council; thus, there was no external way out.
The aware and awakened were determined not to let their once glorious culture be lost forever in the mendacious rewrites of history. Pen and paper were now their weapons of choice, since electronic media was under constant surveillance. They had the foresight to stock up on these weapons for the day of reckoning. 

Fortunately, there were enough who actually knew penmanship and were able to put pen to paper in order to express coherent thoughts. They had also managed to rescue many weighty tomes on the physical, biological, and social sciences as well as on math and the humanities. These treasures were buried in water proof, fireproof vaults buried under ground to be found by future archeologists of a new and different era in the cycle of history. Yes, the wheel will surely turn, but it will be centuries before The Eagle's story will be recovered. 

Is the above poorly penned fairy tale pure fantasy or an impending reality.

Monday, October 26, 2015


by Robby Bowling

Once upon a time as the story was told AMERICA was Founded by leaders, with conviction, with morals, with beliefs, and with Courage & Vision....These men & Women weren't the Thin-Skinned Sociopath's like we have today....They were bankers, farmers, merchants, carpenters, preachers, newspaper men & teachers....they were not Professional Class Politicians with a "propensity" for Lying, Cheating, Narcissism, Corruption, Extortion, Bribery & Murder...not withstanding ACTING Skills....

When you had Men of Courage leading us the old saying, "where you lead I will follow" works just fine...But when you are lead by Those who only Covet POWER & tells me at least, we are being lead to our own Slaughter, Doom, Death or Prison....What happened here? Didn't we read the Story,"The Devil & Daniel Webster?" Did we not read about ,"The Last Days Of Pompeii " or The Rise & fall of the Roman & Greek Empires? WHO SAYS WE HAVE TO REPEAT HISTORY? Or perhaps, why do we keep repeating history?.... Are we that Dumb & Stupid? Are we that Brain-Washed ? Have we all CAVED in to our FEARS? I know we became Lazy & Apathetic?

Ask yourself when this transition is all said & done, who were the WINNERS? What was the PRIZE ? And conversely, who were the LOSERS, what was the COST....And If I may, this is not a compromise or a negotiated Treaty....Ultimately its a WINNER TAKE ALL....I guess I could rationalize all this & say It's Your Life, but we are LITERALLY playing with FIRE here...DEATH of a Loved one is Heart Wrenching, this is the DEATH OF AMERICA, our Freedoms, Our Loves. Our Families, Our Dreams, Our Wishes & Our PRAYERS.....I hope this Self-Sacrificing Stupid Culture will be HAPPY about the FINAL RESULTS....Because the way I See it, THE COMMUNISTS, CROOKS & COWARDS won by default...
IT IS TIME TO STOP THIS INSANITY ..Aren't we actually Playing, "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" with a Bullet in every Chamber ?

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 What Netanyahu's "gaffe" about the Mufti and the Holocaust accomplished

Sunday, October 25, 2015

America, there’s one lesson you better learn DAMN quick from Lois Lerner’s free pass

American citizens are now subjects. Either we stand up or accept our subservience and oppression.

by Allen West
"I have yet to see one instance where the progressive socialist left was asked to compromise – a la the first two years of Obama’s dark reign, and I mean it just like that. It’s time we stop sugar coating this. The American people want principled, resolute, articulate, and fearless opposition to these people. I for one will not reach across to a snake, you will only get bit — and that’s the message GOP leadership needs to learn.

The liberal progressive left does not care if felonious illegal immigrants kill Americans. They do not care if Americans are left to die in a far away place and they lie about the nature of the terrorist attack. They do not care if their attempt to undermine the Second Amendment rights of Americans ends up killing an American. And they do not care if they leverage the power of the federal government against simple American citizens. Why don’t they care? It’s simple. For them, the ends justify the means — there are no rules for radicals, no standards, no boundaries, no rule of law.

So folks, the only way to win in a knife fight is to bring a tactical shotgun. So it is time to bring the pain against these progressive leftist socialists who are seeking to take away from us our unalienable rights endowed by the Creator, the blessings of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I am all in, and message to the left, you try your IRS crap on me, my family, and anyone I love and hold dear, and you got a fight on your hands. And winning a congressional race does not determine my passion for my country…as Patrick Henry stated, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

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ISIS Rapes Women Toward Allah

by Abigail R. Esman
Special to IPT News
October 23, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015


by Robby Bowling

I have come to question or ponder which is worse (dumber or stupid) the Liberal that's PUSHING the "Political Correctness Agenda" of the Pathetic Idiot Parasite that believes this Evil Pathogen of Excrement....I suppose in order for the LIBERAL Agaters to lay out the RED CARPET for Illegal Immigrants & MUSLIM PIGS they want to outlaw the term...."ALIENS"....Because it's offensive.....Say What....I'm offended they get a FREE Pass to Destroy what's left of this CULTURE....Has AMERICA just become the WORLDS Largest Rehabilitation Center.....What are the LIBERALS Doing advertising for the WORST that these Societies offer ? Did we need more DRUG LORDS? Did we need more Addicts? Did we need more Sex Offenders & Pedophile ? Did We need more PARASITES freeloading off of our hard earned money? Didn't we already have PLENTY of RADICAL MUSLIM, American & Jew haters?.... We needed MORE.....Whoa Nelly, they needed more VOTERS to vote for the COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT.....Come on now isn't this Preposterous ?

If I didn't know better I'd think this SCRIPT (and it is one) is like pieces written in a "Theater Of The Absurd" style.....Of you buy into that Rhetorical Jibberish...what's next on Tiny Hurtful little words to be BANNED List ?.....The Term BLACK, the Term MUSLIM, the Term POOR, The Terms Homosexual,Lesbian or Transsexual,Spanish, Stupid, Evil, Parasite, Sick, Boy, Girl, Man, Woman, Smart, Dumb, Age, Drunk, High, Loaded, Skinny, Fat, Obese, YET it's all right to HATE the WHITE , BLUE-Eyed (Green) Anglo's ......

Then what, will they CUT OUT our Tongues for using those terms....on the other hand they will just get a MUSLIM to cut our heads off...DARN I guess I offended with that remark...PARDON...


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Rand Paul : On Bernie Sanders

 Bernie Sanders’ Socialism Could Lead to ‘Mass Genocide’

During an interview with South Carolina radio host Vince Coakley, Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul warned against Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ brand of socialism, arguing that socialist governments usually end up committing genocides.

Friday, October 23, 2015

One More Step Toward Globalist Domination

Our New Flag
After the 911 attack which destroyed the World Trade Center towers and seriously damaged the Pentagon, Americans became justifiably afraid.

Such an attack on the homeland had neither been expected nor even thought possible by the average citizen. The false sense of security that the populace had been living under was forever shattered. Fear of insecurity leads to feelings of vulnerability. The collective I.Q. takes over and enables those in charge to easily manipulate the understandably frightened masses.

Now over a decade later, the citizenry faces a domestic ideological division on a seemingly unprecedented scale, racial strife, illegal immigration, a forced "refugee" resettlement which masks a hidden agenda (along with planned measures to counteract any protests against it), a tanking economy, and a foreign policy that appears to have no rudder but also seems to have another hidden agenda to those who eventually emerged from the shock and were able to garner enough brain cells to clearly examine the issues.

Much has been written on these matters not only on this blog but on many others as well.

Every incident of violence, either terrorist or gun related mass shootings, many at the hands of a mentally ill offender, seems to bring about the call for the implementation of ever more restrictive measures which would effectively result in the abolition of our Bill Of Rights.

The MSM must be careful in how it reports these acts. There can be no "false" accusations of racial or religious discrimination. Adherence to stringent requirements regarding political correctness, must be practiced lest the "false accuser" end up in dire straits with the ever growing, more powerful "Ministry Of Truth".

Soros Appointed Head Of The Ministry Of Truth

Now, we have another globalist control tool. The latest and greatest is The Strong Cities Network. Not only will the UN have control over our daily lives via Agenda 21, but over our domestic and foreign "security" as well.


by Robby Bowling

I would honestly like to see the FOOLS that HONESTLY believe this Pathetic Parasitical Corrupt Government represents you.....Let's see here how they Love You & America....How can you be so STUPID as to believe they care for you & Love this now PLUNDERED defeated Culture....What are we ZOMBIES without a Brain or Heart, DEAD for all intensive purposes .....

They have KILLED Free Speech....They have Diluted & Polluted this Country with ILLEGAL Immigrants WHY? Not to better this Society....Not to Enrich those Poor Downtrodden FOOLS Lives.....But to use them to Replace US....Let's also be honest here These MUSLIMS & Illegal Immigrants are Illiterate, few shills if any....And the MUSLIMS probably have ISIS on there RESUME...but if you listened to all the LIBERAL Parrots out there you'd think they all were Graduates from HARVARD.....

And to all of the Delusional Perverted Homosexuals & Transsexuals out the how in the **** do you reconcile the FACT that after the MUSSIES Hump you like their Lover Goat or Sheep they will castrate you & stuff your Privates up your ARISE or in your Mouth just before they LOP off your head with a guillotine.....

And to the Politically Correct FAUX Christians who Follow the Anti-Christ like POPE, Rick Warren or the Joel Osteen's of the WORLD....How can you POSSIBLY believe that Islam is a Religion of PEACE.....Who was it that got to you??? Was it Money , Extortion or Death Threats???

I can think of lines or cliches from the past;Freedom Is Just Another Word, when you sing the blues....Pride Goeth Before A Fall.... A fool & his Money....Your So Vain.... The Fool On The Hill...and maybe the most fitting for this Communist Regime, Symphony For The Devil....However take your pick....Enjoy what LITTLE FREEDOM you think you have....because unless we MAKE a stand it's Going to get UGLY....THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND? Not anymore!

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In So Many Words: Americans Are Too Stupid To Plan For Their Own Retirement

Here is another grab for control over our money under the guise of  "helping us out". Really? Americans are not stupid, but rather uninformed, or deliberately misinformed. Nobody has the time to spend hours combing through all of the legislative or executive machinations designed to put the citizenry in chains one way or another. Just how much more oppression will take place before a rebellion, which we are being pushed into, occurs. 
We take the bait, we lose, we don't take the bait, we still lose. 
The following article discusses the plan and pushback regarding the president's "retirement plan".

The Bipartisan Push Back Against Obama’s Retirement Attack  by

A coalition of conservative groups joined the bipartisan push back Thursday against a rule which aims at restricting how people invest in retirement.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

"WE HAD A LITTLE FAITH" (America then & now)

by Robby Bowling

Once upon a time we had a "Fairytale Country" AMERICA and yes we all know our history was imperfect & even somewhat checkered....And as a "baby-boomer" I remember "segregation" and "integration"......I remember when JFK , MLK & Bobby Kennedy were killed.....I also remember ."The Cold War." the Berlin Wall, The Korean War, Vietnam & Nuclear War Drills in High School......

We also went to Church every Sunday, prayed in school, said the Pledge Of Allegiance & the family's while not perfect they STAYED TOGETHER.......And the Pick-Ups parked out I the School Parking lots had "GUN RACKS" in them......We often went out at lunch to shoot our guns....And (drum roll, please) NOT ONE PERSON WAS SHOT.....

As I said this was far from being a "Perfect Society" but somehow we managed.....Gas was 25 cents a gallon, cigarettes were 20 cents a pack & the Minimum Wage was $1.35 an hour......We didn't have Credit-Cards in those days....we had Lay-A-Way.......If you didn't need it you didn't buy it....AND WE WERE NOT SLAVES TO we are now...

And the simple truth is I grew up on a farm with two-brothers & a sister and for ALL practical purposes,"WE WERE DIRT POOR"....... But you know....unlike today we had no "Conception " of what POOR was.....We didn't know it...... And we therefore didn't care....We were "Family First" and we took care of each other............we were TAUGHT to believe......WE HAD A LITTLE FAITH.....

What is this 'THING" we have become?......Familys......gone!......Religion......gone!......Living within our means.......gone!........The true meaning of love.....gone! And then there's one more to add, BELIEVING in your fellow man.... That's GONE!...........and BELIEVING in this GOVERNMENT, what it "stood for"....... That's GONE it seems now FOREVER!!!!

When I look at Washington, the leaders, the direction, the corruption, the lies, the deceit & the pure unadulterated FILTH.......I'm sorry I don't believe anymore....we have collectively lost our way.....

I do believe in my friends & my family...that's all we have.....It's the LITTLE THING'S that matter......This country has fallen upon hard times now & is adrift.....But I do remember a time when "WE HAD A LITTLE FAITH".....those may not have been the "good old days" .......But I'll take them anytime over this madness....You put a little Faith, with a little Logic & Reason you can move mountains.....nowadays all we move is our love of MONEY!

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An Orwellian Government of Social and Behavioral “Nudges”

George Orwell
"Now that Murthy is the Surgeon General, he can actively use his position to promote gun violence as a health issue and enact a sort of backdoor gun control that gets at core of reshaping how America views gun violence, specifically in a way that those like Cass Sunstein could only have dreamed. That dream primarily being the ability of the government to breakdown and erode some of the powerful institutional and cultural tools we have to protect ourselves from the instinct to nudge other people through the instrumentalities of the state. As Sunstein argues, "People are sometimes bad choosers, making their lives worse. In some cases, public officials are in an excellent position to help."

by Nicholas Short

On September 15, 2015, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order with the intent on implementing “Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People.” The Executive Order (EO) is based on a“growing body of evidence demonstrating that behavioral science insights” research findings from fields such as behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them ”can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people.”

Furthermore, the EO continues, “Where Federal policies have been designed to reflect behavioral science insights, they have substantially improved outcomes for the individuals, families, communities, and businesses those policies serve. For example, automatic enrollment and automatic escalation in retirement savings plans have made it easier to save for the future, and have helped Americans accumulate billions of dollars in additional retirement savings. Similarly, streamlining the application process for Federal financial aid has made college more financially accessible for millions of students.”

As innocuous as this may sound, the EO is entirely based on the principles, ideas, and concepts developed by the radical behaviorist Cass Sunstein. Sunstein was appointed administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) by Obama back in 2009. While Sunstein resigned in late 2012, his influence was enormous as he was given unprecedented power in reviewing nearly every federal regulation that was passed while he was in office. For example, he reviewed the rules implementing Obamacare as well as the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory reform law. He backed and re-wrote major environmental initiatives, including higher fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks and new toxic emissions rules for power plants.

Sunstein reviewed nearly everything in the vast administrative state while his power was much more significant in dealing with under-the-radar rules and regulations that often went unnoticed. As The New York Times  describes him, ” he wielded enormous power as the White House overseer of federal regulation, [who] came to Washington to test his theories of human behavior and economic efficiency in the laboratory of the federal government.” The Timescontinues, “He reviewed every regulation proposed by every executive agency.”

Even though he is no longer in office, his influence is evident as the first two examples given in Obama’s EO come from Sunstein and are explained in his book Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Furthermore, his works are cited numerous times in the  Social and Behavioral Sciences Team Annual Report  that was released in conjunction with the Executive Order. The second paragraph of Obama’s EO cites the concepts developed in Sunstein’s “Nudge” by explaining the core role plaid by behavioral insights in developing federal policies. This idea is that the government, using social and behavioral sciences, can design and implement policies in a way that “nudges” citizens towards certain behaviors and choices to advance the goals of the adminstration and the federal government.

As Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller  explains in a perfect example of one of these “nudges”, Obama's federal health care law, Obamacare, was replete with nudge language and experimentation which was brought to light in the debate of whether the individual mandate contained in the law was a tax hike. While Republicans insisted that it was a tax increase, the White House portrayed it as a penalty on the logic that the word “tax” had a negative connotation. The result of this that Americans are now forced to buy overly expensive healthcare plans as defined by politically appointed experts such as Kathleen Sebelius and Jonathan Gruber. If you fail to be nudged into buying their plans, you are assessed an ever increasing annual tax or fine.

The current example of a “nudge” is the administrations push to change our gun culture in wake of the Umpqua Community College Shooting. Seen from the standpoint of Sunstein, in order to reduce gun violence in America he has suggested that Americans must be “nudged” in a way that changes how we behave as a culture. Approaching the question on how this is to be done, Sunstein writes that society must view the gun owner as not a rational actor but as a “befuddled character, bedeviled by impulses and sentiments,” while the Second Amendment must be disregarded “as an obstacle”  in the way of “U.S. gun control legislation.” Echoing this sentiment during his fundraising trip to Hollywood this weekend, Obama stated that in regards to his visit to Oregon on Friday, “there were some folks who were protesting about their Second Amendment rights as they understood them.”

This was a subtle remark aimed at those who were protesting Obama’s visit to Oregon by practicing their Second Amendment rights as they viewed Obama’s visit as nothing more than an attempt to politicize the tragedy that took place a week earlier at the community college. The underlying assumption made by Obama in which he dismisses those protesting about their Second Amendment rights as “they understood them” is quite profound in that it shows how Obama doesn’t regard this right as being universally acknowledged by all Americans. The goal here though is to not only politicize those Americans who have practice their right to keep and bear arms by claiming they’re nothing more than a minority but to also nudge all Americans towards accepting heavily regulated restrictions on guns with the justification of the government keeping us all safe.

One of the groups they are “keeping us safe from” are in fact military veterans who are consistently deprived of due process while having their guns taken away for unconstitutional reasons. This was brought to light in a letter drafted by Senator Chuck Grassley sent to then acting Attorney General Eric Holder on April 13th wanting to know why tens of thousands ofmilitary veterans were routinely and unfairly blocked from owning guns. Grassley points out that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) made the decisions based on Veterans who require bookkeeping services, a standard which was used as an end-run around the gun control law. As Grassley explains in his letter, “All federal agencies are required to report names of individuals to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) ‘mental defective’ category. Placement on the list prohibits owning or possessing a firearm. The legal standard by which a name is supposed to be reported to the ‘mental defective’ category is whether the individuals are a danger to themselves or others. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) process does not support such findings. Instead VA reports individuals to the gun ban list if an individual merely needs financial assistance managing VA benefits. Although the VA process is not designed to regulate firearm ownership, it results in veterans and their loved ones being barred from exercising their fundamental, Constitutionally-guaranteed Second Amendment rights.”

Yet, keeping guns out of the hands of our veterans by giving the VA the ability to redefine who is and isn’t a threat to themselves or others was merely the first step in Obama’s agenda to re-shape how we view the Second Amendment. The plan is to go after anyone who has had a domestic dispute, beginning with those who have been convicted of a misdemeanor. The end goal is to restrict any gun use by a person who has a friend, a family member, a colleague, a neighbor or a doctor who thinks they are at risk. According to the Obama administration's Spring 2015 Unified agenda published May “the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) announced that they will be pushing a number of new gun control rules for implementation by executive fiat. For example, here are just two of the following numerous sets of rules that are going to be implemented by executive fiat:

RIN: 1140-AA04 ”will expand persons barred from gun ownership and possession by including misdemeanor crime of domestic violence as grounds for forfeiting the right to ship, transport, possess, or receive in or affecting commerce firearms or ammunition." It would also make it unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of a firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that the recipient has been convicted of such a misdemeanor.

RIN: 1140-AA47” broadens the number of people barred from gun possession by expanding the ATF's mental health provisions on background checks by preventing the mentally ill from owning firearms, which past cases they have taken guns from people for merely taking sleep medications or seeing a psychologist.

Among the most controversial proposals though, the collection of vast and extensive data on all gun owners and gun transactions is the true aim of Obama’s agenda. If you combine this collection of data with the notion that the president is going to make it easier for the government to diagnose citizens as mentally ill, such as he’s done in the VA, he will have the ability to suspend a constitutional right based upon your health record. This is much more concerning given whom the recently appointed Surgeon General is and his stance on gun control.

In March of this year, Vivek Murthy was sworn in as Surgeon General after being confirmed in a lame-duck 51-43 vote in December of 2014 before the republican controlled congress took over in January. The reason his confirmation was pushed before the republicans gained controlled of both the House and Senate was due to the fact that Murthy is the President and Co-Founder of the radical progressive group Doctors for America. The group, formerly known as Doctors for Obama, outlined what they would like to see happen to gun owners in order to develop a comprehensive national plan to stop gun violence. In a letter drafted by Murthy to members of Congress in 2013, he recommends the following ways in which gun violence should be addressed:

Remove military-style guns and ammunition that are designed to be able to kill large numbers of people quickly. Specific approaches should include: A federal ban on the sale of assault weapons and ammunition  to stop weapons from being added to the existing stock. Buyback programs to reduce the number of military-style weapons that are currently in circulation.

Strengthen safety measures and regulations for guns used for hunting, sport, and self-protection. Every state requires a driver's license and car registration in order to drive, and physicians certify those who should no longer drive because they would be a grave danger to themselves and others. We should approach the purchase, transfer, and operation of guns and ammunition with similar rigor. Specific approaches should include: Universal background checks and licenses for anyone purchasing guns and ammunition “ including mandatory firearm safety training and testing and regulation of private sales and transfers of guns and ammunition.

Remove prohibitions and barriers that keep health professionals from protecting our patients from harm. Gun violence is an area where both state and federal policies have prohibited us from doing our job. Research shows that having a gun at home markedly increases risk of injury and suicide. Specific approaches should include: Prohibit laws preventing physicians from discussing gun safety with patients. Remove the provision in the Affordable Care Act and other federal policies that prohibit physicians from documenting gun ownership.

Now that Murthy is the Surgeon General, he can actively use his position to promote gun violence as a health issue and enact a sort of backdoor gun control that gets at core of reshaping how America views gun violence, specifically in a way that those like Cass Sunstein could only have dreamed. That dream primarily being the ability of the government to breakdown and erode some of the powerful institutional and cultural tools we have to protect ourselves from the instinct to nudge other people through the instrumentalities of the state. As Sunstein argues, "People are sometimes bad choosers, making their lives worse. In some cases, public officials are in an excellent position to help."

“But the human desire to help,” responds Steven Teles of The American Interest, “can very easily shade over into the desire to rule—in other words, to move from benevolence toward social authoritarianism.” By combining the principles of science and compassion, which is precisely what Obama’s Social and Behavioral Sciences Team is doing, they conceal the fact that what they’re doing is justifying the exercise of power with no limit. Teles writes, “A government of nudges is opposed to any constitutional principles governing where it may and may not act, because it views all such questions as empirical in nature and thus not subject to being cabined before the fact. It acts, for the most part, in relatively small ways, but over a huge, sprawling canvas. It prefers to be organized technocratically and wants to create islands of expert governance insulated as much as possible.”

In short, a government of “nudges” envisioned by those of likes of Sunstein and created by Obama, is a government that disregards the free will of the individual to make their own choices. It brings to mind a government described by George Orwell in Animal Farm as he wrote, “No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”

Source: Western Free Press/

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Senator vows To :

Senator vows to block HHS nominees until Obama explains why third of health care co-ops have failed 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Scariest Words In All Existence

UNDERSTAND. It is imperative to stop and examine your choices from time to time.  It is easy to take a certain path and become routine in your actions and words and choices without realizing that path is leading you to a "place" you would have never gone to in your "first steps." 

Usually, choices produce consequences whether they are individual decisions or those you support in groups you belong to. If you do not stop occasionally and objectively examine the results and outcomes of your choices, you can be blinded or unaware of the negative results that may have occurred. Questions should be put to yourself periodically to assess the path your choices have taken. Has it hurt anyone? Did it produce what I intended it to produce? Does it remain relevant to my values and convictions? Have others involved changed the path of what I initially thought I was assisting or supporting? 

Without this personal attention and evaluation, you could be aiding and contributing to people, issues and hurtful results that you never intended to happen from your initial decision.  Choices have ripple effects, and it is so important to stop and "go see" what "shores" your choices have landed on. In between you and the "shore" are often others who become involved and change the course of the current you initially set out with from the outcomes you wanted to occur.