by Robby Bowling

I have come to question or ponder which is worse (dumber or stupid) the Liberal that's PUSHING the "Political Correctness Agenda" of the Pathetic Idiot Parasite that believes this Evil Pathogen of Excrement....I suppose in order for the LIBERAL Agaters to lay out the RED CARPET for Illegal Immigrants & MUSLIM PIGS they want to outlaw the term...."ALIENS"....Because it's offensive.....Say What....I'm offended they get a FREE Pass to Destroy what's left of this CULTURE....Has AMERICA just become the WORLDS Largest Rehabilitation Center.....What are the LIBERALS Doing advertising for the WORST that these Societies offer ? Did we need more DRUG LORDS? Did we need more Addicts? Did we need more Sex Offenders & Pedophile ? Did We need more PARASITES freeloading off of our hard earned money? Didn't we already have PLENTY of RADICAL MUSLIM, American & Jew haters?.... We needed MORE.....Whoa Nelly, they needed more VOTERS to vote for the COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT.....Come on now isn't this Preposterous ?

If I didn't know better I'd think this SCRIPT (and it is one) is like pieces written in a "Theater Of The Absurd" style.....Of you buy into that Rhetorical Jibberish...what's next on Tiny Hurtful little words to be BANNED List ?.....The Term BLACK, the Term MUSLIM, the Term POOR, The Terms Homosexual,Lesbian or Transsexual,Spanish, Stupid, Evil, Parasite, Sick, Boy, Girl, Man, Woman, Smart, Dumb, Age, Drunk, High, Loaded, Skinny, Fat, Obese, YET it's all right to HATE the WHITE , BLUE-Eyed (Green) Anglo's ......

Then what, will they CUT OUT our Tongues for using those terms....on the other hand they will just get a MUSLIM to cut our heads off...DARN I guess I offended with that remark...PARDON...


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