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French media silent on savage murder of an elderly Orthodox Jewish woman

If the following article does not make the reader feel outrage and/or fear for the future of Western Civilization, nothing will:

"This is a hate crime. This savage hatred and violence is central to the teachings of Islam. The media, the government, they know. Hence the silence.
The murderer recited verses from the Quran. The police were there and didn’t help her while this devout Muslim savagely beat her.
[Upon] hearing Traore yelling “Allahu Akhbar!” and “Shaitan!” (Arabic for ‘Satan’), they feared a terrorist attack was taking place, and called for backup. Anti-terror officers did not arrive until 5:00 a.m., by which time Halimi had been thrown by her attacker from the window of her third-floor apartment to the ground below.At a silent march of remembrance on the Sunday after the murder was met by local youths chanting “Death to the Jews” and “We Own Kalashnikovs."

French Jewish Anger Grows Over Savage Antisemitic Murder of Pensioner at Hands of Muslim in Paris Suburb


Daily Bits...Check out your Reps:This Month York County,Pa 6/01/17

Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Spring 2017
Thank you for visiting my online office. Please fill out the form below to contact me on any state-related issue. Or, if you prefer, refer to my office information below to call or visit me. My staff and I are happy to help.


Globalist elites pour money into destroying Trump in order to regain control

The Constitution and its Bill of Rights are under siege by an evil unrelenting juggernaut, and it is becoming ever more deadly. Anti-American Ole George, his minions and useful idiots will not rest until America is reduced to ashes so as to enable the full implementation of the Globalist agenda.

This is a war between totalitarianism and freedom. Either freedom will win, or it will lose. Period. The outcome depends upon the will and ability of the American citizenry to recognize the depth of the threat, to stand firmly, and to decisively defeat the enemy.

The following article addresses the issue.

Soros, Other Leftists Unveil an $80 Million Anti-Trump Network

By S. Noble
May 29, 201The Center for Popular Democracy Action set up an $80 million anti-Trump Resistance network to defeat Republicans in 2018 and 2020. The ultimate goal is to destroy the Trump agenda.

The biggest funder is George Soros.

The activist organization’s new initiative is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit political organization a…

Once again, the MSM has egg on its face.

Once again, a lack of fact checking and jumping to conclusions undermine  MSM credibility. The "news" agencies are obviously more concerned with protecting the narrative than in reporting the truth

The "white supremacist" who stabbed three people in Portland is actually a Bernie Sanders supporter who hated Donald Trump and threatened to murder his supporters.


America has changed & in my opinion “Not for the Better”…The Old America is Vanishing because Liberalism & Apathy have taken over…We ELECTED Corrupt Politicians Time & Time again…All that did is INVITE more & More Corruption….As we Reflect Today about our Past we should endeavor to Discern & Focus on where we are at & where we are going, if anywhere….I grew up Proudly in a different Era, not perfect but far more Honest than this one…What do you remember about your Past, your Yesterdays & your Memories & Reflections? Here are but a few of mine… I grew up when there was still “Stay At Home Moms”
I grew up when the “FAMILY UNIT” was still alive
I grew up before DEBT made everyone SLAVES to the Banks & Tax Systems or Government
I grew up before “Drug Use & Alcoholism” was Everywhere & Encouraged
I grew up before “Sexual Deviancy” was Celebrated, Taught & Encouraged
I grew up when WORK wasn’t a “Four Letter Word”
I grew up when the Search for TRUT…

Did we hear about Obama's “Back Channel” With Iran

Sigh, just another example of what is good for the goose is strictly forbidden to the gander! The leftist, Ole George owned MSM kept many secrets from the electorate. We only heard about the chief executive's defiance of the Constitution and disdain for the American system in the alternative press, blogs, and social media which were often muzzled by the primary Internet search engine (in cahoots with many of the social media CEOs).
Had HRC been elected, within a few months, D.C. would have gone into the abyss of Stalinism for which the Sheeple had been so skillfully groomed to accept by the previous WH occupant. (opinion mine)

Excerpt from the following post:
"During his first presidential campaign in 2008, Mr.Obama used a secret back channel to Tehran to assure the mullahs that he was a friend of the Islamic Republic, and that they would be very happy with his policies. The secret channel was Ambassador William G. Miller, who served in Iran during the shah’s rule, as chief o…

Democrats/Leftists Behaving Badly

Yes it does make a big difference! The cesspool continues to swirl and emit a most noxious odor.
First, let's examine our favorite current criminal, er, bad boy the former, now fired FBI director.
Comey WASN’T Snookered, He Knew Russian Doc. Was Fake, But Used It As Excuse Anyway
Earlier this week we reported that because the FBI received a secret Russian document describing an email indicating that the Justice Dept. would not try to hard to win the case against Hillary Clinton, then-FBI director Comey was snookered into making his speech that Ms. Clinton was probably guilty but no prosecutor would press charges against her. The Washington Post had reported the document was not only unreliable but possibly a Russian ruse “according to people familiar with its contents.” Now CNN reports that Comey wasn’t snookered, he knew the document was fake BEFORE he made the speech letting HRC off the hook. He snookered the FBI, the Justice Dept., and congress by using it as an excuse for makin…



by Robby Bowling
Well, here we go headed into the Weekend & not just any Weekend because it’s a Run up to “Memorial Day!” Sadly most People haven’t a CLUE what “Memorial Day” even is….To them is like a Holiday, an excuse to go Bargain Hunting for “Crap You Really Don’t Need” at Wally World, Target or the Grocery Stores….

While there are STILL Some “Land Dwellers” who understand what “Memorial Day” really means it will be completely OVER-SHADOWED by the HATE MANTRA from the Species “IGNORAMUS LIBERAL” A Parasite that EVOLVED from the Excrement of the “Three-Toed Sloth”….These talent-less Ignorant Fools were Born, Bred & Raised to Hate EVERYTHING on Command.They have NO Capacity to Think, Reason or Understand Anything….Their only PURPOSE in life is Chaos, Anarchy, Destruction while having Perverted Sex with their own Gender (whatever the crap that is or isn’t)….They can’t work, they’ve no talent, but when the “STATE OF CHAOS” …

Are some Democrats being blackmailed?

Excerpt:“Awan began working for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida in 2005, and his wife, his brother’s wife, and two of his brothers all appeared on the payrolls of various House Democrats soon after, payroll records show. They have collected $4 million since 2010.”

House IT Aides Fear Suspects in Data Breach are Blackmailing Members
Five Capitol Hill technology aides say they’re confused why four former House IT workers who were banned over allegations of data theft have been left largely untouched.
Where are the arrests?
Police banned Imran Awan and three relatives from the House computer networks after evidence surfaced that the brothers — the relatives — had accessed the data without first obtaining congressional permission.
But little been done about the suspects, and now aides fear the data on Capitol Hill has been compromised — and that nobody’s being held accountable.

From the Daily Caller:
“Congressional technology aides are baffled that data-theft allegations agai…


by Robby Bowling
When I wake up every morning, I like everyone else have a 'Routine" that I go through...Make a cup of coffee, take a shower & turn on either the radio or television, for news updates, weather & even a little humor to get away from the reality that "We All Live In Now!"...That being said, I find myself Asking & Wondering If I haven't, in FACT, DIED & woke up in "NEVER NEVER LAND" or for that matter "HELL!" I don't even recognize America anymore.Now admitting I'm no Einstein, I seem to be walking in a LAND where IGNORANCE Flourishes....And that's from the MYTHICAL Top of this Society to the Sewers...The only thing that makes any sense is that some kind of PLAGUE has hit Planet EARTH...Was it Mushroom Spores, Green Men From Mars....Nah, couldn't be that...Oh, hold on it was the RUSSIANS....It was a "STUPID BOMB"...hell it worked ...

I guess there are just Some Things that …

FYI, The new normal: Threats of death/violence against GOP lawmakers

It appears as though verbal abuse, and/or violence is always just around the corner for many, no matter who they may be. Conservative speakers, writers, Trump supporters, Democrats who do not toe the party line, and now GOP politicians face death threats and bodily harm should they be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
And seditious Ole' George's servile MSM appears to be encouraging this Stalinist trend.
Can the American Republic be saved?

Thanks, liberal media: Republicans now face death threats from violent leftists
By Joe Newby -
May 22, 2017 On Sunday,’s Adam Shaw reported that Republican members of Congress going home to speak with constituents are now facing violence and death threats from radical leftists, prompting some to increase security at town hall events as a consequence of what Shaw called a “culture of violence being fostered by left-wing activists and their allies in the liberal media.”

Shaw provided some examples:

A man was arrested la…

Manchester: Is the new normal the targeting of teenage girls?

What will it take to stop the PC insanity that shields the truth regarding the Jihad against the West! These are not just attacks by lone wolves, disgruntled Muslims, or insane people. While such may engage in acts of violence, the underlying driver is JIHAD, coordinated and implemented by those who seek a Caliphate and the death of all non-believers. They must be rooted out and given no quarter in the legal system. They are murderers and must be dealt with as such.
Murder is murder no matter what the motivation. Will day care centers, pre-schools, or public schools be next?
Face the facts or die!
The post below addresses Manchester in detail:

Manchester: This Time They Came for Our Children
By Roger L Simon May 22, 2017

It's not just "Manchester England, England." If you think what happened in Blighty can't happen here -- 19 killed, 59 injured -- you'll have to excuse me if I say "You're out of your bloomin' mind." Did you already forget 9/11/…

Cover-up Regarding The Seth Rich Affair Exploding

All doubts of MSM collusion with the "Powers That Be" for nefarious purposes designed to maintain the status quo are now erased.
The following post abounds in details regarding the lies, cover-up, and squelching of an investigation into what appears to a murder.

MSM Attempts To Kill 'Murdered DNC Staffer Story,' And Instead Blows Up The Internet
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine
Brief Summary Of Background: DNC Data analyst, who it appears was a Bernie Sanders supporter, discovers the DNC rigged the primaries against Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton, via internal emails exposed by Wikileaks. DNC staffer sends thousands of emails to Wikileaks. DNC staffer is murdered amidst the Wikileaks publications. Wikileaks offers 20k reward for information on DNC staffer's murder. Julian Assange of Wikileaks speaks about the risks to leakers, then brings up DNC staffers murder on the same day of reward offer.

Caught up? Good, because this story just went mainstream because…

Just one example of blatant voter fraud

Excerpt: Before the election, Sidney Williams, 33, made secret audio recordings of his interactions with Jose Barrientos, a campaign worker who suggested on tape that he pay off someone inside the county elections office to find out when mail-in ballots get sent out. "He's not supposed to but yeah," Barrientos told Williams. "But then you've got to drop a hundred or two or three. Whatever it is. He can't do it for free."

Dallas County Whistleblower Tapes Democrat Campaign Worker Describing Voter Fraud Schemes By Debra HeineMay 17, 2017
What is being described as one of the biggest voter fraud investigations in Texas history is currently unfolding in Dallas. For the past couple of months prosecutors in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office have been looking into allegations of voter fraud. Their investigation accelerated last week when more criminal and voter fraud allegations stemming from the May 6 election emerged. The D.A.…

Repost: Ten US cases of refugee Islamic terror arrests/convictions

Includes many informative links
posted by Ann Corcoran on May 16, 2017
Editor: A reader asked me over the weekend for the statistics on refugees committing crimes. I told him that as far as I know there is no place where crime statistics compiled those cases by immigration status.
For new readers, because there is no actual data that I know of (unless buried in the bowels of some federal agency)***, back in December I compiled this list of top refugee crime cases I had written about over the years. It does not include petty crimes and theft, spousal abuse, welfare fraud, etc.—just the high profile cases involving terrorism, murder and rape.

Here is my earlier post:
I’ve been procrastinating about writing this post, because it required work!
I had to go back through my over 2,000 posts on refugee crimes, here, and pull out Islamic terror cases involving refugees. I chose ten, not for any other reason than these ten below are at the top of my mind. And, I think ten is enoug…

The coup against our lawfully elected chief executive ramps up

Many Americans could not stomach the election of the previous president. There were many questions regarding his qualifications, even down to whether or not he was really a citizen of this nation. However, there were no riots, only questions, and any inquiries regarding his qualifications and legitimacy were ignored. Ole George's MSM protected and shielded this man from head to foot and never questioned the sealing of all of his previous records, his utter lack of experience, and sometimes obvious lack of knowledge.
However, the same cannot be said for the current White House occupant. Riots, physical violence, and destruction of private property began almost as soon as he won the primary and continue to escalate to this very day. He is attacked from all sides because he is bucking the entrenched system which has been most generous to the elites who run it and are pushing for globalism, which would also benefit them greatly.
The only ones who support the man are the legions of…

Talk about Impeachable offenses, here are 25 good ones.

Why do we still talk about the former President? Because he is still very much around, active, and seditious. His OFA group is highly organized, focused, well funded and dangerous.
Compared to the street rioters financed by Ole George, it appears innocuous. It is not.

The following post is quite long and detailed. About about half way down, the following listed impeachable actions committed by the former chief executive are fully discussed. Many may know about some or maybe even most of them but will undoubtedly see some they the did knew nothing about.

25 'impeachable' Obama scandals far more serious than Comey firing
Ex-president racked up BIG LIST of outrageous abuses of executive power

Two Hypocritical Democrats with financial ties to Russia (how many more might there be?)

No one will ever see this news on the MSM! This revelation proves that the Leftists Democrats are not just simple hypocrites, but colluding, conniving, cowards completely hysterical over the fact that their own iniquities will be exposed. Their only hope is to keep the spotlight on Trump and scream that he is an illegitimate president and should be impeached. For one of the subjects of this post, protesters recently gathered in front of her home to demand her impeachment.
Will more disgruntled Dem voters begin to call out their own members of Congress over the non performance exhibited by them so far? Obstruction and defiance will not take the Dem legislators very far in the eyes of many of their constituents.

LMAO! Another Democrat exposed with deep Russian financial ties. Guess who
by Thomas Madison
May 17, 2017
Isn’t it funny how members of the
Hypocrite Democrat Party who were screaming the loudest about the Trump/Russia collusion fairy tale are now being exposed as having hardcore…

Two very disturbing stories that might be related

Excerpt:“My investigation shows someone within the D.C. government, Democratic National Committee or Clinton team is blocking the murder investigation from going forward,” Wheeler told Fox News. “That is unfortunate. Seth Rich’s murder is unsolved as a result of that.”....
The question remains who is impeding this investigation

Seth Rich, slain DNC staffer, had contact with WikiLeaks, say multiple sources
By Malia Zimmerman
Published May 16, 2017
The Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down on July 10 on a Washington, D.C., street just steps from his home had leaked thousands of internal emails to WikiLeaks, law enforcement sources told Fox News.
A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report -- generated within 96 hours after DNC staffer Seth Rich's murder -- detailing the contents Rich’s computer said he made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLe…

One more example of a well patronized Alt Left "demonstration"

The new normal: What the Left does not get legally or by the electoral process, it will attempt to get via well funded thuggery with an overlay of hysteria and more than a touch of insanity.
The post below is just one more example of the uncivilized behavior they are engaging in to protest Ajit Pai's stance on Net "Neutrality".

Alt-Left Targets Ajit Pai
Members of violent protest groups organize events in FCC chairman's neighborhood

BY: Elizabeth Harrington Members of the alt-left with a history of participating in violent protests are targeting the neighborhood of the Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai.
The organizers, connected to DisruptJ20 and Code Pink, said they are "taking the fight to Pai's front door," leaving leaflets on the doors in Pai's neighborhood last weekend to protest changes to the Obama administration net neutrality policy.

On Sunday, the activists will again target Pai's neighborhood, this time with a "…

In Case You Missed This: The Media Blackout On The DNC Lawsuit Proves That It Is Nuclear

Excellent no holds barred write-up with some eye popping information:

by Caitlin Johnstone,\
I had the privilege of interviewing my newest personal hero yesterday, attorney Elizabeth Lee Beck, about her legal team’s fraud case against the Democratic National Committee. One of the many useful insights that this straight-shooting mom on fire brought to light during our conversation was her story about a time she reached out to New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro to get some help cracking through the deep, dark media blackout on this extremely important case. Barbaro had previously interviewed Beck and featured her in a front-page story not long ago, so she had every reason to try and contact him. What happened next?

“The little piss head blocks me,” Beck said.

Why is a journalist for the New York Times blocking a potential source from contacting him? Why is the mainstream media refusing to go anywhere near a legal case that has heavy implications for the future of American democracy? …

Just three examples of Leftist contempt for the "deplorables" and the "lumpenproletariat"

Make no mistake, contempt for rural, middle, and working class America is sine qua non for the self exalted Leftists.
Where do these prima donnas think their food as well other resources for their high flying standards of living come from? And they wonder why Trump was elected?
Excerpts from the following post discuss the delusions of the hive minded serving the agenda of their masters.

From Daniel Greenfield in Frontpage Mag:
The Left’s Culture of Contempt
Saving America by hating everyone.

Garland cover-up among 10 major FBI scandals on Comey’s watch plus

Much has been written about Comey and the apparent ineptness of his FBI. The question for many has been is his leadership simply incompetent or treacherous.
The following post contains ten major known scandals during his tenure. How many more "mishandlings" do we not know about?

"Comey’s FBI knew about impending attack and did nothing. They wanted us dead. What better way to enforce Obama’s declaration, “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” It was the SWAT team we hired to protect us who killed the jihad attackers. FBI must answer for Garland.
Remember: at our free speech event, Geert Wilders, the leader of Holland’s second largest political party, was there. He has for years been targeted for assassination. Imagine if they had been successful. My colleague Robert Spencer and I have received numerous death threats from Muslims. Cartoon contest winner Bosch Fawstin drew Muhammad. Did Obama’s pro-Islam FBI want us all dead?

Hungary Takes EU To Court Over Migrant Demands

By Jacob Bojesson, Daily Caller, May 10, 2017:
 Hungary and Slovakia addressed the European Court of Justice Wednesday in a joint case against the European Union’s refugee distribution scheme.The EU Council has moved to distribute hundreds of thousands of refugees across Europe to lighten the burden on Italy and Greece. The Hungarian government has opposed the move from the start and proposes a new mechanism to mass deport migrants instead.
“We have complied a ten-point list of reasons we believe this decision to be illegal,” Hungary’s Justice Minister Laszlo Trocsanyi told German newspaper Die Welt. “The decision to assign quotas also sends the wrong signal to potential migrants.”
Trocsanyi said the current message from the EU is “Go ahead and come to Europe, we will handle the distribution.”
So far, less than 18 percent of the 100,000 migrants have been relocated under the quota system. A ruling in the case is expected this fall and Trocsanyi said Hungary will accept the outco…

One factor in Comey's firing: his aid in the cover-up the unmasking scandal?

BREAKING: Real Reason Comey Was Fired: Helping To Cover Up Stunning Obama Unmasking Scandal? 
Posted on May 10, 2017 by DCWhispers Barack Obama (and the Clinton Machine) used the powers of the federal government to illegally influence an ongoing U.S. presidential election. That rumor is nothing new – and a great deal of evidence has already been leaked to indicate it is in fact true. Now another layer of credible evidence has been added to this blockbuster scenario. U.S. intelligence experts are stating that former FBI Director James Comey is believed to have been aiding in the cover up of that massive scandal and that is the primary reason for his sudden firing.

See video for further explanation/confirmation:

Source:  DC Whispers

And so it Begins: The Fall of France. How Long Before All of Europe and America Succumb?

Is self hatred the emerging globalist tool for the defeat of patriotism and nationalism? The socio/psychological war has been waging for some time, and it just may be on the verge of success--at least in France. One should be astounded that the French, of all nationalities should be the first to completely cave to the elitist "Agenda". Did the voters really know what they were getting?
Can America resist the siren call of world unity?
Behold Macron's statements and actions from the following articles.

"Boiled down to its simplest form, Macron’s win shows that the Establishment can elect one of its own against a patriot like Marine Le Pen if they can convince enough of the electorate that it’s ‘racist’ to vote in favor of preserving one’s own country and civilization,"....
Macron has said that French culture does not exist and that there is no such thing as a distinctive French art, Jatras recalled
"One is stunned. What country more than la belle France und…

If your city has low income housing (or a greedy meatpacker nearby!) you could get refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran

During the final years of the Obama Administration, the US Department of State created a little bookletfor communities to use to help plan for their town to be a new resettlement site.
This morning, reader Joanne sent this newsfrom Colorado: Ft. Collins hasn’t enough low income housing so refugees are not being placed there in any numbers.
I’ll give you the news and then send you to places where you can learn more about the refugee program.  (Commenter Nancy, in a followup e-mail, asked to be further educated!).  Apologies to long-time readers who find the repetition boring!
FORT COLLINS COLORADOAN – While national rhetoric on immigration, presidential executive orders and international factors slow in the number of refugees settling in the U.S., a lack of affordable housing has all but halted refugee resettlement in Fort Collins, experts say. Just 13 refugees have resettled in Fort Collins since 2002, and none have moved to the city since 2012, accordin…

Something to enjoy!

For a change of pace,  listen to the Clann an Drumma, Scottish tribal drummers playing 'Fingers' at Scone Palace, Scotland.

Daily Bits...Check out your Reps:This Month York County,Pa 05/06/17

Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Spring 2017
Thank you for visiting my online office. Please fill out the form below to contact me on any state-related issue. Or, if you prefer, refer to my office information below to call or visit me. My staff and I are happy to help.


Islamopower: Meet the new Muslim PAC

The following report is detailed and worth reading. One may find the amount of political/cultural penetration into America portentous, to say the least. It is not alarmist to say that should this Islamist soft jihad continue here, America will be Europe within 50 years, possibly sooner.

by Leo Hohmann
A new organization called Jetpac Inc. is mobilizing to get more Muslims elected to public office in U.S. cities and states, but an investigation into the founder’s background reveals ties to the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, which has been hard at work trying to influence American politics since the 1990s.

The first Muslim elected to a national office was Rep. Keith Ellison, who was elected in 2006 to represent a heavily Democratic district in Minnesota. He was sworn into office with his hand on the Quran, and that singular act opened a world of possibilities for other politically minded Muslims.

But the victories since then have been few and far between, says Nadeem Mazen, and that’s why …

Obama White House counsel part of early talks on Clinton email release, notes show

As many suspected, Obama knew about her personal server and "mishandling" of classified information from the beginning.

Published May 05, 2017The Obama administration’s White House counsel was directly involved in deliberations over the release of Hillary Clinton emails as early as spring 2015, according to handwritten FBI agent notes released by the bureau late Friday.
The notes read: "Pat Kennedy (early May '15) calls interagency MTG (meeting) re: scheduled release by JAN '16, asking quick turnarounds - WH Counsel, CIA, etc...OSD, DNI, NSC and (redacted)"
The notes offer a raw account of the case from the perspective of FBI agents. Much of the content already had been documented in previously released FBI interview summaries, ca…

Did Farrakhan get his wish? Police 'ambushes' soar across U.S.

Once again we are reminded that the war on police is alive and well. Make no mistake, anarchy rules. Trump supporters are attacked where ever they appear, Conservatives are not allowed to speak on certain college campuses out of safety concerns, and the MSM slants the "news" to the point where it has become propaganda.
There has been a great deal of coverage regarding the street violence wrought by Antifa and other forms of "resistance" and the ambush attacks/killing of police officers has been pushed into the background. We cannot forget the manifestation of this horrendous turn of events.
The anti Trump forces are backed by Soros, the anti-police factions are following the exhortations of Louis Farrakhan. When he called for the police to be "stalked and killed", whether he meant figuratively or literally, the result has been deadly.
The following post discusses the epidemic of anti- police violence.

Nation of Islam leader encouraged followers to 's…

Leftist misdeeds ignored. Will justice ever be served?

Obviously,the fact that the left gets away with such as the following clearly states that although all are created to be equal, some are more equal than others.
The issue is not so much will justice be served because, in time it may very well be, but why was nothing done at the time these acts of chicanery and skullduggery were being committed.
Not to beat a dead horse but, as we all know, had anyone on the right committed any of the following they would have been excoriated and banished from the light into eternal political darkness.

FBI Investigating College Trashed by Bernie Sanders' Wife
Good news for Bernie. Cuba and Venezuela have no extradition treaty with the United States.
Here's a flashback on Jane Sanders' amazing college adventure.
The Justice Department was investigating the activities of the now-defunct Burlington College as recently as February, according to emails obtained through a public records request.
The emails show the U.S. attorney for Vermont and a…