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Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Spring 2017 

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Monthly Bits: Check out your Rep: May 2017:
94th legislative District: State Representative Stan Saylor:
Check out your Reps: Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Spring  2017
Monthly Bits For May: 

Nancy Reagan’s “JUST SAY NO!” keeps ringing in my ears. There is an all out war on drugs in Pennsylvania. We no longer live under the tree of peace with William Penn and the peace pipe treaties which actually meant peace and carried out the promises spoken. Our children have been taught to just take a pill and some of the side effects are even death, suicidal thoughts, and deaths of young lives have been taken by these (so called) health pills. Even the news media is trying to fight this after it hits home so hard in our young people. We have our representative Scott Perry making the congress aware of this crucial crisis. These side effects cause mental illness and then it creates chaos. Let’s get to the root of this problem. Representative Perry is taking this to the congressional floor.

 Representative Perry-new Video 


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