America has changed & in my opinion “Not for the Better”…The Old America is Vanishing because Liberalism & Apathy have taken over…We ELECTED Corrupt Politicians Time & Time again…All that did is INVITE more & More Corruption….As we Reflect Today about our Past we should endeavor to Discern & Focus on where we are at & where we are going, if anywhere….I grew up Proudly in a different Era, not perfect but far more Honest than this one…What do you remember about your Past, your Yesterdays & your Memories & Reflections? Here are but a few of mine…
I grew up when there was still “Stay At Home Moms”
I grew up when the “FAMILY UNIT” was still alive
I grew up before DEBT made everyone SLAVES to the Banks & Tax Systems or Government
I grew up before “Drug Use & Alcoholism” was Everywhere & Encouraged
I grew up before “Sexual Deviancy” was Celebrated, Taught & Encouraged
I grew up when WORK wasn’t a “Four Letter Word”
I grew up when the Search for TRUTH & KNOWLEDGE weren’t clouded with Prejudices
I grew up when you actually got BOTH SIDES OF A STORY
I grew up before the MEDIA became an ESTATE of this Government
I grew up Watching the MLK Marches & we understood & we celebrated
I grey up when the CHURCH was still about “Saving Souls”
I grew up before CHURCHES turned to Greed & became only INTERESTED in MONEY
I grew up when “Charity” came from the HEART & wasn’t a “BIG BUSINESS” or “HUSTLE”
I grew up when we “ACTUALLY” could have “Honest Discussions * Honest Disagreements” & remain FRIENDS
I grew up when HATE & PREJUDICES” weren’t Propagated by the MEDIA/SCHOOL & the GOVERNMENT
I grew up when SCHOOLS were still “Institutions Of Higher Learning” & Not “Behavior Modification Factories”
I grew up when our REAL HISTORY, flaws & are were taught, used as lessons & celebrated for the Good
I grew up when we could both “Laugh & Cry” & show REAL HONEST EMOTIONS, not faked ones
I grew up before the “War On Poverty” enslaved MINORITY'S to Housing Projects & One Parent Families
I grew up before Muslims were IMPORTED into America to help Destroy our Value System
I grew up before “Quantity” was substituted for “Quality”
I grew up when VALUE didn’t necessarily have a PRICE TAG on it
I grew up before People became “Calloused , Numb & Cold”
I grew up when we all had DREAMS of a Better, Fruitful Life with Family & Real Friends
I grew up in an ERA where your Dream & Goals could become Real if you Worked for them (no it wasn’t perfect)
I grew up before LIVING evolved into just EXISTING
I grew up before an “ELECTED GROUP (537) of Men/Women sold America out to SATAN for “37 PIECES OF SILVER”
Yes I am one of the “Old Disgruntled Bastards Of Yesteryear”
I saw JFK & MLK Murdered Live on Television, I saw us Put a Man on the Moon
We didn’t live in Fear of a scam some call “Global Warming”
We didn’t live in Fear of a “Muslim Caliphate” destroying & beheading Christians,Hindus or Buddhists
Yes we did worry about a “Nuclear War” with Russia, but not IRAN or North Korea…
We did Worry about Communism invading our Borders…with a War
We never gave a second thought to Communism Taking over our Government “FROM WITHIN” & it did
At almost EVERY Juncture, Place & Time when Washington DC could have been TRUTHFUL , it DECEIVED US!
When we NEEDED Leadership the Most all we got was COWARDS & JUDAS’S
When we needed “Inclusive Spiritual Uplifting Moments” all we got was “Rhetorical Blathering Hate Filled Lies”
To use a cliche, “Stupid is as stupid does”
We need builders, so what do we have & what do we see; Anarchy & Chaos
Do you see Progress, I DO NOT…
Do you see Hope, I see very little
All I see are SMALL MINDED MEN who Lust for Power & that SERVE no one but themselves
We are apparently losing a War without a Shot Being Fired
“The Best Way To Lose A War Is to Surrender”-George Orwell
Take a picture of your Past before this Damn Government takes it away from you for the last time & makes you BEG for Yourself….

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