by Robby Bowling
Well, here we go headed into the Weekend & not just any Weekend because it’s a Run up to “Memorial Day!” Sadly most People haven’t a CLUE what “Memorial Day” even is….To them is like a Holiday, an excuse to go Bargain Hunting for “Crap You Really Don’t Need” at Wally World, Target or the Grocery Stores….

While there are STILL Some “Land Dwellers” who understand what “Memorial Day” really means it will be completely OVER-SHADOWED by the HATE MANTRA from the Species “IGNORAMUS LIBERAL” A Parasite that EVOLVED from the Excrement of the “Three-Toed Sloth”….These talent-less Ignorant Fools were Born, Bred & Raised to Hate EVERYTHING on Command.They have NO Capacity to Think, Reason or Understand Anything….Their only PURPOSE in life is Chaos, Anarchy, Destruction while having Perverted Sex with their own Gender (whatever the crap that is or isn’t)….They can’t work, they’ve no talent, but when the “STATE OF CHAOS” rings them up on their CELL-PHONES they go into action….Enough of that, some of us recognize it for what it is…

Have you ever asked yourself, what happened to “People Of Action?” The people that Knew “Right, Wrong or Indifferent” that Progress was only possible by “TAKING RISKS!” Those that SETTLED this Land knew there were “No Guarantees” or if you will ‘No Promises” …You Lived or you Perished by your own devices….Today’s IDIOTS don’t really understand that “DOING NOTHING” is a Negative ACTION that you ALLOW to control you….That is to say, being PASSIVE is almost a Death Wish or Suicide, take your pick……I’m sorry, but I’m not WIRED that way…I know I cannot control Everything, I understand that when I make a Decision, one that’s either Right or Wrong, I have to LIVE WITH IT….Period….

These Days everything is either “Superficial, Phony, Faux or Fake” & it’s simply an ILLUSION or DELUSION…Didn’t we all grow up KNOWING & UNDERSTANDING that the “Cartoon Characters” as well as Television Shows” were FICTION? They were & still are Illusions Of Fantasy, Sometimes based on a Reality (WHO'S) or not…Apparently, people are no longer able to make that “Conclusion” obvious or not…WHY? And if you can’t ANSWER the WHY, then ask yourself this; what does this say about a FUTURE, that is if there is one?

MEMORIAL DAY, should be a day of Reflection & it still is with a Few & with Sadly Declining Numbers….At this MOMENT the LIBERAL FOOLS are totally dismantling our HISTORY! They’ve already Started Rewriting the Narrative, their Version of History & its not only based on a LIE, its actually nothing LESS that a TRAP….It’s easier to “Capture The Hearts & Minds” of a Sub-Species that Can’t Think, Can’t Reason or DO ANYTHING for themselves…

Throughout History you can make the argument that every Nation, every Civilization & every Species has done a Wretched Job f Learning from our Past Mistakes…Why did Rome or Athens Fall? What really Happened to the Inca’s & the Aztecs…Look at Egypt? It should be easy to see, We didn’t Learn Very Well! The Question remains WHY? Were we TOLD the Truth about it, or is it we were told a “Convenient Lie or Narrative?

If you were born an Indian & your Tribal Elder via one of his MUSHROOM or PEYOTE Visions came to some STUPID Conclusion that the SNAKES, ALLIGATORS & BEARS were not the “Natural Enemy” to be FEARED…And the old IDIOT Chief Johnny Kerry said, all we need to do is “Love Them, Hug Them & Give them Good Jobs & we call ALL BE HAPPY…..Well, how long would that Chief, that Village survive…

Why are we allowing ourselves to be treated like a Herd of Cattle or a Flock of Sheep by the WOLVES that will consume us….Isn’t that the REAL END GAME….This Society has Ceased to Function for the FEW WORKING CLASS People left….Now it works just Fine for the ELITES that Rule & Laugh at our STUPIDITY to go along with this scam….Time may well be a “Continuum” but into what….A Victory is a Victory…Learning from Mistakes is a Victory…You don’t Learn anything from a LIE….The Ignorance we see in AMERICA today is not what Men & Women Fought WARS for….

Darwin wrote the book on Evolution, what in the Hell have we EVOLVED into….I certainly don’t know…..I read all the Books by “Huxley, Orwell & Ann Rynd” they got it & they understood, but I’m starting to think their VISION of our Future was Too Optimistic ….There’s Certainly “Something Rotten in Denmark” & now there’s “SOMETHING’S ROTTEN IN WASHINGTON DC”

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