Globalist elites pour money into destroying Trump in order to regain control

The Constitution and its Bill of Rights are under siege by an evil unrelenting juggernaut, and it is becoming ever more deadly. Anti-American Ole George, his minions and useful idiots will not rest until America is reduced to ashes so as to enable the full implementation of the Globalist agenda.

This is a war between totalitarianism and freedom. Either freedom will win, or it will lose. Period. The outcome depends upon the will and ability of the American citizenry to recognize the depth of the threat, to stand firmly, and to decisively defeat the enemy.

The following article addresses the issue.

Soros, Other Leftists Unveil an $80 Million Anti-Trump Network

By S. Noble
May 29, 201The Center for Popular Democracy Action set up an $80 million anti-Trump Resistance network to defeat Republicans in 2018 and 2020. The ultimate goal is to destroy the Trump agenda.

The biggest funder is George Soros.

The activist organization’s new initiative is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit political organization and as such is not required to disclose its donors.

The network is comprised of many former ACORN employees and the focus will be on stopping voter ID laws. They will also concentrate on gerrymandering and automatic voter registration programs.

If Democrats aren’t going to engage in voter fraud, why are they concerned about voter ID laws? We all know minorities are just as capable of securing voter ID as whites.

The network will span 32 states and have 48 local partners, CNN reported.
Keith Ellison, deputy chair of the DNC, backs the effort. Tom Perez, the chair of the DNC, is also promoting it. Both Ellison and Perez and very far left politically, as is Soros.

These people are anti-American. The days of the Democrat party representing mostly liberals are over. There is nothing liberal about them. They are hardcore leftists which is what Progressives are.

Ironically, they say they are standing up for “American values”.
“This national network, led by working class people of color and immigrants, will supply the power and the fight we need to resist the Trump administration’s all-out assault on American values,” Ellison told CNN. “I look forward to standing with CPD Action’s leaders in the streets and in Congress to win real progressive change.”

CPD Action Network President and co-Executive Director Jennifer Epps-Addison told CNN: “It’s no longer enough to be in California and be satisfied by having a progressive city council or to be in New York and to able to pass things like paid sick days,” Epps-Addison said. “Being located in a progressive city or progressive state is no longer enough to protect our families. … We need to mobilize, unite and defend sanctuary cities and policies that protect immigrant communities and local power.”

What we are seeing in California and New York City – I am from New York – is communism, socialism, and fascism in some cases. Those are the the so-called American values they want to further.
 (emphasis mine)

Co-chairs of the Spring gala and fundraiser are Socialist union leaders Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, and the SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry. They plan to honor Islamic fascist Keith Ellison.\

Source:  Independent Sentinel

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