One More Step Toward Globalist Domination

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After the 911 attack which destroyed the World Trade Center towers and seriously damaged the Pentagon, Americans became justifiably afraid.

Such an attack on the homeland had neither been expected nor even thought possible by the average citizen. The false sense of security that the populace had been living under was forever shattered. Fear of insecurity leads to feelings of vulnerability. The collective I.Q. takes over and enables those in charge to easily manipulate the understandably frightened masses.

Now over a decade later, the citizenry faces a domestic ideological division on a seemingly unprecedented scale, racial strife, illegal immigration, a forced "refugee" resettlement which masks a hidden agenda (along with planned measures to counteract any protests against it), a tanking economy, and a foreign policy that appears to have no rudder but also seems to have another hidden agenda to those who eventually emerged from the shock and were able to garner enough brain cells to clearly examine the issues.

Much has been written on these matters not only on this blog but on many others as well.

Every incident of violence, either terrorist or gun related mass shootings, many at the hands of a mentally ill offender, seems to bring about the call for the implementation of ever more restrictive measures which would effectively result in the abolition of our Bill Of Rights.

The MSM must be careful in how it reports these acts. There can be no "false" accusations of racial or religious discrimination. Adherence to stringent requirements regarding political correctness, must be practiced lest the "false accuser" end up in dire straits with the ever growing, more powerful "Ministry Of Truth".

Soros Appointed Head Of The Ministry Of Truth

Now, we have another globalist control tool. The latest and greatest is The Strong Cities Network. Not only will the UN have control over our daily lives via Agenda 21, but over our domestic and foreign "security" as well.

In an address to the United Nations General Assembly, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch joined with other world leaders to announce the global network, according theNew York Observer, the New York Times, Al Jazeera America and Justice Department press releases here and here. New York City will participate in the network, which also includes Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, Paris, London, Montreal, Beirut and Oslo, according to the Strong Cities Network website.

How many truly understand exactly what this means, or more correctly, even know that it is happening.

Those who do and support rigid controls are the ones who benefit from the largess of the redistribution of wealth amassed by the hard work of others.

Unfortunately for them, time and money will run out and these useful idiots will be led to the edge of the ditch because they are no longer needed and are now considered to be burdens.

The gullibility of so many is truly amazing and incomprehensible. Have the "authorities" been putting something in the water or exercising mind control. The issue of contaminating the water is perhaps fantasy, but mind control through the dumbing down of the educational system and the Soros dominated MSM are indeed facts as any discerning news gatherer knows.

Indeed, the ultimate goal of The Powers That Be:

The Hypnotized, Neutered Masses

In his piece called Dying Empires, written for Money and Markets, Larry Edleson discussed the illusion of security that many have regarding the markets and economy in general. While his article is largely geared towards the survival of the individual investor, he puts things into historical context. Additionally, he sounds the clarion on the elitists preservation of their own wealth and power.

Also keep in mind that history tells us that when governments and empires start to decline, they regularly unravel with terrifying speed.
17 years for the British Empire …
11 years for the Ottomans …
8 years for France …
2 years for the Soviet Union …
In every case … the people ignored the writing on the wall, thinking it couldn’t happen to them.
In every case … the government feigned ignorance, swearing on a stack of Bibles that the worst was over.
In every case … the majority failed to prepare for what was coming.
One need only look to Europe for the tragic results, where rioting, civil unrest, and depression-like conditions are now a way of life.
Jobs are being hemorrhaged. Personal income is falling. Social services are deteriorating. Home values are plunging. Crime is soaring.

The general citizenry will eventually become the disdained lumpenproletariat by those in charge. Europe is gone and as a nation, we are almost gone, morally, spiritually, legally, militarily and financially. Western Civilization is collapsing under the weight of its own iniquities and is dying. What will come after the fall.

If the above sounds all too familiar, it is. Not to worry, under the Strong Cities Network, all will be under control and well. That also is all too familiar. Thus another knot in the globalist victory noose. The elites will be firmly in charge and we will either toe the line, be executed, or hiding out in caves.

Although there are some young who see the light, are there enough? Some of the people are aware, but will they have it in them to resist or will they be so cowed that they will simply accept their designated roles as helots. Too many others are so ignorant regarding the truth of their circumstances that they do not even know that they are mere chattels of the elites.

The following is for those who refuse to bow to any overlord.

Two Steps From Hell - Never Back Down

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