by Robby Bowling

As a relic from the past, I've seen my share of sunup's , sundowns, rains, droughts, highs & conversely lows....Yet here I am sitting. Watching, observing, listening with the RANCID Smell of DEATH all around me....We are witnessing our own Death or perhaps Execution...and add insult to injury we paid for it dearly.. With the Death of HUMAN Intelligence, the Family & all love...What is left when you have a Soulless Society? Is this REALLY where we wanted to go? I don't think so....Yet the RUINS are piling up one at a time....And if I may they aren't all VISIBLE ....They are and were our hearts & souls...Having said that , if you are reading this you are likely a choir & I'm just Rambling....However some day's I need to VENT & try to Comprehend how MILLIONS bought into this LIE, this Con, This Illusion, this NOW Nightmare...WHEN will we realize that this is a WAKE & our FUNERAL is imminent ...the COFFIN has been prepared...

Let me reflect for a moment about my observations as a child growing up in North Texas on a FARM.....We had at one time a small dairy & we raised & maintained a small Herd of Cattle.....and like children they have to be fed.....well my chore in the afternoon after school was to round them up & feed them & with the help of old Border Collie a old Chevy Pickup & its HORN...I'd go into the pasture every afternoon to DRIVE them back to the BARNS to eat....well we did this Routine everyday, rain or shine....cold or hot....The Horn & the old DOG actually did all the work .....Honk to get their attention & the old DOG would Cut & Herd them....And to my amazement because we repeated this process everyday at the same time I found out that after a while all I had to do to get them to come to feed was to HONK the HORN....They came in on their on accord & the old Dog would help with the Stragglers...

We TRAINED the Cattle the SAME way our GOVERNMENT has trained this Pathetically Stupid Dumbed Down Class of Cave Dwellers....with REWARDS of FOOD & SHELTER!!!!! We kept the Cattle Fenced in so they Knew their Boundaries....and other than a old Bull Chasing a Heifer or Cow in HEAT we rarely had STRAYS.....Just keeping them FED was the trick....Little did they know they were being FATTENED UP for Slaughter....That was the END GAME....The AMERICAN public has & is being used for the SAME Purpose....

Personally I don't believe I was born or gifted this life to be a Servant of this OR any other Government....I will serve my God, my Family & my Friends that I love FIRST.....This GOVERNMENT which is supposed to serve the PEOPLE only serves itself....We have become the entertainment , the Meal & the SLAVES for this unmitigated EVIL....And THE PRICE WE PAID , was TOO MUCH!

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