by Robby Bowling

I would honestly like to see the FOOLS that HONESTLY believe this Pathetic Parasitical Corrupt Government represents you.....Let's see here how they Love You & America....How can you be so STUPID as to believe they care for you & Love this now PLUNDERED defeated Culture....What are we ZOMBIES without a Brain or Heart, DEAD for all intensive purposes .....

They have KILLED Free Speech....They have Diluted & Polluted this Country with ILLEGAL Immigrants WHY? Not to better this Society....Not to Enrich those Poor Downtrodden FOOLS Lives.....But to use them to Replace US....Let's also be honest here These MUSLIMS & Illegal Immigrants are Illiterate, few shills if any....And the MUSLIMS probably have ISIS on there RESUME...but if you listened to all the LIBERAL Parrots out there you'd think they all were Graduates from HARVARD.....

And to all of the Delusional Perverted Homosexuals & Transsexuals out the how in the **** do you reconcile the FACT that after the MUSSIES Hump you like their Lover Goat or Sheep they will castrate you & stuff your Privates up your ARISE or in your Mouth just before they LOP off your head with a guillotine.....

And to the Politically Correct FAUX Christians who Follow the Anti-Christ like POPE, Rick Warren or the Joel Osteen's of the WORLD....How can you POSSIBLY believe that Islam is a Religion of PEACE.....Who was it that got to you??? Was it Money , Extortion or Death Threats???

I can think of lines or cliches from the past;Freedom Is Just Another Word, when you sing the blues....Pride Goeth Before A Fall.... A fool & his Money....Your So Vain.... The Fool On The Hill...and maybe the most fitting for this Communist Regime, Symphony For The Devil....However take your pick....Enjoy what LITTLE FREEDOM you think you have....because unless we MAKE a stand it's Going to get UGLY....THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND? Not anymore!

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