The Eagle Deposed By Vulturite Supporters

Possibly Our Next President
The once great Land Of The Eagle shines no more. In truth, its glow began to slowly wane decades ago. Its enemies skillfully manipulated the populace, which had grown ever more complacent and lazy with visions of unicorns lovingly and protectively carrying them to and fro while fairies sprinkled glowing dust upon the land. 

In reality, the unicorns were subversive agents of destruction, and the fairy dust was an opiate eagerly accepted by the now intellectually blinded. Those who saw the truth had so declined in numbers that they were easily labeled enemies of the state and were dispatched with neither protest nor prejudice from the masses. 

Those who survived either formed clandestine groups and pretended to accept the rule of the vultures or found refuge in remote communities not easily accessible. However, those who chose the latter knew that their whereabouts could easily be found and when the authorities were ready, they too would be eliminated.

All of the enlightened knew exactly how the vultures had managed to take over and  watched in despair as The Eagle's cultural destruction proceeded by the weakening of its social institutions thereby destroying its national psyche. How could this group begin to counteract the narrative. Most knew that they could neither achieve victory within their lifetimes nor escape to another land. The Land Of Eagles was the last bastion of defense against the World Council of Barnacles, whose members are known as Barnaclites. 

Each nation was now ruled locally by a Vulturate comprised of members approved of and answerable to the World Council; thus, there was no external way out.
The aware and awakened were determined not to let their once glorious culture be lost forever in the mendacious rewrites of history. Pen and paper were now their weapons of choice, since electronic media was under constant surveillance. They had the foresight to stock up on these weapons for the day of reckoning. 

Fortunately, there were enough who actually knew penmanship and were able to put pen to paper in order to express coherent thoughts. They had also managed to rescue many weighty tomes on the physical, biological, and social sciences as well as on math and the humanities. These treasures were buried in water proof, fireproof vaults buried under ground to be found by future archeologists of a new and different era in the cycle of history. Yes, the wheel will surely turn, but it will be centuries before The Eagle's story will be recovered. 

Is the above poorly penned fairy tale pure fantasy or an impending reality.

One Of Many Informative Articles On the Issue Of Cultural Marxism from Breitbart:
In recent days we have seen a sequence of events – establishment endorsement of Islamic groups post-Charlie Hebdo, harassment of Christian schools by Ofperv inspectors, legalisation of eugenic experimentation via the creation of three-parent children, etc – that have highlighted the exponential advance of Cultural Marxism.
Society’s most fundamental building blocks – the family, relations between men and women, inherited culture – are being systematically demolished. Uniquely in history, those who call themselves conservatives are in the forefront of this cultural revolution...

...By the post-War era the Cultural Marxist programme had a wide-reaching agenda of destruction. It aimed to destroy the family, denying the specific roles of the father and mother, and advocated the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children; mobilisation of women as revolutionaries against men, through aggressive feminism; large-scale immigration to abolish national identity; dependency on the state and state benefits; control and infantilisation of the media.
The great canon of Western literature was demolished by pygmies in the name of “deconstruction”, exploiting the intellectual snobbery of insecure academics. Universities today are the worst enemies of independent thinking and free speech: in the words of Robert Lind, all American campuses have become “small, ivy-covered North Koreas”.
Another tool to destroy a culture: forced acceptance and resettlement of "refugees":

Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee’s WARNING to All Americans is but one of many write-ups regarding the de facto Islamic invasion of the West. The Hijrah into Europe has brought violence and in some cases displacement of Europeans in favor of Muslim 'refugees".

                                     One Of Many:
 Gabrielle Keller with her notice of eviction
Scenes all too common:
Anywhere Muslims immigrate, conflict follows.

The Islamic State did not have in mind just a few jihadis crossing from Libya: it also emerged last February that the jihadis planned to flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. Now the number is shooting well beyond that in Germany alone. Of course, not all of these refugees are Islamic jihadis. Not all are even Muslims, although most are. However, no effort whatsoever is being made to determine the refugees’ adherence to Sharia and desire to bring it to their new land. Any such effort would be “Islamophobic.” Yet there are already hints that the Islamic State is putting its plan into effect: jihadis have already been found among the refugees trying to enter Europe. There will be many more such discoveries.
Will the 2016 election save us from all of the above as well as the economic destruction it will foster.

I close with this:

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