by Robby Bowling

Once upon a time as the story was told AMERICA was Founded by leaders, with conviction, with morals, with beliefs, and with Courage & Vision....These men & Women weren't the Thin-Skinned Sociopath's like we have today....They were bankers, farmers, merchants, carpenters, preachers, newspaper men & teachers....they were not Professional Class Politicians with a "propensity" for Lying, Cheating, Narcissism, Corruption, Extortion, Bribery & Murder...not withstanding ACTING Skills....

When you had Men of Courage leading us the old saying, "where you lead I will follow" works just fine...But when you are lead by Those who only Covet POWER & tells me at least, we are being lead to our own Slaughter, Doom, Death or Prison....What happened here? Didn't we read the Story,"The Devil & Daniel Webster?" Did we not read about ,"The Last Days Of Pompeii " or The Rise & fall of the Roman & Greek Empires? WHO SAYS WE HAVE TO REPEAT HISTORY? Or perhaps, why do we keep repeating history?.... Are we that Dumb & Stupid? Are we that Brain-Washed ? Have we all CAVED in to our FEARS? I know we became Lazy & Apathetic?

Ask yourself when this transition is all said & done, who were the WINNERS? What was the PRIZE ? And conversely, who were the LOSERS, what was the COST....And If I may, this is not a compromise or a negotiated Treaty....Ultimately its a WINNER TAKE ALL....I guess I could rationalize all this & say It's Your Life, but we are LITERALLY playing with FIRE here...DEATH of a Loved one is Heart Wrenching, this is the DEATH OF AMERICA, our Freedoms, Our Loves. Our Families, Our Dreams, Our Wishes & Our PRAYERS.....I hope this Self-Sacrificing Stupid Culture will be HAPPY about the FINAL RESULTS....Because the way I See it, THE COMMUNISTS, CROOKS & COWARDS won by default...
IT IS TIME TO STOP THIS INSANITY ..Aren't we actually Playing, "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" with a Bullet in every Chamber ?

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