150,000 Polish Nationalists march against muslim immigration

Poland Rising: A bit of history reviewed, and a lot of patriotic backbone being displayed. When it comes to Jihadis on the move, the Polish people "get it".
Europe has apparently forgotten its history. Islam has not changed in hundreds of years, only the zeitgeist of Europeans (mostly neo-Marxists/Socialists) towards it. Please recall The Battle of Vienna, September 11, 1683.

“More than 300 years ago, Europe lived in fear of the great Islamic Caliphate, the invincible Ottoman Empire, that ruled a vast portion of the world, and constantly threatened the heartland of Europe with attack, domination, and destruction.

In 1683, in March of that year, yet another huge Islamic army advanced upon the west, 140,000 strong, led by the Turk Grand Vizier Kara Mustapha. The path he chose took him toward the great fortress of Vienna, which he reached on July 14 and promptly laid siege to. Vienna was well prepared to withstand a siege, but by September, after nearly two months of isolation, during which time Turkish bombs shattered some of its walls and led to a partial capture of the city by Mustapha’s troops, the situation there had grown dire.

Vienna’s capture in the immediate future was a near-certainty and beyond Vienna, the soft belly of Europe lay wide open…
“..But, something had changed. A new man had arrived. A man Europe called “The Warrior-King.” – His name was Jan Sobieski. And he came with an Army of 30,000 Polish soldiers at his back…”

The last effort that Islam made to destroy Christendom failed during the last years of the seventeenth century, just over two hundred years ago. Vienna was almost taken and it was only saved by the Christian army, under the command of the King of Poland, on a date that ought to be among the most infamous in history: September 11, 1683.

The following video is astounding. It is 51 minutes long showing citizens marching and there were still many more after the video terminated. 

Poland: When a Nation Rises as One…

The Honorable Prime Minister Beata Szydlo of Poland
Refuses to Allow ‘..Even ONE Muslim Immigrant Into Poland..’
And, here is why…

Source: Sharia Unveiled

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