The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 3, Volume 4:Banning the Bible to the public.





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History, The Protestant Reformation Series 3, Volume 4
Banning the Bible to the public. 

AKJV Preface Jackson 1875 Religious Order was a decree set forth by World Church Council that all Bibles and Sacred Books be banned from the public. Bishop Langham supported this order but Wycliffe opposed it. Wycliffe’s doctrine brought offense to the clergy and the Roman Church.

In 1377 he was summoned to appear before the Church Council which met in London to answer for his (so called) “heresy.” The Pope commanded Wycliffe to be arrested and kept in security till further orders. Wycliffe’s followers were enraged. Wycliffe was condemned and excommunicated and in January of 1378 he met his accusers face to face at a Church Council Meeting for that purpose. 

During that deliberation the Queen’s Mother demanded they drop charges against Wycliffe. After this time he returned and began translating the Bible into English. His writings were of sound Protestant views on the Supreme Authority of the Scriptures alone as a guide to faith and practice. But soon his enemies took advantage of some disturbance which they unjustly charged to his teachings. He was again excommunicated from the University.

He returned to his home in Lutterworth where he died in 1384. Translating the Bible into English was his chief glory and the lever which overthrew the Papal Power in Great Britain. Wycliffe is known as the “Morning Star” of the Protestant Reformation.

(to be continued)
     John Huss providentially receives Wycliffe’s writings. 
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