Have we finally evolved or regressed actually to the point that this Wretched Evil Vile Pathogen we call GOVERNMENT tells (trains) us what to eat, when to eat, when to use the head, when to shower, who to hate, what SEX you are, who to look up to, who or what to call a "Roll Model," because they have TRAINED us to NOT THINK but to REACT.....They Teach Behavior & enforce it with Rules, Laws & Penalties....And with that being the case,"WHAT IS THE POINT IN LIVING?" Are we only here to SERVE THEM, our so-called MASTERS? It would seem so, at least to me...Yea I know I'm a Cynical Sarcastic Relic of the Past....much to the CHAGRIN of this Wasted Time & Effort Useless as TITS on a BULL COMMUNIST Government that own our ass totally, whether you admit that to yourself or not...

I was not BORN to serve the Parasites Of Satan ....Personally I Believe in GOD....I do not believe in GOVERNMENT....all the money they spent to PROGRAM me was WASTED....It didn't work.....This Government DOES NOT WORK either....It is a Self Feeding Feasting Demon Pathological Lying PARASITE from HELL...Again I will remind those who refuse to listen there are 537 of those elected (not really) Leaches in WASHINGTON DC....other than MAYBE 4 or 5 (and I can't name any of them) they are ALL OUR ENEMIES...I will say it again, they are ALL OUR ENEMIES.... And we allow it , we just shrug our shoulders, roll our eyes & tell ourselves that its JUST the Way it Goes....Why?

Have we been beat into submission, have we given into the RELENTLESS 24/7 Fear Mongering that we not only hear from our now LORDS & SAVIORS ? Or have we just GIVEN UP? This FAUX, FAKE PHONY EVIL Government has by design CREATED most of the WORLDS Problems & has spent or wasted BILLIONS of DOLLARS to come up with the Worlds Greatest PONZI SCHEME (con) to say they are FIXING THEM....yea....follow the money....its all in their SLUSH FUNDS & Foreign Bank Accounts...
Don't you think it's WAY PAST TIME to quit crying about the CRUZ , TRUMP Factions....and focus on the REALITY that HILLARY CLINTON will be the next NAZI LESBIAN PUPPIT POTUS because that's the way the Rothschild/Soros New World Order Boys WANT IT.....They play by their own rules...the GAME is RIGGED....And all of this FIGHTING & HATING Guarantees it....You Fell for the TRAP, again, again & again.....Crap you don't have control over anything anymore....not even a "Bowel Movement"

And I believe it was SHAKESPEARE who said,"The whole world was a stage" & the audience is filled with "SEMI-FUNCTIONAL IDIOTS" (I said that, prove me wrong)...Where do we go from here? Lobotomies,more drug induced false Illusions of a life of FREEDOM ....There is next to no FREEDOM left in this (all of us) sat on our ASS & did nothing while the Parasites took all the PLUNDER....Is this SUICIDE via Government ? It would seem so....You can't ever FIX a problem if you don't recognize & Identify it CORRECTLY.....WASHINGTON DC is the ENEMY , not Russia, China, Iran or MUSLIM PIGS....its a diversion ...WAKE UP OR DIE... WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE WHEN WE DON'T HOLD ANYONE ACCOUNTABLE?

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