The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 2, Volume 4:Oldcastle from John Wycliffe





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History, The Protestant Reformation Series 2, Volume 4

AKJV preface Jackson, according to Act of Congress in the year of 1875 in the office of the Library of Congress in Washington DC. Biographical Sketches of the Translators and Reformers and other eminent Biblical Scholars describing the fate of these learned men who rendered the Bible into the English Language by Reverend William F.B. Jackson. John Oldcastle had followed the writings of John Wycliffe.known as “The Morning Star” of the Protestant Reformation. According to all his biographies Wycliffe was born around 1324 in Yorkshire, England. 

Nothing is known of his early years but in the year of 1340 at the age of 16 he was admitted as a student at Queen’s College, Oxford when it was first founded. He was soon transferred to Merton College of the same University. The college students at that age devoted most of their time to the study of scholastic theology and civil law. Wycliffe took high rank as a scholar. Even the Roman Catholic historians confessed that he was a subtle disputant and second to none in philosophy. 

However, he did not confine himself to those studies but carefully read the writings of his fathers, and although the Sacred Scriptures were then almost entirely neglected by the ecclesiastics, Wycliffe devoted much time to their study. Around 1360 he appeared as a bold assertion of the rights of the university against Mendicant Friars, who had become so numerous and powerful at Oxford as to almost threaten the entire ruin of the university. 

Their influence was so powerful that it is said the students had decreased from 30.000 to 6,000. In the University’s gratitude for Wycliffe’s service they made him Master of Balliol. later in 1365 he was appointed Warden of Canterbury Hall in Oxford by Archbishop Islip, the founder. The diploma declaring this honor declared Wycliffe to be “a person in whom his grace very much confided in on account of the honesty in his life, the laudable conversation of knowledge and letters. Islip died the next year and Bishop Langham was raised as the See of Canterbury. He was a monk strongly attached to the “Religious Order” which Wycliffe boldly opposed.

(to be continued)
    Banning the Bible to the public.   
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