In case you missed this: ANTIFA planning an overturn of the government on 11/04/17

The 2016 election demonstrated what has long been been bubbling beneath the surface and finally erupted like Mt. Etna--the present two party elite dominated system has failed the American electorate. The emergence of the TEA party movement was the beginning of the overt anger that many felt against the GOP establishment and continues its rebellion to this day.
On the Democrat side, mainstream Dems are beginning to fully realize that the left wing of their party is not on their side. Many are issuing wake up calls to the leadership, but the left seems to be in control, for now.
AntiFa is not just a leftist Democrat reaction to Trump's victory. It is  has been around for a long time, and remains dormant until a perceived  opportunity for action presents itself.
AntiFa is violent, communist, nation wide, well funded, and its foot soldiers are masked to remain anonymous. Will they be able to start a Civil War and destroy the existing governmental frame work?
Even though public opinion is against them and they have been declared a terrorist organization, they remain highly dangerous and at the ready to respond to their paymasters' directives.

The Democrats have long been sowing discontent among their constituents, and the charismatic Obama was surreptitiously presented as Hope and Change. The MSM skillfully cloaked his true agenda. Their next anointed candidate did not resonate with the common people, thus, the rise of a disheveled old socialist who appealed to many as a viable alternative.
During the primary, he was sandbagged and the Dem establishment won with Hillary who took the nomination by crook rather than hook. The results were disastrous for the elites. They had arrogantly put their faith in lop sided polls, ignored obvious signs, and possibly thought that should the vote be close enough in certain states, they could steal the results for their candidate.
Their machinations failed! EEW!! Now, we will  have a populist in the Oval Office who actually resonated with the middle and working classes, which consists of the majority of the people.
Now what? The many arguments to nullify the election results failed.  Help!!! Enter the old reliable cash cow of malcontent who stepped up and began writing paychecks to many "opposing" organizations, which included AntiFa composed of a few dedicated hard liners leading an army of paid useful idiots, that sprang into action on cue.
There was only one serious problem. Despite the MSM's heroic efforts to portray them as heroes, the general public was repelled by their violence and outright hatred.Their true colors accompanied by the mayhem they created could no longer be ignored and even many Dems have awakened to the fact that this organization does not serve them well.
Apparently, the negativity is not stopping treacherous Ole' George's signature on his paychecks. He as long been in the line of fire from many who see him for what he is. Now, the line of fire has been widened considerably and a petition to declare him a terrorist and freeze his assets has been sent to the WH.
Eliminating his seditious and traitorous funding would certainly put a big crimp into the likes of AntiFa and other organizations that he funds. However, it would not eliminate them completely. The Elitist's structure is too powerful and deeply embedded to fall overnight. The war against them will be continuous and require everlasting vigilance on the part of those who cherish freedom and the rights of the individual. For humankind to survive and thrive, the Constitution and its Bill Of Rights must be defended against all enemies
The following post brings to light another attempt by AntiFa (Ole George) and other agitators to destroy America and to create a totalitarian "perfect" society.

AntiFa terrorists planning ‘Civil War’ and ‘overturn’ government on Nov 4
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With left wing terrorist group AntFA funded by Nazi George Soros, the beatings of people has gone unreported and excused by the corrupt media. On November 4th of this year, the terrorist group AntiFA is planning a “civil war” and an “overturn” of government. AntiFA terrorists will team up with the The Revolutionary Communist Party and other far left terrorist organizations to instigate what they call civil war in November.
The Revolutionary Communist Party, Antifa, and god knows who else are planning massive rallies to “end the Fascist regime”. According to one website at, people are living in terror. This allegedly includes immigrants [illegal], Latinos, Blacks, LGBTQ, Muslims, refugees, the poor, the unhealthy who can’t get healthcare, the whole world, the whole planet, and so on.
The “nightmare must end”, they say. They are the ones who hand out all the ‘No!’ signs you see, which were alleged to be the brainchild of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.
These violent leftists are taking to the streets in New York City, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco o November 4.
One of their lunatic members, Andy Zee, wrote of violence being acceptable as do the AntiFa:
“There is a break with what have been the norms we confront, and to deal with this there must be a break with the “normal” ways people seek change from government. The normal forms of petition and protest DO NOT APPLY with Trump—even as they have been difficult enough under the normal functioning of this system,” writes Zee.
“Sharp agitation” and “politically provocative actions” must be employed to achieve the complete overthrow of the administration, according to Zee.
Zee cites The Coming Civil War by Bob Avakian, “the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party and architect of the new synthesis of communism,” as a template for the planned unrest.
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