Sunday, October 30, 2016

A most dangerous enemy within supports Hillary

This is the face of evil supporting Hillary. She equates an election victory to Muhammad killing non-Muslims in battle.#HillarysEmail
  Jared Wyand

Call for Muslim Revolution Across America
by S. Noble • October 30, 2016

Khalilah Sabra is an American Muslim who has aligned herself with the Black Lives Matter movement to push for a revolution – a jihad in the United States. She is preaching sedition.

She describes herself on Disqus as the Executive Director of Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center.

Sabra is an Accredited Representative, assisting aliens in immigration proceedings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s immigration courts and Board of Immigration Appeals (Board), or before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) according to Wikipedia.

We can be sure she is getting us the best candidates for radicalization so how does a woman like this get a job like that? It’s because the Democrats have an unholy alliance with radical Islamists like her.

Listen to Sabra a former Bernie supporter, currently a Hillary supporter, equate the election to Muhammad killing non-Muslims. She wants sharia as an American way of life and with the increases in the hundreds of thousands the administration ships in as Hillary promised, the more likely we are to get exactly that.

Islam isn’t only a religion, it’s a way of life. Sharia is their political manifesto. To give them full religious freedom means we have to accept sharia.

She has been designated by Muslim American Society, the only Islamic organization approved by the Board of Immigration Appeals (the Board) to represent aliens before the Immigration Courts, the BIA and Department of Homeland Security.

She likes to exploit Martin Luther King as if her ideology had some relationship to his movement of peace and true equality.

The Muslim American Society was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood. MAS’s mission is to promote “Islam as a total way of life”; to “encourage the participation of Muslims in building a virtuous and moral society”; to “offer a viable Islamic alternative to many of our society’s prevailing problems”; to “promote family values in accordance with Islamic teaching”; to “promote the human values that Islam emphasizes: brotherhood, equality, justice, mercy, compassion, and peace”; and to “foster unity among Muslims and Muslim organizations and encourage cooperation and coordination amongst them.”

The organization has funneled money to terrorists.

MAS’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood were confirmed on August 14, 2007, as The Investigative Project on Terrorism reported:

“As the terror-support trial of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) continued today, FBI agent Lara Burns testified that a phonebook found at the home of Ismail Elbarrasse — un-indicted co-conspirator and former assistant to HAMAS leader Musa Abu Marzook — listed the names and numbers of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in the United States. On the first page of the phonebook under the title ‘Members of the Board of Directors’ were fifteen names. Among those names are Ahmad Elkadi, Jamal Badawi, and Omar Soubani: the founding incorporators of the Muslim American Society (MAS).”

We have a president who visited the Islamic Society of Baltimore, a mosque with longstanding ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. During Operation Protective Edge, the leaders of the mosque accused Israel of genocide and demanded that the administration end US support for the Jewish state. Hillary is no different. She’ll probably give this woman a seat on an advisory board.

Hijsah is a core part of Islam that calls for Islamic conquest through migration. Their goal is world domination.

Source: Independent Sentinel

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