Many Democrats Disgusted With The Democrat Party

Debbie Wasserman Schultz may have taken the fall, but corruption within the Democrat party as a whole went far beyond her.
 Perhaps the fractured GOP is not the only party that needs a makeover. Democrat corruption, unlawful election year activities, and abandonment of the very people they allegedly serve are angering many Democrats.

They see their beloved party for the common man is no longer, which explains the rise of Bernie Sanders. His policies are suspect to say the least but he connected with many Democrat voters who felt abandoned by the drift of the party toward what was widely viewed as power and corruption.

The party apparatchiks would have none of it,  and in collusion with CNN, the DNC sabotaged Sanders. Thanks to Wikileaks, there is a plethora of information available which is more damning that the average voter thought.

Another jaw dropper occurred when an illegal alien and her daughter were displayed at the Democrat convention in Philadelphia to gin up the Hispanic vote. But these immigrants broke American law. The DNC also broke the law! It’s a felony to illegally harbor two illegal aliens, which is two violations of Section 8 U.S. Code 1324.

Oh well, the law, as well as the truth, matters not.

As for outright thuggery, we can't beat this one: HRC Campaign DIRECTLY Hired ARMY Of Terrorists

In other words, Hillary Clinton herself has known for at least a year that her campaign and her entire party systematically incite violence at Trump rallies. This is hard evidence of direct collaboration between the DNC and the Hillary/Kaine campaign to terrorize every Trump or Pence event with paid, trained, and centrally organized agitators. Many of these agitators were homeless and/or mentally ill persons, as well as “rock ‘n’ roll” DNC union workers. Moreover, coordinating all these thugs involved daily calls to Robbie Mook and Hillary Clinton herself. This Bolshevik/Brownshirt “birddogging” campaign is way bigger than online “troll” tactics by the Correct The Record Super PAC. This campaign literally amounts to a paid, mobile army of about 500 agitators that can be anywhere in the USA as needed. more
 An example of "soft jihad", er, illegal electioneering by mail:
 Democrats caught stuffing ballot with campaign materials
 When Jena Jones opened up her absentee ballot last week, there was a lot more in the envelope than she expected. In addition to actual ballot, she and her husband, David, noticed multiple pieces of advocacy from Democrats.
Jones, who resides in Fairfax County, will be out of town on Election Day and requested an absentee ballot from the Virginia Department of Elections. She was surprised to what else came with her ballot...

On the back of the letter from McAuliffe were lengthy, glowing biographies of Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and her local congressman, Rep. Gerry Connolly.

Her husband, David, was serving as a witness to Jena’s vote. He was even more frustrated by all the pro-Democrat literature while no GOP materials were included.
David was particularly surprised by the letter from Gov. McAuliffe, which was not some simple statement thanking absentee voters for taking part in the process. Instead, it was a full-page letter, imploring Virginia voters to choose Democrats for president and Congress. It also slams Republicans and Donald Trump on issues ranging from immigration to taxes
He is also worried about how others might look at the letters and sample ballot.

“I just think of the people who don’t have social media or television access, who are confined to a house, who just can’t get out, or are overseas and they’re relying on this information to cast their vote,” David said.
For a video, more text  and photos of illegal voting materials included in the absentee ballot package, go here
It would be unbridled naivete to assume that the the above is only a single incident. The Clintons have broken electioneering laws in early voting states of Il, NA, MI, and NC. Have they been called out, fined, or whatever?

And now, we must ask ourselves how have we come to this? There has always been chicanery regarding elections, but it has now been elevated into an art form. How have we come to allow such collusion between a certain political party and the MSM.

Yes, Soros has control of the press. How was this allowed? Plainly, the leadership has not done its job and has devolved to a baser dynamic of human nature which is to maintain self serving control at all costs and using any means necessary.

No populace in a totalitarian nation willing accepts its situation and uprisings do occur. Unfortunately, they fail more often than not because an unarmed populace has no chance against the leadership's well armed praetorian guard.

America was founded to be a nation ruled by law, not individuals.

Many Americans are wondering what is next. Are the totalitarians of both parties so entrenched as to be unstoppable? 

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