by Robby Bowling
Why do people, particularly "AMERICAN'S" believe in  Governments good will or honesty ? And if they don't believe that why do we continually see the same Jerks, Dick-Heads & Con Artists "ruling" over us...Other than "Behavior Modification" or "Brain-Washing" why is this so? To use a "Country Boy" term did we all "Fall off of the Turnip Truck & hurt our Heads?"
When you see a Refugee or an Illegal Immigrant getting more "Benefits" like food, health & housing than #1 our own People (citizens) living in poverty or #2 our Veterans who fought for our Freedoms....Shouldn't we be asking WHY that's been Prioritized that way?
When you see members of Congress as well as the President ,"Jet Set" around the world, Hob Nod with Royalty, have lavish Lifestyles, cars, homes & hidden Wealth, shouldn't we re-examine & ask for "SOME" facsimile of "Accountability?" Nah we wouldn't want to interrupt , their Pool Parties, Golf Games or Fine Wine Dinners with their "Partners In Crime" or their REAL "Masters"
And tell me this , why do the "Faux, Fake Christians" like Joel Osteen & the Pope, who live in Mansions sell out for money...They've embraced the LIBERAL Culture, the Muslims, Homosexuality & Corrupt Socialism...I mean come on now, do you really think, Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are Ministers in God's Eye.?..I do not... 
We allow Self-Righteous Hippocrates to rule over us with Absolute Authority & yet they Demonize us if we "DARE" criticize them...Who gave them, those GOD LIKE POWERS?

Then we have the Bobble-Head Parrots of the News Media....We once called them Journelists...They are anything but that....Depending on what their Masters in Government want from them, they can be "Character Assassins" or worse....Essentially the MEDIA'S Roles in todays AMERICA is one of a "SET-UP MAN"...They Bombard us relentlessly with Propaganda....Its the old ,"If you tell a lie often enough it become the Truth" the sad thing is most AMERICAS don't have a Clue about what the TRUTH is or was....
The sad thing is if you are an IGNORANT FOOL, it doesn't take much to manipulate you....All you know at that point is what you've been Programmed to think & to do almost on CUE....
Do any of you remember the "RHESUS MONKEY EXPERIMENTS ?"  The Scientist would CUT the top of the SKULL off on the Monkey, then they's plant Electrodes in the Monkey's Brain....They then Hooked the Monkey up to a Electric Circut....Then they put a Red Light & a Peg Board in front of the Monkey & Handed the Monkey a Wooden Hammer....Then they's SHOCK the Monkey , with the RED LIGHT on....They then Showed the Monkey that if you took the Hammer & drove in a Peg the Red light would go off & so would the Electric Current...Its called Programing your behavior...It's almost WATER-BOARDING....Just a little more subtle....
Lets face it they got the RHESUS MONKEY to believe ! This Government just like all the other throughout History (Hitler's Germany) believe the the "ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS"  The bad news is We the people are just RHESUS MONKEYS to them....They will do what it takes to get you to BELIEVE they are GODS, even if that means Death or Wars...Its their game

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