by Robby Bowling
We live in a world now where Boys apparently want to be girls..
Where Girls want to be boys
Some want to be both sexes simultaneously
Corrupt Politicians are Hailed as Role Models & Heroes
MUSLIMS get to do almost anything they want...
We are Physically & Morally BANKRUPT...
Education is anything but....
Truth is actually a lie
People in Prisons are being Given Voting Rites
Perverts in PRISONS are being give FREE Sex-Change Operations
Non-Citizens are voting in our Elections
Debt is nothing but a Prison in Disguise
UTOPIA is nothing more than "Paradise Lost (HELL)
Where People you've entrusted you life to, are Criminals
Where TRUTH is implied but NEVER EVER Proven ....
FACTS are only distortions...
Where to have a real VISION might land you in a Psycho Ward
To have an OPINION of you own in Against The Law
Where we Support our ENEMIES better than the Elderly & Poor
Living on Welfare is a Lofty Goal (I wonder if you can get a Degree)
We care MORE about Animal Abuse than Abortions
What about Transgender Bathrooms ?
Should GAYS go into the REST ROOM they Identify with?
Television is NOT Entertainment...its Mind Control
Where Progress is anything BUT!
Quality is confused with Quantity
There is no Real, "RIGHT or WRONG"
You take no Responsibility for your Actions
GOVERNMENT is a Religion
SEMI-ADULTS are afraid of Clowns, Conservatives & Christians
They Need Safe-Havens & Counselors for the above
Your children can't Read, Write, Understand or Count anything 
School Prayer is for all intensive purposes OUTLAWED...
The National Anthem has become a Protested Song 
VOTING is a Shell Game
Your TAX MONEY is wasted on Hookers, Jets, Limousines & Fine Foods & Wine  
REVERSE RACISM is a reality because of HATE fostered by this Government
There are More, "Pedophiles" in WASHINGTON DC than HOLLYWEIRD
There are MORE CROOKS in Washington than there is in PRISONS
You need a Permit to catch Rain Water...
More people suffer from Attention Deficient Syndrome than ever before...
There are more Drug Addicts & Alcoholics than ever Before
There are more People Addicted to LEGAL Prescribed Drugs than Illegal ones.
Many of those Addictions start in Grade School...
Every PROBLEM we have in AMERICA came from a GOVERNMENT SOLUTION...
And Some would have you believe & call this LIVING the good Life? I do not...

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