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American Corporations Will Continue to Outsource American jobs Until Donald Trump Intervenes Them
The problem with big corporations is simply . . . its greed! By taking our jobs overseas, companies are saving mountains of profits by hiring cheap labor, bottom line.

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The only solution to ending the outsourcing is to have an elected Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, who can put a stop to this. In my opinion, this issue is huge because the loss of American jobs will only continue unless we elect a candidate who truly cares for his own country too. The loss of our American jobs to overseas counties has continued long enough, and it’s time we say enough is enough! Jobs being lost overseas has continued this long because we all forget the reality that there are huge alliances with big businesses and the fact they own the majority of the political parties. These politicians love the huge amounts of money Corporate America gives to their pockets, which in turn does not trickle down to the other classes of American Citizens. Again, our jobs are being lost because of political greed.

I stand with Trump on many of his concerns but the main issue I stand with him on is the fact that politicians take political contributions, PAC’s which allow big companies to own our politicians. Again, greed for both parties is the theme. I, as an American citizen, am fed up and demand change; change that can come from a man who can’t be bought. Myself, with the majority of American people, believe he can stop the outsourcing of our American jobs.

How does outsourcing our jobs to countries who work for lower wages create more jobs here? For those who support the outsourcing of American jobs, show the data to support this myth. The only winners I see are the huge bonuses and salaries for CEO’s of these monster making machines and the politicians they have bought to get their way. Where is the trickledown effect for the rest of the population?

I am heated because there are no well-paying jobs in my sector of the country, rural Montana. I need an answer, Why? With the loss of American jobs overseas, this is creating more on our deficit by the increases with unemployment benefits.

I come from an era that helped create the “No Child Left Behind Act.” Yes, I was one of those disadvantaged students and was lost in an education system that did not care for me. How did I get rewarded? My reward, I’m a 10th grade high school dropout. Myself, like many other millions of Americans, dream of a better life and have taken the fight to do better in life . . . but what are MY rewards? Poverty.! This is true, I’m very poor and struggle with feeding myself.

Today, I’m an MBA graduate who graduated with a very high G.P.A. But what did this hard work and determination get me? Nothing! The only jobs I’m being offered, and which I’ve been struggling on for the last 4 years is $10.00-12.50 dollar an hour jobs. My student loan debt is more than my monthly rent. Sure, I can work for $12.50 an hour, but how does my student loan get paid? Why am I struggling to keep a roof over my head? Why am I not able to reward myself with an occasional want?

Our country is a mess and its time that we elect a candidate, Donald Trump, who can’t be bought by big corporations. Bring the jobs back home President Trump.

Lastly, how will this country deal with politicians like Senator Steve Daines Representative of Montana who not only supports the last few jobs in Montana to be outsourced overseas,, but what about the issue that our Senator of Montana, Steve Daines, is encouraging and supports Montana businesses that are applying for many hundreds of visas to import foreign workers to the state of Montana because they can pay them lower wages? No one is talking about the fact big corporations are importing foreigners to come to the U.S. and taking away jobs that I as an educated woman should be working.

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