Imagine for just a moment

The grandeur of it all

As majestic as any mountain
From any hollowed hall
We hear the sounds & the fury
And we've know passion & pain
Will we rise up to the moment
And take hold of the reigns

Once a land of plenty
Finds the harvest now parched
From the seeds of envy
Our pastures were torched
Once a land of beauty
Is now one full of hate
The disciples of Satan
Now carry the weight,,,

We should remember the courage
That it took to build
And to turn a dream & a vision
Into one of free will
There were those before us
Who paved our way
And shinned the light on God's glory
And our promised New day

Have we lost that vision
Do we no longer believe
That where there is truth & kindness
God will hear our pleas
We need to return to the dream
Yet understand there's a task
If we're seeking Salvation
God will make this one last

So today as I give thanks
For my family and friends
And that love's lasting endurance
Wasn't wasted in the end
As I give thinks for the visions
As I give thanks every night
So together let us pray
That God can make this right


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