OK you can call me a "Doubting Thomas" or for that matter if you want to just say I DON'T BELIEVE a word this Pathetic Governments says...I'm good with that...That also includes the LIARS, The PARROTS, the TALKING BOBBLE-HEADS of the MEDIA....They are just Kissing Cousins anyway....literally ....But I want to remind people that somewhere you have to PROVE your case ....Has anyone else besides me EVER been "Audited" by the ,Internal Revenue Service? Was it FUN? Was it just a walk down memory lane? Did they buy you Lunch? Did they make you feel Loved & Appreciated ? Or did they make you FEEL like a Criminal, a Liar, a Thief or a Con?. After 30 minutes with them I felt like I had been ,"Water-Boarded" & needed a Lawyer to Grunt....And no they don't tell you your RIGHTS either....So you can FORGET the PERRY MASON myth...
In short I had to PROVE every action, every purchase & every need that I did was related to Business....They also wanted me to go back 10 years....Every receipt & expense had to be accounted for....Shouldn't we face the UGLY REALITY that this COMMUNIST Government is actually just like Al Capone in the EXTORTION Racket ....That's part & parcel what FEAR is all about....
In recent days we've had the Attacks in PARIS, we are also having 10'000 MUSLIMS shoved up our....well you know what....An all Barry does is walk out to the podium , tele-prompter rolling & tell the World THERE'S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT....ISIS is contained....It won't happen here & it can't happen here because I, QUEEN BARRY the MESSIAH will protect my little flock of SHEEP & GOATS...Remember now this is the Thin-Skinned sociopath that put on his/her or it's SUPERGIRL CAPE & killed "BIN LADEN" with his Breath, his Oratory Expertise or in other words B.S...Well again call me a "Doubting Thomas" but where are the "BONA FIDES?"....I realize I am an absolute ZERO this this Worthless KUMQUAT (Fruitcake)....but I HAD to Prove it or Lose it...Yes I know full well Mr. Narcissus is SO-MUCH above all of this tedious, redundant minutia of Madness that the REST of this NOT-SO-FREE World has to deal with....

So now we are being told HE is Bombing certain targets now....Sure He is?....And HE is Destroying the Enemy.....Sure HE is? He is Winning the WAR against Terrorism ...Sure HE is?
Where's the BEEF, BARRY? Where's the Proof ? Where's the Bona Fides? And then he will have leaked file footage of OIL FIELD TANKERS being destroyed? Honesty do you REALLY BELIEVE all this CACA (excrement)....I mean to say this is the Worlds Most Articulate SOCIOPATH, if he says it , its Gospel ? B S..This GOVERNMENT OWNS the MEDIA....I personally believe much of this CRAPOLA we are shone as PROOF is STAGED, SCRIPTED & ACTED....and this is eerily similes to HITLER & GOEBBELS Germany....Do I need to mention or remind you of WHO ...GEORGE SOROS is?..
At this very moment the next Sequel to the Series , "The Death Of America" is being filmed in a Hollywood Sound Studio....Another Muslim Bomb, another Market Crash...who knows , but coming to the TELEVISION is the Next Chapter...Oh if you listen you can hear Spielberg, Clooney or some other HOLLEYWEIRD LOONY yell ,"LIGHTS, CAMERAS , ACTION"...Popcorn Free for Welfare Parasites...

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