Atom Bomb of Global Feminism : Updated 11/29/15

And The French Women Take the Lead 

I have maintained time and time again...As my late mother had foretold many years before...Women are truly the front leaders in fighting radical Islam...And here is the proof..The naturally embedded courage which women are endowed with is truly staggering..I know of no man who would have even a fraction of such strength and bravery to disrupt such an event..Not one.... in light of the recent horrific and truly tragic monstrosity and act of evil by ISIS criminals in Paris and also the heroic act of the French woman as depicted in the image above...I am compelled to share with everyone once again the truly wise and even ingenious words of my late dear mother and officially recognized American hero, expert on Iranian and Middle Eastern history and culture who had lived in the Middle eastern region since she was no more the 17 years of age, Linda Kay Mckim/Radmanesh...As she had once stated....there is only but one decisive solution in combating and thus destroying this scourge upion humanity radical Islam within the Middle East...The following is a statement she made to this effect during her 9 years in captivity in Iran...I suggest the world take close heed to her words of wisdom:

             Darius Radmanesh


With regards to Middle Eastern women, especially Kurdish and Iranian women...These two groups of women are very much fully aware of their powers and abilities...All they need is to be given a chance and rest assured there will be a social and cultural revolution which will explode across the Middle East...which will jump start the greatest and most powerful Feminist/Matriarchal revolution and movement the world has ever seen ....In fact my late dear mother Linda Kay Mckim ( Civil Rights activist/Women's rights activist and campaigner and American hero ) who her self lived in the Middle East since she was no more the 17 years of age....always referred to the Middle east as the atom bomb of global Feminism just waiting to explode.....When it explodes it will initiate a cultural and social revolution in the Middle East, which will shake radical/extremist Islam to its core and bring about its ultimate collapse and demise.

It will make the 1920's and 60's Feminist movements of the west look like child's play in comparison.....The reason for this is because Middle Eastern women by nature are like ferocious lionesses....After all why is it do you think that the extremists in that region are so determined to keep women enslaved and suppressed??...This isn't just down to sexual interest etc...Its mainly because they know what their women are capable of and what will happen if they even for one second loosen their grip over them...They are fully aware that they are no match for their women counter parts...Just look to history and this fact is very much evident.......If you study history regarding the battles between Rome and ancient Persia Iran...You will see that the Roman legionaries weir horrified and terrified of the Iranian women soldiers...Many Roman, generals left detailed accounts about how the women warriors of Iran ( Persia ) fought with a gallantry and ferocity surpassing any of their male counterparts.

-Linda Kay Mckim/Radmanesh, 1985 Iran

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