Is America on Its Way to Fascism?

In his 1954 book entitled Today's Isms: Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Capitalism, Dr. William Ebenstein cogently describes the various "isms" that continue to convulse the world.

As personal liberty is eroded in this country and Americans are uninformed about the "violence and terror of totalitarian communism and fascism," a reflection of Ebenstein's ideas is very much warranted.

When countering whether fascism is a threat to democratic nations, Ebenstein maintains that "the danger in a democracy like the United States is not outright fascism ... but the insidious and unnoticed corroding of democratic habits[.]" Consider the burgeoning growth of intolerance against dissenting ideas that permeates so many American universities.

Ebenstein maintains that "the danger of not recognizing this pre-fascist attitude is that, should it become full fledged fascism (as it well might in an economic depression or in some other disaster of the sort that periodically shakes men's faith in democracy) recognition of it as a threat may come too late for those whose earlier judgment was too lenient." That so many people cannot see the inherent danger of a Bernie Sanders is disturbing. Matthew Vadum has written:

Communism is a political movement whose adherents believe that markets are fundamentally unjust [.] Suffice it to say that socialists and communists all want government or the collective to be master. In ideological terms, there is no bright line or safe harbor that neatly separates socialism from communism.

Throughout his life, Bernie Sanders has been working for socialism, the transitional stage of society before communism. He calls himself a socialist, specifically a 'democratic socialist.'

[Sanders] declared that financial inequality 'is immoral, it is bad economics, it is unsustainable.' This is tantamount to saying that the only just society is one in which everyone has the same amount of money or that anyone who has the ability to make a lot of money is an enemy of the people.

Sanders described the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, as a 'modest' step towards forcing the U.S. to 'join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all as a right.'

But as David Horowitz asks, "[w]hat is Obamacare? And single payer? Why do we call it single payer? It's communism. If the government controls [a person's] access to health care which is what this is about, as to what you can have and to what you can't have, ... that is communism".

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