Unholy alliance between Leftists and Islamists now coming into full fruition

Boston Marathon Bombing: Be prepared to see many more images as this.
Leftist and Islamists share the identical goal of taking down America. The violence is now increasing and more setups designed to foment violence,  as occurred in Charlottesvile, will take place. The goal is simple, create anarchy and chaos which is meant to make the nation ungovernable. With no choice, the authorities will be forced to crackdown and invoke martial law. Where it would go from there is anyone's guess.
The Islamists, who are crystal clear in their beliefs and goals are much more deadly than the useful idiots bought and paid for by ole George. However, that in no way lessens leftist violence and their willingness to inflict not only property damage but severe bodily harm against their "opponents".
An excellent discussion on what happened in Charlottesville can be found here.

In addition, the Antifa terrorists berate liberals who refuse to get violent.
"In an article published at Truth Revolt on Friday, Trey Sanchez said that an unmasked Antifa activist was caught on video in Seattle, Washington, ripping liberals who refused to engage in violence....
You failed us,” she added. “All of you who stood by when we were like, ‘Please, please follow us. The Nazis are that way!’ F**k your f*****g Constitution, f**k your liberal Bernie bulls**t. We are here to fight Nazis.”
She had a few more choice words for those who apparently have no desire for violence and bloodshed."
Antifa hatred and intolerance apparently have no boundaries. How soon before they begin eating their own, which is the usual pattern for totalitarian groups and regimes. If the violence continues, there will soon be a purge in the ranks of those who oppose Antifa's more destructive nature. In addition, non-violent protesters with legitimate concerns will simply abandon the Antifa cause, which has now been exposed as chaos and anarchy.
Can Antifa "get along with" Islamists? Do they realize the distinct possibility that they are merely useful idiots who are being used for a goal that far exceeds their own. That remains to be seen. However the more militant left continues its infatuation with the Jihadis. Inevitably, fireworks between the two factions will materialize.
The following article reveals the frightening way the FBI and terrorist task force were kept in the dark regarding the true nature of the Islamist enemy. There is much information, some of which may be familiar to the reader, some of which might be new.
In the end should the worst case scenario come to pass, the victors will be the globalist elites who are moving Hell and high water to achieve their goal of world domination and have no compunction as to what tools they will use to achieve it.

U.S. Islamic Movement Enters Final Stage
The leading edge of the Islamic Movement’s Final Stage in the United States is upon us. The violence is now beginning in earnest.
By Joe Newby
One day in the future, history will record with great astonishment how military leaders, politicians on both sides of the aisle, intelligence professionals, and others were catastrophically unprofessional for 16 years after 9/11/2001, thus putting the American people in grave peril.
Understanding the Threat’s (UTT) has trained thousands of local, state and federal officers/agents on the Islamic threat (sharia and the jihadi network in the US), the hard-left Marxist/Socialist/Communist threat, and how these Movements work together to bring down the U.S. government.
The response to UTT’s training is always the same:  (1) none of those in attendance, including FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force agents/officers, have ever heard the information presented, and (2) they all agree it is critical to protecting their communities.  See some comments here.

When UTT’s President John Guandolo was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense (end of 2008) he briefed a number of 3 and 4 star generals and admirals, numerous Members of Congress, the Chairmen of the House Intelligence, Homeland Security, and Judiciary Committees, former Directors of intelligence agencies, former National Security Advisors, and others.  None of these good men and women were aware of the massive jihadi network in the United States, nor what sharia is and how it operates to drive the Global Islamic Movement.
UTT’s Chris Gaubatz’s experience (2008) undercover inside the headquarters of U.S. Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) revealed “America’s largest muslim civil rights group” – as they are called – is engaged in fraud, sedition, espionage, and terrorism.  Yet CAIR and its leaders are unimpeded in their work by U.S. agencies sworn to dismantle them.
Today, the situation is significantly worse than it was nine years ago.  The enemy has gained significant ground in the war while our leaders have barely scratched the surface on understanding the danger facing the Republic.
The Muslim Brotherhood has increased their ground game:
*Insinuated Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers into Mr. Trump’s administration and utilized their network to cease efforts to designate the MB a terrorist organization – with support from Mrs. Clinton.
*Created an army of attorneys to do battle in U.S. courts to slow down judicial action by US government
*Expanded their Islamophobia campaign to bring social media giants Facebook, Twitter and others onboard to stifle free speech, specifically truthful speech about Islam.
*Broadened their cooperative efforts with hard-left Marxist organizations to directly attack those individuals and organizations speaking truth about Islam.
* Leaders within the Islamic Movement:  (Hatem Bazian) call for an intifada (violent uprising) in the United States; (Linda Sarsour) call for jihad against the President; numerous U.S. imams are calling for the annihilation of Jews here; and many Islamic leaders are openly calling for sharia to be imposed in the United States.
Now, the violent war UTT has warned about and predicted inside the United States has begun.
The Islamic Movement’s initial tool for violence in the United States is the anarchists and “domestic terrorist” hard-left Marxist/Socialist Communist organizations, including Antifa, Black Lives Matters, and dozens of groups forming together.
Many of these people and groups call for the killing of the President, as did Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.
These are the Brown Shirts of the 21st century.
These violent and subversive Movements have hundreds if not thousands of groups giving them direct support like the Southern Poverty Law Center, J-Street, Transgender Law Center, Center for New Community, Franciscan Action Network, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, Interfaith Alliance, Jews Against Islamophobia, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, American Center for Outreach, ACLU, Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, Arab American Institute, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, NAACP, National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, National Lawyers Guild, Anti-Defamation League and many others.
For a more extensive list of the George Soros funded Marxists/anarchist groups click HERE.
These two massive Movements in the United States funded by external and internal entities whose stated goal is the destruction of the United States.  They publish doctrine, websites, speeches, and books which call for the overthrow of our government, and then take actions in furtherance of these goals.

This is not only a violation of numerous federal laws, but these actions demand that all people who are in positions of authority and who have sworn an oath to the Constitution have a duty to take actions to destroy these Movements and defend our Republic.
As the violence escalates we will see social unrest like occurred in Baltimore, Ferguson, Berkley, and elsewhere. But it will be much worse.
Remember the Brown Shirts were killed on the Night of the Long Knives and Adolf Hitlers Black Shirts took charge.  So it is in history with Movements like this.
Remembering this is a war of narratives – and Information War – more than anything else, all of these escalating actions will come with a pre-planned propaganda campaign just like we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Here are five things citizens are encouraged to do:
    1. Understand the Islamic threat. Use the resources at www.UnderstandingtheThreat.com and know what sharia is and what it says. Sharia drives the enemy in this war. Be weary of those who vilify the Muslim Brotherhood, and then defend Islamic doctrine as being “peaceful.” Remember, the Islamic Movement is the leading element in this war. They are using the left as their tools. Do not lose focus. (emphasis mine)
    2. Understand the play book of the hard-left Marxist Movement in the United States. Read Rules for Radicals.
    3. Move quickly to educate open-minded people in your community, especially those with leadership qualities. Remember Sheriffs and Pastors are the two groups of people we need most right now in this war.
    4. Develop the right mind-set. Think August 1939 Poland. “Resistance Movements” can simply be citizens organizing to support those defending their states/communities in numerous ways.
    5. Know the foundation upon which this nation was created: the law of nature (legally defined as the will of God) and nature’s God (legally defined as “Holy Scripture”).

      Leaders of the US Council of Muslim Organizations, the leading MB element in the US. General Masul of the Muslim Brotherhood Nihad Awad (also Hamas leader) is front row 3rd from right

      For every person who becomes educated as to the true nature of the threats we face as a nation is another person who will be fully committed to defending it at a deep level.
      Speak truth boldly.

      Source: Understanding the threat

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