The war on men is another front in the war on the family and must end--NOW

There are many tools in the globalist box used to destroy our social institutions thereby weakening our culture to the point of easy conquest via the war of ideas.. One threatened institution is the family, the bedrock of every culture. For a brief discussion of the 5 major social institutions common to every culture, go here.

Initially, the opening salvo in this war was the seduction of young women into thinking they could have it all, and marriage was not really an "in" goal for intelligent women. A a short review of the book entitled Daughters of the Sexual Revolution: Why the Hook-up Culture Is Sexist A culture of casual sex frustrates our young women's pursuit of happy, enduring relationships follows. Unfortunately, the entire review is not available, but what can be read is very telling.

Excerpt from the book review of 'Girls Uncovered.: 
The bad news is that women are not doing as well in another important area of life: sexuality and relationships. The only winners of the sexual revolution have been the pornographers and other low-life misogynists. It ended up hurting all the rest far more profoundly than anyone ever imagined. Some men might claim it brought plenty of fun, but it aided only the basest part of the male sexual nature which seeks as many women as possible for the least amount of commitment and consideration. The sexual revolution made men neither better nor, as the research consistently shows, happier. However, setting sexuality free from the protective confines of marriage has hurt women more profoundly. And it starts hurting them at very young ages. 
Then, came the LGBT agenda, which had nothing to do with the rights of gays but everything to do with the aiding and abetting in the destruction of traditional marriage and thereby, the family. For an extended discussion on the issue, go here

Another more recent front in the war on the family is the diminishment of men, their inherent nature of their role in the family as providers and protectors. Increasingly, men are portrayed as an unnecessary part of the family structure. A solid family structure requires the presence of both a father and a mother. Granted, there are many single parent families who do turn out well. Sadly, far too many do not.

Once the social institution of the family unit has been undermined, the journey down the road to planned cultural chaos has begun.

In his article The real war is on men, not women Edward B. Driscoll, Jr.
discusses the issue:

Excerpt: “Our whole welfare state is predicated on the notion that men, that fathers, that husbands are essentially disposable and can be replaced by a paycheck,” comments PJTV contributor Stephen Green.

PJ Media contributor Rhonda Robinson agrees with Whittle’s conclusion that feminism has gone beyond the pursuit of equality for the sexes, such as the right to vote, to actually destroying masculinity so women can be better than men. The turning point, she says, came in 1963 with publication of “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan"
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Not so subtle warfare on college campuses:
In her write up The war on young men at US colleges needs to end — now. Karol Markowicz addresses the issue with several egregious examples of young men being targeted

The largely hallucinatory “war on women” has nothing on the very real war on college boys.

A few recent stories highlight just how unfair and unjust an environment US campuses have become for young men — and the necessity of federal intervention to fix the damage previous federal intervention has done.

Take Thomas Klocke, a University of Texas at Arlington student accused of making anti-gay comments to a classmate. Klocke vehemently denied the charges and said his classmate had hit on him and Klocke angered him by rebuffing his advances.

According to Reason magazine, “Klocke received no hearing, even though the university’s Title IX policy explicitly mandates hearings for students in danger of being expelled. He was simply charged with making physical threats against a student and engaging in harassment, in violation of Title IX.”

A school “academic integrity” official “conceded that there wasn’t enough evidence against Klocke.” No problem: “Administrators found him responsible for harassment anyway and placed him on disciplinary probation.”

Klocke killed himself a few days later.. ...
More examples follow: To the reader it will become apparent that the college code of justice is Napoleonic and edges toward kangaroo court justice. The accused are not given a chance to adequately defend themselves against the charges. entire post

Toxic Feminism:
Prominent Democratic Feminist Camille Paglia Says Hillary Clinton ‘Exploits Feminism BY: Sam Dorman
Camille Paglia is a woman of seeming contradictions. She’s a lesbian who thinks homosexuality is not normal, a Democrat who often criticizes the party’s 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, a self-described "transgender being" who calls sex changes for children "abuse," and a feminist who says abortion is "murder."

Decades after she burst onto the scene with her best-selling book Sexual Personae, Paglia is back with a timely commentary on sex and gender. Her recent book Free Women, Free Men argues, among other things, that feminism is "stunting the maturation of both girls and boys" and that "if women seek freedom, they must let men too be free."

Paglia talked to the Washington Free Beacon about a variety of topics including Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) alleged populism, Megyn Kelly's performance as a moderator during the first Republican presidential primary debate, and whether misogyny played a role in Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 presidential bid.

You say in your new book that feminism’s "sex war" has stunted the maturation of both girls and boys. What do you think is the end result of that?
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End game, destruction of the family, to bring about cultural decline and perhaps eventual martial lw which would inevitably lead to totalitarian rule.

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