by Robby Bowling
The cynic in me says that the "Liberalization of America" is at a tipping point...People know longer just have disagreements, they go to their prospective corners, pour fuel on the "Flames of Hate" and lash out...Every day it gets more Bazaar & Ugly...You are just about faced with the fact & reality that the only "Conclusion" is the 'END GAME" of some sort is in progress..a CIVIL Society this is not....Everything theses days is "Divisive & pointed" with the main objective being PAIN in any sort or fashion one can Imagine or Construe...

The Communist Liberal Party "that still" for some reason calls itself the "Democrat Party" is staging one event after another to create a Permanent Strangle-Hold on Power..This is a play on a stage that Hitler would employ.IMO we are being set-up for an FALL...let's just call it a "Coup d'├ętat & Civil War!"...."Revolution is in the air" along with Gun Powder, Bombs & Gasoline!
If we TRULY wanted to save this country we'd be Talking, not drawing "Battle lines" & planning the next move...It seems these days we have "Manchurian Assassins" just waiting for their "Subliminal Clue" to Kill & Sell Fear anyway it can...If you're a Communist that easily done, they own all of the CIA Run Media Propaganda Channels...I mean on a second notice they have a "Sound Stage" set up & cameras rolling.

Today (Wednesday) a SNIPER open fire on a Practice Congressional Baseball Game...Shooting 4 people, one being a Republican Congressman...Think about it for a minute; This all comes after a week of "Over-Hyped" hearings with the FIRED "FBI" director Comey, with the Subject matter still centering around RUSSIA involvement in the USA Election, Trump's ethics about Flynn's investigation. Then we had another Hearing about the "Muslim Travel Ban," in Europe, we saw the LONDON BRIDGE incident with Muslims & yesterday the Att. Gen. Sessions testimony yesterday...So the end effect is "EVERYONE IS BENT OUT OF SHAPE" especially liberals..

I don't pretend to have any answers to the Problems on this FAKE STAGE, but I know that we "Are Not" dealing with RATIONAL People...Hate filled Delusional Idiots control the STAGE we watch every day All I see day in & day out is LIBERALS shooting everyone who "Disagrees" with them the collective FINGER, telling everyone to go to HELL & storming off Stage...That's when the PRIMAL URGE hits the LIBERAL or MUSLIM STOOGE who then goes out & LASHES OUT...
By & Large everything a LIBERAL COMMUNIST does is Planned, at least to the point of "Predictable Results" ...for them there is an END GAME, with them SEIZING POWER Permanently..They do not want to help the Poor, the Down Trodden, the Helpless or the Ignorant..they want to HELP THEMSELVES to everything you owned, you are or will ever be! POWER is where it's at, "Accept No Substitutes!" Still, I wonder what kind of VILE EVIL it is that runs through these Creatures from HELL,, they are literally the CANCER Consuming the world! Yet they have the audacity to act as if they were Messiahs & are "All-Knowing"

I'm not going to get into this "END TIMES PROPHECY" Game...matters not if you believe it or not if the result is the same...America is committing SUICIDE, contributing factors, self-loathing/hate, hatred of others (Race, Religion, Social Standing) & Ignorance...That ignorance killed off INDEPENDENT THINKING & Rational or Reasoning..this is, in fact, a "Runaway Train" but no one will call it what it one wants the TRUTH to EVER BE KNOWN...

IMO we are now living a LIE, we are in Denial about the REALITY that Surrounds us & what do we do? All I see is people WAITING for the HAMMER to fall...Isn't that what the Communists want? Are we so "Paralyzed with Fear" we do nothing? LIBERALS want all the Power & what do we do? We sit around & DESTROY Each other for them..."The best way to lose a WAR is to Surrender"-George Orwell---Isn't that what we are really doing? If AMERICA goes down it will be because we allowed it. Why do we tolerate HATE like we see from Liberals & Muslims? They don't TOLERATE it from us!

NO ONE ELSE WILL FIGHT YOUR BATTLES FOR YOU! If you/we don't make a Stand & Statement who will, Historians? Not hardly, history usually carries a prejudice, from the VICTOR, not the Defeated! And the fact remains, MUCH of what we perceive as Truth/Factor History is Fictionalized! Sad to say!

Today's world is FULL of SICK Pathetic Losers, who REACT to what's around them, they are PROGRAMMED to Respond, not THINK! Deductive Reasoning is a JOKE, a MYTH or EXTINCT...Chaos & Anarchy will be an EVERYDAY occurrence if we ALLOW it...Will we stop it, I sort of doubt it, fear rules! That's what OWNERSHIP of the Media does for these Leaches, Parasites & Enemies ...

Today after the shooting or assassination attempt I saw PLENTY of STAGED Emotions & Fake Tears from the LIBERALS & let's be honest here the only thing LIBERALS are sorry about is the Shooting wasn't a "Full Blown Massacre"...The SEEDS of HATE that they've now spent DECADES SOWING are full grown Haters now...One day it will come back & bite them in the ASS, but not soon enough.... If we aren't Careful & Diligent AMERICA will b e in FLAMES & Out Of Control...They answer to NO-ONE except SATAN

When the FAMILY Died so did AMERICA, but we (SOME) are just now realizing it ...Denial does that or is that Ignoring it? You tell me...dead is dead is dead & hopelessness leads the way..

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