Desperate Leftist Resistance Edging Toward Treason?

Unless Mueller manages to pull a suspect plaid rabbit out of a purple cardboard hat, the Russia narrative has largely been squelched.
So, what is new battle cry of America's enemies from within, "It's time to go nuclear. De facto treason is the now the weapon and no one will either see or care"--or something to that effect.
While many within the "movement" may not realize exactly what their actions are (due to ignorance of civics and the American Constitution), the head honchos and financiers most definitely do.
The enemy within seeks to destroy the republic and replace it with a totalitarian system in such a way that will not immediately be seen. Eventually, hopefully, a weakened America will fall to the globalist agenda.
Unfortunately for the plotters, their true colors are seeping through and are being recognized by many who oppose the ultimate plan. Resistance toward the elitist agenda (disguised as an anti-Trump movement) an awakening has occured and a war in the streets has begun.
The real war is not in the streets, it is sub rosa, which is far more deadly.
America is at a turning point and its survival as a Constitutional Republic is on the line. Can freedom loving patriots save it. Knowledge is power and the citizenry must know the enemy in order to defeat it.

The two following articles give some insight into the next scheme the enemy within is plotting.

Edging Toward Treason
COUP: Liberals Convene in Washington Hotel to Plot Against the President
Excerpt: As it becomes increasingly obvious that Democrats are not going to be able to actually make the worst of their Russia allegations stick to President Trump, rich liberals are looking for other ways to dismantle the administration. And given the damage that has already been done to the Trump agenda through leaks that create one terrible story after another, the American Constitution Society believes that the best way forward is to encourage insurrectionists within the deep state to thwart the president from the inside out.

According to a very revealing story from the Washington Examiner, the liberal group met at the Capital Hilton this weekend to console each other about the dismal state of affairs in Democratic Party politics, commiserate over the “stolen” election,” and, most importantly, plot against the president of the United States.

From the Examiner:
UCLA Law professor Jon Michaels said he favors filling the Trump administration with liberals opposed to Trump’s agenda.

“We hear a lot of language about draining the swamp and this idea about a deep state that somehow was going to thwart the intentions or the political mandate of the president,” Michaels said. “I kind of embrace this notion of the ‘deep state.'”

Michaels listed his ideas for how to ensure the success of the “deep state.” Act as a group – a department, across agency lines, as a community – rather than as an individual when pushing back against Trump from the inside, he said. Once such a coalition is formed, he suggested “rogue tweeting” or “leaking to the media” as options for fighting the president.

Are these people serious? In some countries, this would be called treason.

It’s fine and well for members of the Trump administration to disagree with the overall agenda, but what these loons are talking about goes well beyond personal disagreement. It actually goes beyond one or two employees of the government sandbagging the president. They’re talking about forming and encouraging vast swaths of the federal government to simply refuse to do their jobs. To use any means possible and necessary to make sure that the WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE is not obeyed.
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Hillary Loyalist Soldiers On--Behind Lawsuit Against Trump
Brock-Linked Group Aiding D.C./Maryland Suit Against Trump
Confidential Brock memo spoke of plans to file numerous lawsuits against Trump in hopes of leading to impeachment
BY: Joe Schoffstall
Excerpt:Members of a group linked to liberal operative and Hillary Clinton loyalist David Brock are involved in a new lawsuit filed by the Democratic attorneys general of the District of Columbia and Maryland against President Trump over his private businesses...

Karl Racine, D.C.'s attorney general, said at a press conference early Monday that Trump is "flagrantly violating the Constitution" and that "never in the history of this country have we had a president with these kinds of extensive business entanglements."

"We know foreign governments are spending [at the Trump International Hotel] to curry favor with the President of the United States," Racine said. "The Saudis are already spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at the Trump hotel."

The lawsuit filed by D.C. and Maryland mimics that of a lawsuit filed earlier this year by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a liberal legal advocacy group once led by Media Matters for America founder David Brock.

Noah Bookbinder, CREW's executive director, appears on the lawsuit filed by the Democratic attorneys general. Stuart McPhail, CREW's litigation counsel, is also listed on the lawsuit. The attorneys general are hoping the lawsuit will lead to the release of Trump's tax returns.

Earlier this year, David Brock held a conference with more than 100 liberal donors at the posh Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Fla., mapping out how Democrats would "kick Donald Trump's ass."

The Washington Free Beacon attended the conference and obtained a copy of a private and confidential Brock memo detailing the liberal operative's plans to attack Trump using CREW, Media Matters, Shareblue, and American Bridge. Entire post

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