The MSM And Islamic Terrorism

It’s not a Muslim ban
yet, the MSM persists with this false narrative. One would ponder why the truth is kept in the dark. Is the MSM so dense that it cannot understand simple facts. Or is it deliberately obfuscating the issue to further an agenda of civil unrest leading to planned chaos and anarchy? Unfortunately, to those who follow the news closely (and to some who do not) this appears to be the intent. More

 All this is not to say that the Trump administration is blameless
Much like Steven Spielberg said of his movie 1941 (“It looked good on paper.”), the flaw was in the execution rather than the intent. A clear lack of guidance from the White House on how the order was to be carried out by the various different federal agencies involved created (as Sir Topham Hatt would say) a lot of confusion and delay. Green card holders were needlessly detained at airports across the country, subjecting them to inconvenience and humiliation.

Plainly, decisions as to the implementation of this order were politically calculated. But while political reasons can and should be taken into account when making policy, they shouldn’t be the primary consideration.

There is also the practical impact of policy–and in this case, the chaos ended up overshadowing the necessary and desirable changes in the order. Next time around, I would suggest that the president have his people in the agencies huddle with his political advisers for a little while before giving an order like this.

President Trump might also consider explaining personally why he’s doing what he’s doing. Again and again, he proved on the campiagn trail his ability to connect with his audience. Perhaps if he had made some short, prepared remarks to the nation ahead of signing this order, there would have been more room to make corrections before everything hit the fan. Trump shouldn’t depend upon surrogates to do what he can accomplish so well himself. source
Go here to see elitist shill Bill de Blasio attempt to differentiate between Obama's and Trump's temporary bans.

Does the MSM get any of the following issues, can it be so stupid, or is it simply following the Soros directive to deliver "fake news". 
 One can imagine the fire storm created by the following proposed action.
The lawsuits will mushroom, and odds are the MSM will side with the plaintiffs.

The White House is mulling designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, according to unnamed members of Trump’s transition team who described a faction in favor and a faction against the move. A senior member of Trump’s transition team, speaking on condition of anonymity told Reuters, “I know it has been discussed. I'm in favor of it.” A bill to designate the international Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood is gathering steam in Congress.
Clarion Project spearheaded a campaign to educate legislators and move the bill forward over the past year. The bill currently has bipartisan support. continue

Trump is attempting to avoid the following European scenarios
The Islamic State has planned to infect refugee flows to the West with mass killers, and it has had some violent successes.

The CIA said last year that the terrorist group’s official strategy is to hide its operatives among refugees entering Europe and the United States via human flows out of the Middle East and North Africa.

The Islamic State, also known as ISIL and ISIS, has inspired followers to commit atrocities in San Bernardino, California; Orlando, Florida; and the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida. Scores of U.S. residents have been charged with or suspected of providing material support to the Islamic State. Some have left the U.S. to commit war crimes in Syria and Iraq.

As President Trump places a 120-day ban on immigration from what he considers high-risk Muslim-majority countries, the history of the mass migration shows that some took part in the Nov. 13, 2015, massacre in Paris — two posed as refugees from Syria — and the Christmastime truck carnage in Berlin. source
And yes, there are increasingly severe situations in America.
 US Cases of refugees arrested or convicted on terror charges, and other heinous crimes

Dear dishonest (anti-Trump) mainstream media reporters, why can’t you report that he might have a point about our security!
I’ve had requests from readers in the last day or so for a list of cases where refugees/asylees have been arrested and have either been convicted on terrorism related charges or are in the process of being tried on those charges. And, for good measure I added in some horrible crimes committed by refugees in the US in this post I wrote in mid-December.

Iraqi interpreter Jasim Ramadon serving 28 years for raping aColorado woman. Will he be eported when released?I’m posting it again because we have new readers and because Kevin Appleby, in his interview with Tucker Carlson, here, couldn’t think of one!

By the way, Appleby dismissed the Tsarnaev (Boston bomber) brothers saying they weren’t really refugees. They were successful asylum seekers which makes them refugees under the Refugee Act of 1980! The refugee propagandists have been getting away with parsing their words for way too long!

And, if you missed my previous post about the Iraqi interpreter serving a long prison sentence for leading a gang rape of a Colorado woman.
For a further list of criminal activities by "refugees" go here

Truly understanding that the threat is real

Amid the social upheaval in response to President Trump’s travel ban from seven Islamic countries, fomented by the hard left Marxist/socialist groups and their anti-American counterparts – jihadi groups like Hamas (doing business as CAIR), ISNA, and others – UTT feels it is important to share this experience publicly because Americans need to know what they are up against and what to expect as this war in America goes forward.

The exchange began in response to UTT’s (@UTT_USA) tweet: “No surprise – SecState Madeleine Albright sides w/ our enemy & not America…” Albright publicly stated she is ready to register as a Muslim in response to President Trump’s call to ban Muslim immigration into the United States from certain nations.

UTT’s Vice President Chris Gaubatz received a response from Zuhur (@SherifaZuhur) which read: “Chris, Muslims aren’t your enemy,” to whit Mr. Gaubatz (@CAIRvGaubatz) responded with: “Agreed; only Muslims that adhere to Quran & Sunnah as embodied in the shariah.”

Zuhur then responded with: “Then that’s all of us.”

Your words not ours Ms. Zuhur, but thanks for making UTT’s point that it is a requirement for all Muslims to adhere to sharia which calls for jihad until the entire world is under Islamic rule.

UTT does not teach all Muslims are the enemy of the United States. However, 100% of our enemy in the Global Islamic Movement state they are Muslims waging jihad to establish a global Islamic state (caliphate) under sharia. The delineating factor is sharia. Not every person who self-identifies as a Muslim wants to live under sharia or follow sharia, but 100% of our enemy in this war does. 100% of authoritative sharia obliges jihad, and defines jihad as “warfare against non-muslims.” The problem is two-fold: (1) Any Muslim who does not want to follow sharia can decide to follow sharia at any time – especially when threatened with violence from other Muslims; (2) Sharia obliges Muslims to lie if the goal is obligatory, and jihad is obligatory.

Therein lies the problem – there is simply no way to determine which Muslims are our friends and which are not. In fact, the only Muslims who are potential friends of the United States are those who do not follow the Quran and Sunnah, as embodied in the sharia, which makes Ms. Zuhur’s reply all the more telling.

UTT would not waste your time in sharing this exchange if that were the end of the story. continue
 The elites are in the fight of their lives with those who cherish national sovereignty and the freedom of the individual. It would appear as though the MSM is aiding and abetting them in their quest  for global subjugation

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