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Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Winter 2017 

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Monthly Bits: Check out your Rep: January 2017:

94th legislative District: State Representative Stan Saylor:

Check out your Reps: Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, winter 2017
Delta Star December 22, 2016 Representative Stanley Saylor recognized for promotion of the arts in Pennsylvania: 

Americans for the Arts and the National Conference of the State Legislature (NCSL) announced recently that they have presented the 2016 public Leadership in the Arts Award for State art Leadership to Rep. Stan Saylor and the other three founding chairs of the Pennsylvania Legislative Arts and Culture Caucus. 

The Annual award was presented at the NCSL Fall Forum in Washington DC and honors public officials who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the advancement of the arts at the state level. The arts play an integral role in the social, educational, and economic development of a state: said Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts. 

“We appreciate leaders like Rep Saylor who are actively promoting and advocating for the arts on the state level.” Saylor, the outgoing chairman of the House Education Committee and the incoming chairman of the House appropriations committee said exposure to the arts are a core portion of a young person’s education and development as a contributing member of society. 

“As one who appreciates many different kinds of arts I understand how exposure to the arts--painting--music--drawing and sculpture can open a young person’s mind, not just to the discipline and history of art itself, but to a larger understanding to the world around them,” Saylor said, “Art fosters the ability to create our own methods of effectively meeting goals placed before us.” 

The three other founding chairs of the caucus are Senator Patrick Brown, Senator Jay Costa and Representative Tim Briggs. In 2012, Costa, Browne, Briggs, and Saylor organized the first Special Organized Caucus dealing with arts and culture issues and soon had the largest caucus in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. 

The Pennsylvania Legislative Arts and Culture Caucus recognizes and advances the state’s creative industries conferences to highlight arts and culture as an economic development tool, meetings on tax credit programs benefiting arts and culture, and creative aging, and educational outreach programs from museums, creative/cultural districts and the humanities.

The caucus has also demonstrated support and suggested strategies to increase the line items in the General Fund budget for arts and culture. In 2014 the grants to the arts line item received a 5% increase- the first since 2007-- and for this fiscal year, the General Assembly level funded for grants to the arts at a time when they were cutting other line items and not increasing taxes.

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Monthly Bits: Check out your Reps: January 2017 
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