Eastern Europe Has Not Forgotten Its History!

Unlike the EU leadership, Eastern Europe had a long history of bloody conflict and brutal suppression at the hands of Islam. The Ottoman Empire ruled with a spiked iron fist by using genocide and cultural destruction as its primary tools of occupation after conquest.

Armenia was the most horrific example of a viciousness inflicted upon a conquered nation. Turkey has neither admitted to nor apologized for its actions and would prefer that the beastly Armenian genocide remain in the well stuffed skeletal closet of history.

For a very detailed write up along with gut wrenching photos of this heinous 20th century pogrom, go here.  Warning, it contains old photos which are very graphic and visually depict the true horror which the persecuted Armenians suffered at the hands of their Ottoman overlords. 

Here is an excerpt:
Armenia was a trendsetter when it came to Christianity. The country adopted that faith in 301 A.D. This was even before the formation of the Holy Roman Empire. For centuries the Armenian people built a healthy and prosperous country. However, in the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire absorbed Armenia and the Armenians. The non-Muslim Armenians were classified as “infidels” and had to pay higher taxes and saddled with fewer rights than Muslims.

The Ottoman Empire stayed dominant in the region through the 19th century and into the early part of the 20th century. But in the late 1890s, Armenians were growing tired of their status as second class citizens and continued their push for more rights. In 1894, that push was met with a violent response from the Sultan who turned loose his private army on the Armenians. In the ensuing battles between 1894-96, it was reported that as many as 200,000 Armenians were killed by Sultan Abdul Hamid’s troops in what has been called the Hamidian Massacre. However, the killing of the 200,000 Armenian Christians was nothing compared to the 1915 genocide.

What led to the near extermination of the Armenians? It appears a combination of a few factors were working together to create a rabid form of Turkish nationalism that saw the Armenians as the enemies of the state. After all, the non-Muslims were officially considered “infidels” in the eyes of the Turks...
 In 1908, a group of young Turks forced the Sultan out and took control of the government. At first they talked of bringing new freedoms to the Armenian people. Unfortunately, those freedoms never were granted by the ruling “Young Turks.” Instead the Armenians were seen as a threat to the shrinking Ottoman Empire.  more
The Northern Europeans, who presently dominate the EU, had no such experience, and its leadership has foolishly allowed itself to be seduced into the most pernicious form of suicide known as political correctness by accepting Syrians refugees out of guilt as well as compassion.  

It turns out that, in many instances, the majority were neither Syrian nor refugees but migrants exploiting the Syrian situation. The influx of these foreigners with values completely at odds with Western democracy and with no intention of assimilating into Western society did not go well for the European citizenry.

After a year of media and government covered up beatings, rapes, and murders at the hands of the "refugees", whom the politicians had welcomed with open arms, the people had enough and such organizations as PEGIDA had arisen out of sheer self defense.

The EU leadership can no longer suppress the citizens' anger by slapping the label of racism on those who saw exactly what was happening and stood against it.

Poland and Hungary have so far been leading dissenters of the de facto destruction of Western Europe by the not so stealth jihad being conducted toward the West.

And now:
Hungarians Tell European Union They Can Keep Their Muslims, Vote 98% AGAINST Forced Muslim Quotas For Their Country

98.3% of Hungarian voters have rejected mandatory EU asylum seeker quotas in a referendum proposed by PM Viktor Orban. But the opposition boycott of Sunday’s ballot appears to have worked, as turnout failed to clear the key 50 percent threshold.

Only 1.7 percent of the voters answered ‘Yes’ to the question “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?”

But the turnout of 43.8 percent, or 3.6 million voters, means that the referendum will be declared invalid. Over 200,000 ballots were spoiled, another tactic by those opposing the vote.

The referendum was non-binding, but became a symbolic litmus test for Orban’s pro-sovereignty, anti-migrant and anti-Islamist policies.

His mostly left-wing political opponents rejected the very idea of the referendum, suggesting it would cause “tension”inside the country and in Budapest’s relationship with Brussels, and urged a boycott to prevent a validating turnout. (source).... Unlike much of the West- specifically Germany and the Nordic nations, France and the Benelux naions, and the UK, the nations of Eastern Europe all have established Muslim communities whose existence pre-dates the Protestant Revolution and have fought extensive wars with Muslim nations for their freedom. The exceptions to this are the southern European nations such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, who while have wandered far from the faith of their ancestors, were historically at war with the Islamic world. Hungary herself has a particular history, since not only was it only the literal border between Islam and Christendom, but several times the nation was wholly under Ottoman control and nearly wiped out through forced Islamization.

Eastern European people and especially Hungarians know Islam and its nature well. They were a Muslim territory too many times, and one thing about Eastern European people is that while they are good people, unlike the West, they have long memories. Thankfully, even in spite of communism and the many other evils that befell Eastern Europe, the people remember their roots and are embracing them instead of, like Western Europe, throwing their culture, history, and progeny (for those who actually have children) into the trash. more

Will the American leadership wake up? Or, is it complicit in the destruction of our national sovereignty under the guise of everlasting world peace, compassion, and security by the UN mandated acceptance of unvetted Muslim "refugees" who show neither respect nor inclination to assimilate into the culture of their host nation.

It would appear as though the globalist agenda is well underway courtesy of elitist design. Will the people comply? If not, will the leadership temporarily concede defeat and try again in the future or will it engage in a bloody quashing of the ordinary citizenry?

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