Here we are mid-week, some call it hump-day or is it actually Getting-Humped-Day? What do we know that we didn't yesterday, if anything? We already knew Barry was a Homosexual Muslim from Kenya, that he was a Empty-Suited Parasite controlled by Soros/Rothschild New World Order, "SHADOW GOVERNMENT" of ours....We already knew Hillary has DECADES of Experience at LYING, Hating, being a Lesbian, being a SADIST & a MUSLIM Loving Cunt....Oh well nothing ground breaking there either....The GOP released their report on BENGHAZI & IT CONFIRMED that Hillary was more interested in how her Nails, Hair & the Lipstick she uses to put on that PIG-SHIT Smile of hers than to Admit to the TRUTH about the Death of 4 Americans...much less admit to a FAILED Disastrous COUP she backed to topple LIBYA'S QADDAFI....And again as far as the CLINTON CRIME FOUNDATION goes we know she took & is STILL taking money from almost EVERY DAMN FOREIGN Country in the Universe ....How the hell does she bust CASHIERS CHECKS from Mars....I guess her Mentor GEORGE (HITLER) SOROS manages that with his Family ties to the ROTHSCHILD'S.....And also we weren't surprised to find her SERVANT that ran her Computer Email Operation, took the 5th Amendment so many times is sounded like it was STUCK on LOOP REPLAY into Infinity......Nothing news worthy there whatsoever.....its just, "Business As Usual" "SNAFU" or "FUBAR" you can take the pick as to the one most applicable....

Lets see in other not-so-surprising not-really-news this week....we find NYC Gays are blaming the Orlando killings on White Christians, I take it we are the problem & I guess it was the White Folks that Programmed the GUNS to KILL...Yesterday we had 4 Terrorists in TURKEY start a Crime Spree at the Istanbul Airport.....And as a reminder to those who are curious I did NOT mention that they were MUSLIM, they were Radical JIHADISTS or were even members of ISIS....Because it is NOW against the LAW to say, imply, infer, point out, state, describe MUSLIMS in any, I'll say it again ANY NEGATIVE Light whatsoever.....I mean really we no longer can state what should be self-evident...Muslims are the 2nd worse EVIL Pathogen in the WORLD, they come in though a VERY Close "SECOND" to Politicians.....I have yet to figure out which ones the ass & which ones the asshole...

Wait, one moment I hear someone knocking at the door....ooh crap, men dressed in black, carrying guns carrying papers with bright shinny badges on their lapels .....apparently I have a Snitch hidden in my keyboard, well I guess its Lawyers Guns & Money time ....See you later after I post BOND.....Back in the High life again... MAMMA TRIED to raise me better.....SO THIS IS IT ? Our day of Reckoning FLOPPED ..... 

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