If you "Believed" all the Lies, Optics, Illusions & Scripted Propaganda coming  from this Socialist Government & their mouth-pieces the Media ,you would either believe you WON the Lottery, of you've been shafted by the Light Of Life.....If this is as good as life gets, well...It ain't cutting it....This GOVERNMENT spends BILLION$ on Television Ads , Radio Ads & Internet Ads trying to sell the "CON-GAME" they play & try to shove up our 'Tail-ends" everyday, with every breath we takes...However this is the way I SEE IT.... Other than simply laying out the Equations, Prepositions & Backing Off & allowing you to Think for yourself (that's a stretch for some) & come to your on conclusions & Questions, they Have to FORCE the Issue...They Manipulate all the Data, they Stage , Script Events & then go into a Fear-Mongering Sermon that goes on infinitely until you finally Relent, Throw up your hands & Say ,"You Give Up"....

For the most PART I totally REJECT that LOGIC....The more they try to SELL the CON, the more I Reject it...BTW, I hate High Pressure Salesman....I mostly see things this way, other than for Discovery, if the Idea, the Plan, the Gimmick or Vision was so damn Great, it should for the most part, "SELL ITSELF"...A Great Idea is found through Discovery, it doesn't need to be sold... Shouldn't we ask this Simple Question about Government & Government Programs (CONS)...How much does it cost & what are the real Benefits & the real Detraction's?....Making decisions sometimes need to be Analytical not Emotional.....They (Politicians) play the EMOTIONAL Card to Play us against each other...It worked....We strand on the Precipice & Threshold of an ERA with never-ending Chaos & Anarchy...There is a WAR being Waged against  the Christians & the Jewish People everyday by the MUSLIMS & the Messianic Self-Righteous Thieves in WASHINGTON DC give them 100% cover...I wonder why?. 

For the Communist Welfare State to be COMPLETE this Government & their Masters MUST Destroy what little is left of the MIDDLE CLASS...Other than the Fact we are TRILLOIN$ in Debt & Climbing...the Nail in the Coffin will be a RACE WAR....We already see it beginning with the BLACK LIVES MATTERS Groups, Sharpton, Jackson , Obama, Hillary going after the Hard Working Police (not perfect) in Every-City USA...The MANTRA,,,White Privilege...well BS...I grew up in a Segregated South, I watched & remember the "Martin Luther King Marches" & those indeed were Dark Days, however we worked our Way through them ...We had honest Conversation & we tried to understand each other....And things did indeed get better & no we did not Discover UTOPIA...Things are WORSE now than at anytime in my lifetime...I wonder why?
What happened, what went wrong & where do we go from here? Do we go anywhere at all? Guys like OBAMA. SHARPTON & JACKSON etc are Self-Loathing Narcissist Selfish Greedy Evil Men who Bought into the "Saul Alinsky's" theory, "Rules For Radicals"....Alinsky was a communist , who plagiarized much of Carl Marx & Lenin's work "The Communist Manifesto" in his book....He was incidentally from CHICAGO...OBAMA is from Chicago (loved the Guy) HILLARY did her College "THESIS" about him & totally embraced that Philosophy, as did Obama's Pastor the Not-So-Rev. Wright.....

The Communists  in America have been lurking in the SHADOWS since "WORLD WAR I "& a little less since "WORLD WAR II" they came OUT OF THE CLOSET in the 60's...they haven't looked back since....Ignorance of Truth in AMERICA has never been so PROFOUND as it is now....I doubt seriously if 50% of this Country understand what Communism, Marxism, Socialism or Fascism actually are, much less the differences....Heavens I doubt there are many who can define Democracy, a Republic, a Monarchy or even a Dictatorship! And then with that in mind, you just might start to understand why we are in Big Trouble....
Adding insult to injury entering in from extremely "FAR STAGE LEFT" is George Soros, a Hitler Youth, a Billionaire, a Communist, a Narcissist, a Sociopath with a Messianic Complex ....He is behind the MUSLIM invasion of Europe, open Borders, Black Lives Matters, the Ferguson Protesters, He purchased the Presidency for OBAMA....HILLARY'S Daughter got Married in his Home in Washington DC & He is HILLARY'S Largest Donor. Pardon I meant to say OWNER...  Almost every CEO & higher up Management people in the MEDIA sit on BOARDS he Controls or Runs...He BUYS Influence....He Owns most of our/ your Congress & you wonder why we like LEMMING are committing SUICIDE just like THE ROME & GREEK EMPIRES from long ago....

There is NOTHING in WASHINGTON DC that can be repaired IN MY OPINION....There is NO Political will, the People don't even have a clue about the TRUTH & Most don't care about anything but the MOMENT....Well any moment this Could very well be OVER....Or could it be WE ARE DEAD & TOO STUPID TO KNOW IT.....So WHERE RE WE GOING? NO WHERE FAST! !

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