by Robby Bowling

Do you ever get the feeling as I do that this World & Specifically AMERICA is adrift, going in circles & actually going nowhere at all but perhaps BACKWARDS.Weren't supposed to have entered into an ERA of Love & Change you can believe in? I thought America found its MESSIAH ? Isn't that what we were told to believe in? Wasn't we told there would be "CHANGE WE COULD BELIEVE IN?" According to the NEWS MEDIA & Self-Proclaimed Prophets & all the Pomp & Circumstance we CROWNED our New Savior...Wasn't he supposed to be the Muslim King of all Kings to save this Old Wretched WORLD ? Weren't we watching Barak Obama's assent to his Earthly Throne? Wasn't this the CHANGE this World (America) had been longing for, dreaming of & wishing for ? Wasn't this a "Long Time Coming?" Now it's a long Time Gone!
Wasn't OBAMA going to Lead his Brethren "The Muslims" out of the Dark Ages ?
Wasn't OBAMA  Going to Raise the Standards for all the Poor People ?
Wasn't OBAMA going to Right all the Wrongs that the African Americans suffered at the hands of every white Person in the World ?
Wasn't OBAMA  going to fix the Corruption that a "Capitalist System" has by ushering in "Socialist Welfare Programs?"
Wasn't OBAMA going to FIX the BROKEN Economic System  ?
Wasn't OBAMA going to FIX all the RACISM in America & the World?
Wasn't OBAMA going to Heal all the GENDER IDENITY Problems in this Country?
Wasn't OBAMA'S vision of UTOPIA supposed to Sway everyone in the World to All Join In & Belong.?..
Wasn't OBAMA going to fix a BROKEN Education system ?
Wasn't OBAMA  supposed to inspire through his ActionS & not just Words?
Wasn't OBAMA  supposed to bring Peace & Love to this Hate Filled World?
Wasn't OBAMA  going to rid the World of GLOBAL WARMING?
Wasn't OBAMA  going to improve our "Relationship" with RUSSIS ?
Wasn't OBAMA  going to improve our "Relationship" with CHINA?
Wasn't OBAMA  going to improve our "Relationship" with IRAN?
Wasn't OBAMA  going to improve our "Relationship" with NORTH KOREA?
Wasn't OBAMA  going to improve our "Relationship" with CUBA?
Wasn't OBAMA  going to make AMERICANS Feel Safer?

What happened? Well for one you "Win Peoples Hearts, Souls & Minds" with you ACTIONS...From an Overly Simplistic stage all people are Brothers & Sisters....If you grew up in a LARGE FAMILY as I did you understand that NO ONE IS EQUAL....Some people you treat with Kindness, some you have to treat with Tough Love...Love & Respect however are EARNED & are not a given ....Along with ALL of this comes an apparently FORBIDDEN Word in today's AMERICA....It's called "Responsibility"....Responsibility has a very close relationship with Respect , they go together....You cannot Dictate or Legislate it .....And only through RESPECT can we ever UNDERSTAND anything....Lets be honest here, "taking a leap of Faith" as it pertains to BELIEVING in your GOVERNMENT (they are not, nor were they ever your Family or Friend) does not APPLY here....ONLY A FOOL BELIEVES in this or any other GOVERNMENT....
As AMERICANS fixing to go into the RIGGED ELECTIONS in NOVEMBER (The Electoral College is how they Rig it) what's changed in the last 30 years?

Are we any Safer & more Secure?
Do we Still individually believe in the "American Dream?"
Are we Still willing to Work & Sacrifice for our Families?
Are you still willing to Learn?
Do you want to LIVE off the Plunder & Sacrifices of others?
Do you Want this WELFARE STATE....
Are you willing to give up what little freedom you have, to a Government that's SQUANDERED everything?
Do you Understand the GOVERNMENT can Listen to every word you say, but Will not STOP A MUSLIM because of Political Correctness?
Aren't you Concerned that CHRISTIANS are Scorned & Hated by the Left?
Aren't you Concerned that GENDER Identity is being TAUGHT in Kindergarten?
Doesn't it bother you that ISLAM is being Taught in some Public Schools now?
Don't you think you SHOULD be worried about the 19 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT we have?

There is a DARKNESS in this Once Great Nation....It starts in the HEARTS of all of us to one degree or another....The LEADERS of this land , are Full of HATE & ENVY...They have no Soul, they have no LOVE (Narcissism doesn't count) for anyone....They Teach & Show it to us with every breath we take by their ACTIONS...Their Words are meaningless empty rhetoric Hyperbole....Do you honestly think this is what we BARGAINED FOR?  Do you really thing your Children or Grand Children have a Promising FUTURE.?...I won't answer that one for you.....
PEOPLE with hate in their HEARTS will NEVER CHANGE....it is not who they are....Their HATE Goes to the Bone.....Everyday I see RIOTS, PROTESTS, CHAOS, ANARCHY....Where is the UNDERSTANDING? Why do we REACT without at least ASKING QUESTIONS.....This is not a PERFECT WORLD...but all that I See happening TODAY & For the FUTURE is the SAME....Apparently the LIBERALS want ARMAGEDDON...And that is EXACTLY what GEORGE SOROS is Staging & Paying for....
So I ask you this , do you think it's going to CHANGE for the Better with HILLARY CLINTON? I don't....

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