Today's World seems like a "Fast Paced" trip to "Nowhere Land"..We don't know where we are headed , We don't have any Goals, We don't have any Ideas, We don't have any Vision, We don't or Won't Listen, We really don't have Conversations , with Real Dialogs & we are apparently too ill equipped, knowledgeable, mush less Thirsty to Sit & Drink from any fountain that has an ounce of TRUTH in it....We live in a WORLD Full of LIARS, We call Spoiled & Pampered Brats Idols or Heroes....We don't call those we do EVIL what they really are..We apparently don't wont to Offend anyone who has no Problem whatsoever Offending us..
We call Under-Achievers, Brilliant but Slow or Understood ..We call Under-Achievers, Brilliant but Slow or Understood..The same Surrogates justify anything they want to get what they want...And again we say nothing...
We get all our our Information (Knowledge it is not) from Paid liars, that are in essence no different than a Side-Show Barker at a Carnival trying their best to get to spend your Money on a Faux or Fake "Card Trick" or "Shell Game"....The truth is they are just "Picking Your Pocket"....Freedom of Religion is a Hollow Lie...Freedom Of Speech in Practice will soon be a Crime ....Drug Addiction is on the RISE, but the real Drug Issues & Addictions come from Legal-Prescribed Drugs...Becoming "Comfortably Numb" is now a National Pastime as well as the STATE of this NATION....Sex-Education is no longer about the "Facts of Life" its become about DOUBTING yourself....So they TEACH our Youngest Children you can be any SEX you Want, Male, Female or Both? Have you ever asked yourself the Question that Maybe its now more about Recruitment or an Introduction into a Lifestyle....That is,  it's about Predators preying on those Ill-equipped to say no....

We are now on the threshold of another RACE WAR & what are your Leaders doing....Well it should be more than obvious (for some) they are the ones who Want it....They are the ones that are Stirring things up....It would seem to me in a Simplistic view your ether a "Peacemaker" or you are the War Monger" ..you pick, you can't be both....We allowed AMERICA to become this "Welfare State" Somehow I thought (perhaps erroneously) that the AMERICAN DREAM was for achievers....Is living in Poverty & Chained to it something to look Forward too? Understand me I do not take Issue with "Helping Those Who Cannot Help Themselves" IMO WELFARE can be like a JAIL CELL, it is still possible to Rehabilitate yourself or you could get accustomed to an Existence that Provides you with Three Meals a Day, Free Medical, Free Shelter , Free Obama Phones, Free Television, Free Internet & Free Perverted Sex....And let me tell you those who run the Prisons, oh pardon me, the Wardens of Welfare Housing Projects don't care...Why should they, they have everything they need& the Victims they had little to no choice..
HARRY TRUMAN said once, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" well not anymore, not in Socialist America.....This Country is what nearly 20 TRILLION DOLLAR$ in debt....When you have more Users & Losers than you have those keeping the BOAT Floating & Operating, well sooner or later there will be a "Reckoning" The System will in fact Collapse....Financial Groups like the BILDBERBERGS (Rothschilds & Soros etc) are betting on  it ...They have Driven all of the Good European Nations into Bankruptcy with the Anarchy  & Chaos the MUSLIMS have caused by Opening up their Societies & Borders ..WE ARE NEXT....That's what OBAMA & HILLARY'S Election is all about...

Many of you KNOW there are 535 Elected members of Congress & you might say , they'll hold the line against all this Tyranny & Treason....Don't Fool yourself, to VARYING Degrees they are ALL IN ON IT....  Every single day we WAIT to STOP this MADNESS will make it all the More Likely we will FAIL....Look around the Room as you Walk through a Store, Drive through Neighborhoods especially those your not Familiar with....Most of this NATION is Clueless & Ignorant about what is going on all around them....Most don't care so Long as they get their Daily FIX  of Fake stories, Fake Illusion, False Narratives, False Dreams or a Less than Sublime life.....
All of us have lost someone we dearly loved through Death...And for those People its not only Heart Wrenching, many Feel like they Died.....Many would have Rather died to keep that Someone Alive,  be it for just a while....What will you say when the Day comes, when the TRUTH finely becomes evident , that it's too late...Will you have the GUTS to Admit your error? Some Will, Most will not....  WELCOME TO DENIAL, WHERE SLAVERY IS THE ONLY OPTION

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