America (or whatever is left of it) is 18 TRILLION DOLLAR$ in debt...
And whether we admit it or not we just gave IRAN BILLION$ of dollars to Build a NUKE 
OBAMA'S Twin Brother by a different Mother in NORTH KOREA is Testing Nuclear Warheads again...
RUSSIA'S Leader Putin has Given IRAN the Uranium HILLARY sold Russia..
Russia is making a move to Grow the Russian Empire & Diminish American Influence
China who OWNS much of the AMERICAN DEBT is Expanding its Territory in the South Seas as we speak
The RADICAL MUSLIM groups like ISIS are Killing CHRISTIANS & JEWS everyday... meanwhile Washington says Nothing
We are Bringing in TENS of Thousands of SYRIAN MUSLIM  (not Christians) Refugees into this county NOT VETTED...
The same SYRIAN Refugees will get $1700 a MO. To live plus free food, free rent, free medical & for the Muslim men , all the GOATS they can hump..
It costs somewhere in the range of $20,000 a year to put a CHILD through SCHOOL
Many of those same Children can't Read, can't Write, Can't Understand , Cant Reason ,Can't Think for themselves, Can't set Goals & they are 100% addicted to Government
And those same Children are supposed to be AMERICA'S Future?
We have Leader's that Don't Lead, they Bait....They are Sociopath's incapable of REAL EMOTION
Many of our Leaders are LAWYERS who couldn't make the GRADE in their Profession ...They Therefore JOINED up the Criminals & Cons  
In AMERICA we now have more Dependents than we have Contributors...
Most households are heavenly in Debt , almost Bankrupt..
We have the Largest Number of  People (Percentage wise) than at any time in our History living in or below the POVERTY LINE..
They say we have LOW Unemployment , but those same figures are a total Fabrication & Fraud
We have a MEDIA that's supposed to be SEPARATE from the GOVERNMENT, it's anything but...
Freedom of Speech is a Myth
Freedom of Religion is a Myth
The American Dream is a Myth
Believing in Hard Work & Achievement is SCORNED
Love has been replaced with Lust
There is apparently no such thing as GENDER anymore
If you make a stand for anything or any cause, your're called a BIGOT , BULLY , Homophobic, Anti-Islam (or worse)
We talk about the WORLD ENDING because of Climate-Change....The Russians & the Chinese laugh at us & they do NOTHING..
We have a Presidential Contender (And her Husband) who charge more for a SPEAKING FEE than most will ever MAKE in a LIFETIME 
We have Foundations, Charities & Political Pac's that are actually nothing more than MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS...
We seem to no longer believe in Truth, Honesty or has been REGULATED OUT of Existence

And yet here we are TALKING about Whether or not OBAMA was born in the USA....According to the Fascist Nazi Puppet who works for the Worlds most EVIL Pathogen "GEORGE SOROS" ...HILLARY'S & BARRY'S MENTOR.....You know even a Parasite like a Maggot, a Tapeworm or even a Cockroach has a WILL to SURVIVE & senses Imminent Danger...but not the TRAINED MONKEYS I see on display everyday ...We are so OVER & FINISHED,,,unbelievable... THE OPTICAL DELUSION has killed us

BTW it MATTERS not if OBAMA was born here or not...we are stuck with the Thin-Skinned Communist MUSLIM & undoing the DAMAGE that he & this Government has done is likely Insurmountable...Besides it seems very few care anymore ....HITLER should have been so LUCKY to have had this FOOLS PARADISE  at his disposal....

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