by Robby Bowling

Can you find EGOS bigger than the city....
Will you find a SHORTAGE of :Mirrors used for "Self Admiration"
Will you find more LIARS "Per Capita" than anywhere else in the World
Will you find the Worlds Largest "Criminal Union"
Will you not find any traces of the Existence of TRUTH,....
Will you find more MUISLIMS Employed than IRAN (Terhan)
Pretentious & sanctimonious Glad Handing Frauds  
Where the signs of "Intelligent Live" are not existent
More Sexual-Perversion (including Pedophilia) than San Francisco
Bank Accounts under ALIASES'S
Money-Laundering Schemes than Addresses
More Drug Abuse & Alcoholism
More Parasites employed by the SORUS/ ROTHSCHILD  New World Order, than Europe
Where life for the ELITES that control us is the best this World has to offer
Where life for the WORKING MAN is meaningless
Where R-E-S-P-E-C-T has a Dollar Sign attached to it
Where HONESTY is nonexistent
Where HONOR has no meaning
Where HISTORY is IGNORED , with prejudice
Where being a Script Writer & Bad Actor is a Golden Career Opportunity
Where the BLAME GAME requires a Criminal Degree to play
Criminals actually WORK (if you can call it that) in three shifts 24/7
Where "FREEDOM" is an inside JOKE....
Where Education is a CON or an ILLUSION
Where Kindness is seen as a Weakness
Where HATE is the one & only 'TRUE RELIGION"  
Where the "SOAP OPERIA" runs without end

And we are going to FIX this with an ELECTION.....
Aren't we actually Decades too late  
Didn't we actually accept & sanction this TREASON Vicariously when we did NOTHING to Stop It..
Every STORY has a Last Chapter....
Some STORIES have a Lesson or Moral to learn from
Did we LEARN anything at all ?
IGNORANCE is like a Plague, its everywhere
And you Honestly think these Ignorant Fools & Trained Monkeys can Still be Taught the Truth?
How do you FIGHT an ENEMY you refuse to or Can't Recognize?
This Election is a Fraud...
Elections are nothing more than a Hoax those in POWER use to Play us 
Freedom has become a Meaningless Hollow Word & a Illusion
What does TOMORROW mean to you?
Do you still Dream ?
Or is your Dream a Nightmare ?
There is no such thing as TOMORROW....
There is only this MOMENT.....
Are we USING this Moment, which could be our LAST for GOOD?
Or is it that we are "Being Used"
If Washington is the Government we Deserved by our ACTIONS ( or lack of),  what does that say about us?

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