Obama Does A "Merkel"

Far too many of the "undocumented" wreak havoc after crossing into the U.S. The full onus of the present situation can be directly placed upon the shoulders of the president. He has tied the hands of the border agents and allowed sanctuary cities to harbor some of the worst of the worst. He is well aware of the crimes and chaos they create.

To ignore this problem is a disservice to the millions of legal immigrants residing in the U.S. and to those who cross illegally simply to seek a better life. Regarding the latter, more effective ways could be established to deal with their status, but that is another discussion.

The president's flawed policy on this issue intentionally creates another convenient cultural chasm by pitting the Hispanics and non--Hispani
cs against each other so as to weaken the national ethos. Yes indeed, the man has put the old "divide and conquer" routine into full play in order to ripen us for the plucking.

His policies are anti-American. Period.

“Obama does a Merkel, only with Mexico”

by Dymphna
 I knew our illegal immigration “situation” was bad, but I didn’t know it was this bad. There must be thousands of people who have been injured, robbed, or otherwise traumatized (not to mention the many killings of innocent people) whose misery can be laid at the door of the current administration.

But watch to the very end, when the reporter mentions the lack of pushback by our Congress; they — both sides of the aisle — are every bit as responsible as Obama. Which is why we need not only a new Executive at the helm but a thorough cleaning out of our complacent, colluding Legislative branch.

Donald Trump’s trampling of political correctness as he campaigns for sovereignty at our southern border strikes a resonant chord with the many Americans who have been directly affected by these murderous intruders. I, for one, applaud his outspoken efforts on the behalf of those who have suffered because of the obscenely self-righteous treachery to be found at all levels of our federal government.

For an excellent analysis of Trump’s meeting with Mexico’s president, and a further look at Hillary’s perfidy south of the border (it’s much worse than you’d think), see these two pieces at The New English Review.

The first, from September 3rd, is an analysis of the leftist Atlantic magazine’s opinion piece on Trump’s meeting with Mexico’s president: “The Atlantic Spreads Unfounded Fears about Trump-Mexico Future Relations” is a good fisk by Dr. Walid Phares. He takes apart this alarmist-as-usual MSM jornolist interpretation of world events for which The Atlantic is justly infamous. Their views have become increasingly tedious and predictable.

The second essay, by Steve Hecht, is well worth your time
“What Really Happened Between Mr. Trump and Mexico’s President” presents more evidence of Hillary Clinton’s unsavory character. Just when you think we’d already been told everything…

I hadn’t read Mr. Hecht before but I’ll be watching for him in the future.

By the way, in reading these two essays the other day, I had to check on the name of Mexico’s president. My ignorance, no doubt a reflection of many others, is indicative of the extent to which we have been told to focus our eyes elsewhere. Why does the MSM ignore Mexico so profoundly? Cui bono?

[You can bet that if Hillary wins the presidency, Enrique Peña Nieto will suffer for his invitation to Mr. Trump. Her fury will be that of Carabosse, the wicked fairy godmother who was not invited to Sleeping Beauty’s baptism.]

Vlad Tepes sent me this video link. It’s worth sharing with our readers. Thank you, Vlad, for uploading this video

Source: Gates Of Vienna

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