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Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Summer 2016 

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Monthly Bits  September 2016:
 Check out your Reps: 
This is straight from Washington office of Scott Perry federal Rep of PA. 
Bill Title: To Deter and Punish Terrorist Acts in United States and Around the World:

HR 3162 Uniting and strengthening America by providing appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism (USA Patriot Act) 2001 enrolled bill final:

Amendment: Section 326: 
Verification of Identification: a) In general section 5318 of Title 31: United States Code as amended by this Title is amended by adding at the end the following: 

1) Identification and verification of account holders; in general subject to the requirements of this subsection the Secretary of the treasury shall prescribe regulations setting forth the minimum standards for financial institutions and their customers regarding the identity of the customer that shall apply in connection with the opening of an account in a financial institution. 

2) Minimum Requirements: The regulations shall at a minimum require financial institutions to implement, and customers, after being given adequate notice, to comply with reasonable procedures for---A) Verify the identity of any person seeking to open an account to the extent reasonable and practicable. Maintaining records of the information used to verify a person’s identity; including name, address and other identifying information. C) Consulting lists of known or suspected terrorists or terrorist organizations provided to the financial institution by any government agency to determine whether a person seeking to open an account appears on any such list.----

3) Factors to be considered: In prescribing regulations under this subsection the Secretary shall take into consideration the various types of accounts maintained by various types of financial institutions, the various methods of opening accounts, and the various types of identifying information available: 

4)---- Certain Financial Institutions: In the case of any financial Institution the business of which is engaging in financial activities subscribed in section 4K of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956 (including financial activities subject to the jurisdiction of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission) the regulations prescribed by the Secretary under paragraph 1 shall be prescribed jointly with each Federal functional regulator (as defined in section 509 of the Gramm Leach Bliley Act including the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions) appropriate for such financial institutions. 

5)---Exemptions: The Secretary and in the case of any financial institution described in paragraph 4 and any federal agency described in paragraph 3 may by regulation or order exempt any financial institution or type of account from the requirements of any regulation prescribed under this subsection in accordance with such standards and procedures as the secretary may prescribe. 

6) Effective Date: Final regulations subscribed under the subsections shall take effect before the end of the 1 year period beginning on the date of enactment of the International Money Laundering Abatement and Financial Anti’Terrorism Act of 2001. ----B) Study and Report Required: Within 6 months after the date and enactment of this Act the Secretary in consultation with the Federal functional regulators (as defined in Section 509 of the Gramm-Leach- Bliley Act) and other appropriate government agencies shall submit a report to the Congress containing recommendations for:

 1) Determining the most timely and effective way to require foreign nationals to provide domestic financial institutions and agencies with appropriate and accurate information comparable to that which is required of the United states nationals concerning the identity, address and other related information about such foreign nationals necessary to enable such institutions and agencies to comply with the requirements of this section.

 2)--- Requiring foreign nationals to apply for and obtain. before opening an account with a domestic financial institution an identification number which would function similarly to a Social Security Number or tax identification number and 3)---Establishing a system for domestic financial institutions and agencies to review information maintained by relevant government agencies for the purpose of verifying the identities of foreign nationals seeking to open accounts at those institutions and agencies.

Here is a list of your senators who voted to trash the 4th Amendment for all checking accounts and financial institutions and their customers,
4th Amendment: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause supported by Oath of affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. The first Ten Amendments, The Bill of Rights ratified December 15,1791.

These are the ones in Congress 2016 who added the amendment to the Patriot Act to disregard Amendment 4 and get into all citizens personal papers by Bank Regulations.

Ackerman, Aderholt, Akin, Allen, Andrews, Armey, Baca, Backus, Baird, Baker, Baldacci, Ballenger, Barcia, Barr, Bartlett, Barton, Bass, Becerra, Bentsen, Bereuter, Berkley, Berman, Berry, Biggert, Bishop, Blagojevich, Gordon, Goss, Graham, Granger, Graves, Green TX, Green WI, Greenwood, Grucci, Gutierrez, Gutknecht, Hall (OH) Hall (TX) Harman, Hart, Hastings (WA) Hayes, Hayworth, Hetley, Herger, Hilleary, Hinchey, Hinojosa, Hobson, Hoeffel, Hockstra, Holden, Northup, Norwood, Nussle, Obey, Ortiz, Osborne, Ose, Oxley, Pallone, Paserell, Pelosi, Pence, Peterson (PA) Petri, Phelps, Pickering, Pitis, Platts, Pombo, Pomeroy, Portman, Price (NC) Pryce (OH) Putnam, Quinn, Radanovich, Ramstad. and many more.
These are the ones in Congress who voted for the people and considered the 4th Amendment. They voted no for this intrusive treasonous Amendment: Please remember these when you go to vote:
Baldwin, Barrett, Blumenauer, Bonior, Boucher, Brown (OH) Capuano, Clayton, Conyers, Coyne, Cummings, Davis (IL) Defazio, Degette, Dingell, Farr, Filner, Frank, Hastings (FL) Hilliard, Honda, Jackson (IL) Jackson Lee (TX) Johnson E.B., Jones (OH) Kucinich, Lee, Lewis (GA) McDermott, McGovern, McKinney, Meek (FL) Miller, George, Mink, Molohan, Nadler, Ney, Oberstar, Olver, Otter, Owens, Pastor, Paul, Payne, Peterson (MN) Rahal, Rivers, Rush, Sabo, Sanchez, Sanders, Schakowsky, Scott, Serrano, Stark, Thompson (MS) Tierney, Udall (CO) Udall (NM) Velazquez, Visclosky, Waters, Watson (CA) Watt (NC) Wu:

Monthly Bits: Check out your Reps: September 2016 
Scott Perry 4th District Pennsylvania: 1207 Longworth House Office Building, Washington DC 20515 (202) 225 5836

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