The Patriots Daily Bites of American History,The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5: Seven Articles #26





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History, The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5

Outline of Seven Articles ..Our Land...Our People...not included in 1787 but given to the colonists by King James in 1617 (the year before Raleigh’s execution):

Endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights:

Article 1: section 1 through 10: Section 1: Congress Section 2: Representatives for the people: Election of members, qualifications, Appointments, Vacancies, Officers and Impeachments: Section 3: Senate: Election of members, Classifications, Qualifications, President of the Senate, Other officers, Trial of impeachment, Judgement in case of conviction. Section 4: Both Houses: Methods of Elections, Meetings of Congress: Section 5: The Houses Separately: Organization, procedure, Journal. Adjournment: Section 6: Privileges and Disabilities of Members: Pay and Privileges: Prohibitions on Members: Section 7: Method of Passing Laws: Bills originate with Representatives of the people: How Bills become Laws: Resolutions: Section 8: Powers of Congress: All duties uniformed: Implied Laws: All laws must be necessary: Section 9: Powers forbidden to Government: No Bill of Attainder: No capitation or direct tax: No tax laid on articles exported. Section 10: Forbidden to enter into alliance: No tax laid except for what is necessary for executing laws and used only for Treasury: End of Article 1 

Editor's Note:

The Letter in 1618 from King James 1st giving Pilgrims permission to start a colony in New England mentions the Seven Articles of the English Parliament and is signed by Edward Sandys, Secretary. That should ring a bell about the Seven Articles which our founders created for self government in 1787.

(to be continued)
  Seven Articles 2,3 and 4
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of History Series
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There is Nothing Wrong with the Constitution it's the people we elected to uphold their oaths ,That are the Problems .

This my friends is where all our hopes and dreams ,Freedoms ,Liberties were formed some 240 years ago ,by a group of men with foresight to see way down the road for what is today. The Greatest Country in the World,And Still Is,as long as WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP FOR OUR FREEDOMS 

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